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Some GOOD NEWS on the Sail project, gents. Today we learned that the California State Water Board approved Lennar Mare Island's plan for soil remediation in front of the Museum. This is the last significant hurdle to starting construction. Lennar has bids for the work, but they will have to be re-validated because the approval took so long. Bottom line is we expect the soil remediation work to start in spring or early summer, and when complete, the road is clear for us to start grading and building our foundation for the sail. Finally, a milestone and cause for a celebratory adult beverage!


Mr. Tosso update......

Thank all of you for your prayers, messages of support, cards, letters and inquiries on my condition. All of this contributes so much to me spiritually, which is an essential aspect of healing any condition. This week (week of 15 January) I traveled to Arkansas to the University Hospital for extensive testing. The good news is that the myeloma cell count continues to decline to near zero, and the cancer seems under control. I had hoped that I would receive the massive chemo followed by stem cell transplant. Unfortunately some parameters in my blood such as white blood cell count and red blood cell count were too low. The reduced production of red and white blood cells by my bone marrow is one of the effects of this cancer. The reduced numbers of good red and white blood cells renders my immune system unable to support massive chemo and stem cell transplant. In addition, winter cold and flu season is not the best time to do this procedure. I have returned home, and will be home until the week after Easter doing what is necessary to strengthen my immune system. With the above exception, my health is overall good – I feel good, I continue to have no cancer related pain and my energy level is good. For the near term, I will have periodic low dose chemo to control the cancer and work to build my immune system. This week I will spend time resting and begin medication and nutrition that is designed to stimulate the good bone marrow to produce rapidly more good blood components. I must be more cautious being around people in general for the next few days. The last Sunday of January I will return to leading worship and the congregations I serve. Once again I must defer all to God’s timing and look for the blessings during the coming weeks at home. Indeed it is one of those “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” moments that I must remind myself often every day. Again thank all of you for every blessing you have passed on to me. Please continue to pray for healing, courage, hope, wisdom and strength. As always, pray boldly - ask boldly for the whole enchilada!


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