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Last Updated 10/08/2017
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Update on Emile Tosso 10/16/2017

My Journey with cancer update. Since my last update I have traveled to the University of Arkansas Myeloma Research Hospital twice. Extensive tests during each visit show my condition is improving meaning that the cancer reduced and controlled. Last week I traveled to Arkansas for more tests. For the first time, I looked forward to all the tests. I felt that the cancer was in full remission and the test would show this. The tests, which included MRI. Bone marrow biopsy, a variety of blood tests, 24 hour Urine collection, Biopsy, Cardiac ultrasound, et al, revealed no cancer cells, no bone marrow tumors, and no evidence of the protein produced by myeloma in my blood and urine. Officially I have been declared in remission by my oncologist. For the next four months I will be receiving additional chemo for the next four months then back to Arkansas for more tests. The concentrations of these drugs will be reduced over time. The biological cause at the cell level of multiple myeloma is not known, so I will receive some form of chemo in decreasing concentrations for the rest of my life. It is also well documented that if I contract a bacterial infection or viral infection that stresses my immune system, I will most likely experience a relapse of myeloma. The cancer is controllable but never cured according to the various Medical Research Journals. I am blessed to receive treatment in a hospital that specializes in treating multiple myeloma. The hospital treats eleven thousand myeloma patients per year who travel from all over the world to Little Rock Arkansas for treatment. I am thankful for the healing that has taken place and praise God for all that has happened. The past 16 months of treatment have been a challenge would be an understatement. I have studied the Biblical teachings on healing and nutrition, done extensive reading and studying of variety of Medical Journals , spoke with other cancer survivors, spoke with family members whose loved one did not survive cancer treatments, viewed U-Tube videos of cancer survivor testimony and more. I have listened to people who are currently under treatment talk about their experiences. There is a STUNNING difference between those who take charge of their treatment and those who go along with the oncologist program only. Please read Sirach 38: 1 – 15 (Catholic Bible) for insight on spiritual and nutritional healing by practiced by physicians centuries ago. First act of healing is spiritual. God can and will heal. For starters, forgive all whom you hold in unforgiveness. Get control of your anger. Give over to God all the things that cause stress in your life. Eliminate depression and negative thoughts through unceasing prayer. Meditate on the written word of God and spend time meditating with spiritual Christian music. Turn off the television except for essential informational programs. Minimize contact with negative family members and friends. Your spiritual health and emotions can enhance your immune system or depress your immune system – and it is your choice which way this goes. The second act of healing is nutrition. The oncologist and traditional literature will say “Eat a balanced diet,” This is incomplete advice for people with cancer. I recommend you go to Amazon and purchase “Stop Feeding Your Cancer” by Dr John Kelly; “The China Study” byT.Colin Campbell, and “How Not To Die” by Dr. Michael Greger. One website I have found helpful is chrisbeatcancer.com Oncologists are not trained in nutritional healing so do not expect any encouragement from them in this. Thirdly, follow the direction of your oncologist with respect to drugs and medications. Do not be afraid of offending by getting a second opinion. If possible seek referral to a hospital that specializes in the cancer that has been diagnosed. Read every doctor’s report and review every test result. Ask questions and make sure you fully understand all in these documents. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Thank you for the financial help during these past 16 months. The out of pocket costs have not changed significantly and the need, though not as critical, remains. The Lord provides enough always. We continue to use GoFundMe for receiving donations. Yes, there is a very small fee that they take our of each donation, but it simplifies my life administratively and it is worth it to me. Please continue to pray for continued healing and remission. Pray for protection from other infections that could be devastating. I am learning to live with my “thorn in my flesh” and pray for me in this area as well. Remember, no wimpy prayers – ask for the whole enchilada. Grace and peace. Emile


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