SSBN 658 Comments and Stories

Where did they go? Where are they now? Who was the guy........ The answers and more lie below in the comments and stories of the 658 sailors. We have been collecting these since we started in 1997. It is a lot of reading but well worth the smiles most of this page will bring.

Last Updated 11/16/2023

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Combined crew muster at the decom ceremony, 1994.

She's back in my mind after all these years. This is definitely a good thing! I have already contacted several people, most of whom I never expected to see, let alone hear from again. Some were only nicknames in my faded memories. Thank you for this great service! Bob McFarland MT1(SS)

First of all I'd like to say "ha ya all doin?", and second "thanks" to Jim, Mr. Tosso, and Ricky (and those I didn't mention) for their efforts in making things happen. I am really excited about what is going on and looking forward to whatever comes of our efforts in the future! OH yeah! Who knows how to get a hold of Bruce Velletri(IC2), Jim Tincup(STS2) and Greg Fisher (YNSN)? Take care everyone, talk to ya's soon!! Rob Thornton you SOB, call me phone # not current for you! Ken Baker MT2(SS)

Keep up the good work! I am pondering the reunion possibilities. Maybe the city of Vallejo would be good. If so, we ought to involve the Chamber of Commerce. Suspect that might provide various discounts and benefits. Plus, San Fran is a big airport and (relatively) inexpensive to fly in and out of. Donald S. (Stan) Jones SKC(SS)

Another thought on the reunion. I suggest next summer to allow for planning by all possible participants. This would also allow the city time to organize anything that they may be willing to provide/do. Donald S. (Stan) Jones SKC(SS)

Great work Jimmy and crew much appreciated and much needed to rekindle old memorys...... Jim Vennard STS1(SS)

Finally found home. JOHN B. PENROSE STS2(SS)


Served on board the Vallejo blue crew from May 93 till they singled up crews in Apr 94. I also served on the gold crew for the last patrol they made in feb 94. John Dornisch MM2(SS)ELT

Boarded the boat prior to it going to Washington and the scrap yard. What an experience, it had been 25 years since the last time I slid down the AMR-1 ladder! Oh yes, I was on the con the night Wille took the "famous shark through the periscope picture" I have an orginal! Thomas Muckle QM2(SS)

Great page! I am a guest here; my boat was the Stony J SSBN 634. Stanford E. Locke QM2(SS)

I served with the Blue crew from 1973 to 1975, starting with overhaul and refueling in Newport News, VA and finally to Charleston, SC. I was a Reactor Operator. Robert D. Ross ET1/SS

Looks great Jim. Keep me posted. Lots of memories. Tom Sugars MM2(SS)

Current duty station: Physics Instructor US Naval Academy Next duty station: I have orders to relieve the XO on the USS Tunny (SSN 682) in October 97. Michael Hallal, Jr. LCDR

Came aboard in Feb 1967, blue crew, right out of sub school, made first five blue crew patrols, left boat (and Navy) in Nov 1969, enjoyed boat/crew very much, still some of the most challenging and fun days in memory. First captain was D.B. Guthe, for first three patrols, became ill, was replaced by 4 striper from Pearl, (sorry, forgot his name), then fifth patrol an ex fast attack skipper came aboard, was much fun. Served under RMC Steve Manchur, who went to CNO's staff as next duty post, lost track of him. Thanks for this website, you can be sure I'll be checking in often. Bob O'Connell RM2(SS)

Was plank owner and remained on board till after she moved to Charleston, nice to see she got her own web page. Sorry got e mail wrong first time, thank you for starting page brought back many memories. Was auxillaryman on watch when we almost lost her due to flooding in missle compt. Hovering valves failed and safties did not shut vent valves. Long periods of boredom interspaced with moments of sheer terror but would not have missed it for anything. Robert L. Minton MMC(SS)

One of my fondest memories are of the time I spent on the Vallejo. I installed the ships patch in the crews mess made out of 720 pieces of linoleum tile. Went west of the 180 paralell and south of the 0 latitude. I was the king poli wog. Thomas McCabe ETC(SS)

I served on the MGV for two sea tours and a shipyard in Charleston. Never been a better boat or crew in the fleet. Donald Duvall MT1(SS)

Does this mean another patrol? Can we bag the Charlie Brown skipper and get back "Big Red" Mike Pestorius? JOHN CHOCANAS MT2(SS)

This web site is great! Thank you, Tom Sugars, for "finding" me. I've been hoping to stumble upon some of my former crewmates somewhere here on the Internet evenutally. I was supply officer on the Blue Crew in 1977-78. Now that I've found this site, I'm hoping to reconnect with some old friends! Alan Harbert

Blue crew 86-89 Jim Smith MM1(SS)

The site is really looking good! Ronald C Alexander EM2(SS) ELT

The Valley-Joe was my first boat. I got a chance to see her again when she pulled into Subbase, Bangor prior to decommisioning.Any reunions planned? Andy Prescott EMC(SS)

Plankowner, reported aboard at Mare Island 1 month prior to launch. Worked in Nav Center during construction. Yard Electrician Charley Farrell was one of our favorite people from the yard, did most of the electrical work in the upper level Ops. Made 4 of 5 sea trials, the first with Adm. Rickover, after we completed the deep dive of course. Was on the Gold Crew for the missile firing at the cape, and sound trials in the Tongue of the Ocean and later at Carr Inlet in Puget Sound. The Vallejo was a great ship and had the heart and soul of the yard people built in. The people of Vallejo treated us like kings and made us feel great. Of course, our sister the Kamehameha got the same treatment when they got to Hawaii. We made the second patrol from Guam in Subron 15, and the 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th before leaving the Navy. On the 4th, I believe we had an 11 day refit and left for a 75 day patrol (the longest up to then) to replace the Daniel Boone, who was unable to make committment. Other highlights were two Bob Hope shows on Guam during Christmas of 67 and 68, just after returning from patrol (we drew Christmas and New Years for our first two years in Guam). Shortly after we left the Navy, the Vallejo was moved to the Atlantic Fleet. I was transferred by my present employer to Charleston just three weeks after the Vallejo left on its last trip. Sorry to see such a great ship go! Edwin Bills ET1(SS)

Was on the Gold crew until the Charleston yard period and then went to the Blue. Martin Fields FTBC(SS)

Master Chief Brooks takes a pie on Halfway Night.

Enjoyed this first visit, will definitely check it out again. Hope to run into some of my buddies; the blue crew that came out of 73 shipyard period and the nuc class of 72-03 (the first nucs to report to a submarine without going to Sub School) - a little trivia. Enjoyed reading about the MGV's last voyage. Lets see some more stories. Thanks Tom E Doty EM1/SS

I would like to know what happend to the picture of our sonar mascot, Raquel Welch ? She was definitely the best looking out of all of you swabbies! Keith Ingram STS2(SS)

Served as LELT from May '89 to September '91. Now living in Arizona, working in Chemistry department at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. Lance Sharrett MM1(SS)

I enjoyed your page. It is wonderful to sense the pride you all feel for the sub you served on. Good work! Augusto Pellegrini

I was only aboard for one offcrew period and one refit when the battery was replaced in Kings Bay. I saw the ship was decommissioned shortly after the battery replacement. Ltcdr Hallal was the weapons offficer when I was aboard. Michael E. York MT-1/SS

I sailed on Vallejo for 3 years, 6 patrols. Then was lucky enough to be an EDO at Mare Island and coordinated Vallejo's port call in Vallejo CA on her final voyage. Paul Merz LT

Good Job on initiating this Website. The Vallejo and all her crews were the best I ever sailed with. Bill White, CDR USN (RET) CO 658 Blue July 1988 - May 1991

I remember fondly my Weps tour onboard Vallejo. I sure enjoyed the OT and antagonizing the Marines on the Canopus. Wishing for another famous summer Weapons Department Pig Roast at Wepns Sta. Charleston. Harold David Wunder CDR

Outstanding job on putting this together.I have so many memories of the VALLEJO and will never forget the many patrols made. Eric John Tollefson NCC(SS/SW)

I was on the Blue Crew as an MT2(SS), got picked up for EEAP then ECP and am now in Flight School. Chris L. Bowen ENS(SS)

Came on board the Gold crew as part of M-Div right after it moved to Charleston in early 74. Made 5 patrols, one missle shoot, and special sound testing off the coast of Florida. My time on the MGV was memorable. Of all the subs I served on, I still remember my "first" boat the best. Great job on the web site. Hope to hear from some of my old shipmates soon. Allen Aston MMC(SS)


Just passing thru and thought I'd tie up for a couple of moments. I'm a "Jimmie K." alumni (USS James K. Polk, SSBN 645G) from 1976-1980. ERS and one of the last Monkey Mates to qualify throttles. Man, I found the site by accident and the first thing that hit me after seeing the pictures was a slap outta the blue of that peculiar submarine smell (memory is a funny thing). Ya know, it took me a year after my discharge to stop jumping out of my bed from a sound sleep every dang time all the household equipment noise stopped! Drove my girlfriend damn near crazy! And worst of all, I still can't explain to non-bubble heads that peculiar humor attached to watching someone blow a shitter on himself!?! Anyhow, it's a fine thing you've done here mates. Few men brave the sea. Fewer still have the courage to tickle Neptune's balls! Fair winds and following seas my brothers-in-arms and if any of my former shipmates call at this port and read this, drop me a line. Bodega Bob Homme

I was the first CO of the Gold Crew. Doug Guthe (USNA Class of 1949) was first CO of Blue Crew. I served in 658 through new construction, shakedown (including missile firing at the Cape) and four patrols out of Guam. I was relieved by Arne Johnson in Sept. 1969. I'm looking forward to the 658 reunion in Vallejo in 1999! CAPT John K. Nunneley, USN (RET)

I was TEMPDU onboard 658 at Newport News Nov 72 - June 73, awaiting setup of Precom Unit L. Mendel RIVERS (SSN-658). Qualified Engineering Duty Chief to earn my way while on Vallejo. While aboard SWORDFISH (SSN 579) in Mare Island, most of my neighbors were SSBN 658 Precommers. I attended 658 commissioning and the commissioning party in December '66, prior to my departure to Naval Reactors in Wash DC. My wife and I attended the party as guests of (then) QM1(SS) Gary Cox and his wife Becky. Didn't see their name on the roster so I suppose no one has located them yet. The first Gold crew skipper, Jack Nunnely, was my old XO on SWORDFISH. Dick Dietz ETCM(SS) Ret.

Their is enough of us here in k-bay now lets have a get together here ASAP. Eddie Vanmeter QM1(SS)

Jimmy you have caused a lot of people to dig up some old memories. They are good memories like the time we were at PD at night rigged for black and you decided to expose yourself and the fwd electrician did not believe you until he reached between your legs. Or the three midshipmen (freshmen) whom you offered a sucker(candy) to and the same three were asleep in LLMC and we put on the stanky hoods and went down and threw them one and yelled "You better come on if your going with us.!" Bet you never thought these things would show up on world wide web. W.Milton Rorie (Wild Bill) SKCS(SS)

I must defend myself to the above entry. Milt Rorie is making this up. Those that sailed with me know that I was a clean cut guy that kept to myself. Come on Milt! Where are you getting this stuff from? Tom Bickerton knows I would never do anything like that. Jimmy Carter STSSN(SS)

Looking forward to keeping in touch with all the guys that sailed with me on the Blue Crew and all the guys on the Gold Crew that got to fire a real bird and not a waterslug like we did. Danny Boggess FTB1(SS)

Is Tosso out there? Remember the Fernandina Weina'? How 'bout ETCM(SS) Graham Forsythe? Brian Newell LT(SS)

I served with the Gold Crew from Spring of '76 to Summer of '80 as an "M-Div" Machinist Mate. I have some fond (but fuzzy) memories of "Rota Rootin'" and some other things still best not mentioned. I really appreciate the work you did putting this together, Good Job! Stephan Orr MM2(SS)

I planned the decommissioning of the USS Benjamin Franklin and then transferred to the VALLEJO when the FRANKLIN sailed to the west coast. When decommissioning time came, I planned the ceremony that took place in Charleston, SC. Throughout the ceremonies and the trip around, I maintained a log of past shipmates that visited. I kept this with the understanding of the people that signed that it would be used to plan a reunion someday. Where can I send this list. At this moment I do not recall the name of the man I was talking with in Boulder, CO about this but his name is on the list. Please let me help, I was the last Missile Technician Chief assigned on the last operational Posiedon hull submarine and I take great pride in being able to say that. Kirk Lavender MTC(SS)

I was assigned to the blue crew of the Vallejo as my first sea tour. It was a very positive experience and the thing I remember the most was the exceptional knowledge and professionalism of the senior crew members. It was the perfect environment for a baby nuke with no idea of what submarine duty was all about. If any of you are out there and remember me, I would love to hear from you. George McDowell IC3(SS)

Plankowner - I am in contact with other QM plankowners who don't have a computer. One of them is the COB (QMCS (SS) J.J. Harned). I believe he and I were the last enlisted plankowners to ride the Vallejo. We boarded her inside the Golden Gate Labor Day weekend 1994 and rode her to sea that Day then returned to Mare Island that evening. Would like to here from other plankowners and hope to see you at the reunion in July 99. Robert Mattson NCC(SS)

Some never get used to that 'boat smell'.

I was one of those fortunate enough to have been there from the laying of the keel thru the building, commissioning, launching and the 1st 2 patrols on the blue crew. An experience I shall never forget. Especially the 6hr launch sequence in the hot sun waiting for Pres. Lyndon Johnson to properly push a button in Washington that finally, thru radiosignals, energized a huge hydraulic press that stamped LBJ into the side of the hull and then waiting for the champagne bottle to finally break. When we finally did launch I am sure we all thought we would run right into the wharf across the channel but we missed and the Vallejo went on to an illustrious career. Thanks for the memories and to the late Captain Guthe who carried us thru the building process and personally helped me thru many problems at that time. I miss the navy and our boat.I do get to go visit her sail as often as I want and it brings back so many memories. Ray{ivan]Meinel MT2(SS)

Remember the blinking box that sat above the launcher panel in the missile compartment. I built the thing around 1976 and we used it for bomb drills and weird qual card questions. It was a cigar box with 2 neon lights that blinked a sequence. What happened to it? When was it last seen? Bob McFarland (ex-MT1 Blue crew)

Engineer on Vallejo (Gold) from 92-94, relieved by Mike Hallal at crew combination prior to the trip around the west coast and decom. Just reported and relieved as Kentucky Blue Crew XO in July 97 following COMCARGRU Six and Naval War College tours after Vallejo. Richard Kitchens LCDR

It's nice to see this page. I left the boat and the Navy in 1976, but ironically I wound up working at the Charleston Naval Shipyard as a Nuclear Inspector and was present when she came in for decommissioning. I watched as she was gutted and with a salute and tears in my eyes, she was towed away down the Cooper River to her eventual end. Lewis LaCoss ET1(SS)


Currently on COMSUBRONSEVEN Staff in Pearl Harbor. Tom Huffcut MMCS(SS)

Going to my scrap book. I may have a list of the commissioning crews. Peter Amunrud FTBC(SS)

It was great to see the Vallejo home page. Hi to all the crew members, particularly those who I had the priviledge to serve with! Willard Paul Roderick LT(SS)

It is good to hear from someone about the Vallejo. I have also recently heard from the Permit SSN-594 about a reunion. I am interested, so please keep me posted. Dale E. Gordon MM2(SS)

Best boat I ever served on. The Wardroom and CPO quarters was the absolute best and the crew was excellent. We did it all and took all the awards. I was the COB for the last 3 months of my tour before getting my own boat as COB. There will never be another boat like her in my mind and I served on 7 boats in my 25 year career. Dennis LaPierre ETCM(SS)

For this commissioning Blue Crew XO, the picture of Vallejo after all these years was a heartwarming experience. I hope I shall be able to establish contact with any of the Blue Crew with whom I served (10/66-8/68) and catch up on their experiences since then as well as to reminisce about our times together under the inspiring command of Captain Doug Guthe. My thanks to Jim Carter for informing me of this site, and for establishing it for all of us Vallejo sailors. Jim Sagerholm VADM

It was indeed a pleasure to put the VALLEJO in commission and more so to serve under Captain Nunnelley. I stayed onboard for the first DASO, the trip through the Canal and on to Hawaii. I had the pleasure of serving with Captain Nunnelley again when he was CO Submarine School. I also served again with Ted Crossland on the Canopus. We would like to get in touch with Billy Joe Williams concerning a reunion for the Redfin. It is great to hear from all of you. Larry Whitaker MTC(SS)

The best memories of my life. This is to the Vallejo "Sluts" and our supporters of the Blue Crew who terrorized Players, J.W.'s, Streamers, Flying Douchebag, Silver Slipper, Lazy B, Electric Keg, and numerous other respectable establishments in Charleston from 1982-1985. RM2 Kerry Tilton, SN Gregg Mullowney, MMFN Moose Muiter, MSC Kevin Josiger, RMC Mark Fritz, RMC John Rath, MS2 Rod Lassiter, STS2 Mark Seery, STSC Pete Eosso, STS3 Mahaney, MS3 Ronnie Butler, ET3 Cremer, Yogi Rush, Billy Reese, SN John Chatterton, STS1 Jerry Mitchell, STS1 Scott DeBoot, STS1 Brad Hanselman, TM2 John BuckLew, ET3 Stan Harp, PN3 Joel Weathers, PNCM Orville Richards, RMCM Hickenbottom, FTCM Wayne Skinner, ETCM Calvin Bartlett, Tripod and others to be remembered later. Jeff Martin YN1(SS)

I was on the decommissioning crew...and would like to hear from some old pals. Scott Meadows STS1(SS)

I made 3 patrols with the gold crew. I don't remember the captain's name, there was a change of command while I was there. After I got out, I got a job at Tektronix in Beaverton, Or. Now I work at a small company that makes PLC based motion control modules that control hydraulic cylinder, as in sawmills and injection molding machines.... who would have thought that those hydraulic system checkouts would ever made a difference! Don Denman ET1(SS)


Just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to all you guys out there for making this site worthwhile. I am still astonished at the response we get. As of today, August 16, 1997, we have 181 registered participants in the site. That is 173 names in just 4 months. At this rate we should have the reunion to beat all reunions. So keep in mind some of the names you remember that are not on our list yet. If you find someone, send them this way. Jim Carter Site Manager

Interested in hearing from any old shipmates. James Semler STSC(SS)

Great to see the Vallejo Web Page. For the record I was MPA on Vallejo Gold from Nov 73 to Nov 75. I earned my Dolphins in January 1975 in Rota, Spain. They were pinned on by then Commander Submarine Squadron Sixteen Dave Crudin. CO was Jim Collins, XO was Dick Johannes, Nav Bob Hawthorne, Weps Tom Paul, Eng Paul Cripe, Suppo Bob Law. It was truly a great wardroom. As we used to say on our crew, "The sun always shines on Vallejo Gold"! Fair winds and following seas to all my fellow Vallejo shipmates! Russell Pickett CAPT

From completion of overhaul at NNews thru firing DASO and five patrols, change of command in Rota Spain in July 1977. Ship awarded MUC during this period. James E. Collins CAPT

I was "Bull Nuke" on Gold side of the house from Sep 91 till Jun 94. Currently at MTS Charleston as Plant Master Chief (pseudo COB). Retirement date of 5 Dec 97. I will let other people know about this site. Shawn Cowart told me of this site. I hope it grows with some of those who were on her at the end. I left just before underway for the West Coast. Charles W. Gibbs MMCM(SS) Currently stationed at SSP, SP-205. Arlington, VA. Fred Getter MTC(SS)

Just like many others I too am glad to have found this site. Since transferring off of the Vallejo I lost touch with so many ship-mates that I wished I had kept in touch with, but as any sailor knows, with the many duty station changes it is very hard to do so. I sorely miss my Vallejo friends, especially those from the Engineering Department, specifically RC Div. There were alot of good natured men that I met during my 4 1/2 years onboard. The boat was always a class above any other. If it wasn't for getting married and my wife prodding me towards shore duty my assignment on the Vallejo would have been longer. After my time as part of RC Division I was assigned to NPTU Charleston and then was selected for the Navy's Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program where I am finishing up my last year at the Medical University of South Carolina. I would like to say thanks and show my appreciation to those that were involved with the creation of this site. I definitely will look through my past Vallejo photos and will be mailing those soon. Jim Wilson ET1(SS)


Hi, Y'all! Just came across this on a friend's computer. I'm in the process of moving to sunny California from Subase Bangor. My phone, fax are good. I will physically be in CA on the 20th of September. I'm currently the Subron 17 CMC, but am retiring next month (20 yrs, 14 days) on the 19th, to head off to law school in SanFran. I would love to help the Vallejo "museum" effort, so please feel free to pass my phone# to the appropriate dudes in the bay area. I'll re-register when I get an E address! See ya, Jim Mitchell MTCM(SS)

I have snail mail addresses for a few old crew members including Greg Stannick and Joey Deavers. I will get them pointed in this direction. I am trying to find an electrician who was aboard in the early to mid 70's. His name is Ron Crawford. If anyone knows his whareabouts let me know. Andy Prescott

CAPT Hassler enjoys some Halfway Night antics.

Looking for anyone who sailed during this time period. (2/80-11/86) Would like to know where "Tiny" Stull is. Randall A. Smith MM1(SS)

Was on the Blue Crew with my brother "Red" Smith. Still looking for "Tiny" Stull. Chris Kissleburg

I'm glad their's a web page. I've been wanting to hear from anyone who was on the gold crew and made patrols 55,57,59,61,and 63. Remember the bar fight at Cheer's in Halifax. Nothing like a port call in Halifax at FT Lauderdale. I'd like to say Hello to all the missile techs that were on her. I'd like to get some info on the next reunion. Thanks, MT1 Brethour. Going to the USS Michigan SSBN 727 (Gold)" Always stay gold." Hope to have my gold boomer pin, just 7 more.

I have a couple of swim call photos, crews mess decorated for holiday, and wardroom dec for holiday. May still have some pics from yards in Chas. John Ryan MS1(SS)

I just heard about the web page and a possible reunion. Many thanks to those who are taking the time to do this. Keep me informed about the reunion. My three and a half years on Vallejo were the best I've spent in the Navy. Scott Retzler LCDR

It was GREAT to stumble accross this page and see some familiar names in the Deck Log. Let me know of any reunion plans.Thanks. Daniel Van Dyke FTG2(SS)

Great Web Site. I am a guest. I was on the USS George Bancroft (SSBN 643) Gold from 9/81 through 6/84. My XO was Cdr England. As one of the other comments listed stated he was the best CO ever, I felt he was the best XO as well. I was searching for information on BANCROFT when I came upon your site. John J. Connaughton ET1(SS)

Glad to see some of the Vallejo sailors are still interested in this great sub. John M. Williams YN1(SS)

I was the Asst Weapons Officer on the Blue Crew while on Vallejo (Blue). Was division officer for the MT's, STS's, FTB's, TM's, and First LT at various times during my tour and received my Gold Dolphins. I know many of the people in the photo gallery. I was the TM division officer for the 8 for 8 MK 48 certifications and also have the patch shown in your last mailing (brought back a lot of memories). The swim call was also great (a bunch of us had a contest to see who could swim under the sub to the other side). I've got lots of pictures and will try to dig some of them up. I still keep in contact with one member of the Vallejo, Lt Bill Stark (now a LCDR in the reserves). I will send his address if you do not have it. After leaving Vallejo I did one more patrol on the Daniel Boone as Weps and then left active duty and joined the reserves in Kansas City (I took over my grandfathers farm after his death). Was XO and CO of three reserve detachments that supported subs in Pearl Harbor (SUBASE and Competent (sub drydock)) after leaving active duty. Will have 20 good years next May!!. I'm currently an Enginneering Manager at AlliedSignal Aerospace in KC (we make most of the non-nuclear weapons components for nuclear weapons). Needless to say we have had a lot of downsizing (we are down to 3000 people from 8000 in 1990). I'm married and have two kids (11& 7). Let me know if you receive this. I would be interested in attending a Vallejo reunion. CDR Lachata was my CO on Vallejo and Lt Tosso was WEPS when I left. Will keep in touch. Mike Teague CDR

Thanks.....I heard about this from my good friend Steve Zack. I will try and find some of our other freinds from those days and steer them this way. Chuck Sippel FTG1(SS)

The boat I loved to hate for five years is gone! However, it's nice to see the guys I loved to hate are still out and about. I would like to hear from some of the guys I "did my time" with. By the way, the chunk of hy-80 formerly known as the 658 is resting nicely in my toilet tank...saves water on every flush! Scott Kuchta ET2(SS)

I was the Weapons Officer for the Gold crew. We were the on-crew for the conversion to C-4 Backfit at Cape Canaveral. We conducted a post-conversion DASO and successfully launched one C-4 DASO test missile. In a subsequent patrol, we successfully launched four C-4 CINCEVAL test missiles. We had a great crew and a great skipper, CAPT Mike Pestorius. Gary Mahle CAPT

So what does this site have to do with rollerskating? Ralph Rivinius EM1(SS)

I see there is a lot of names still missing from the crew list. What ever happened to MMCM Brooks and his cigars and his seafaring wisdom? I'll never forget the time I asked him to let me be with my wife when she was giving birth to my first born and he told me, "No! You have to be there for the keel laying but you don't have to be there for the launching." He did however let me go. I have lots of good memories of midnight runs between KingsBay and Charleston. Robert Brule MM1(SS)

I reported to the Vallejo while she was in Newport News Shipyard undergoing conversion from Polaris to Poseidon in August 1974. I became the Gold Crew SO in January 1975. Following a launch of a missile from the Cape and ops in the Caribbean, we sailed to Rota. I made three deterrent patrols from Rota before detaching in March 1976. This is a great web site and a great concept. Super job! (You were BLUE crew? First time they ever did anything right!) Bob Law CDR

Had the pleasure of visiting the boat during her last visit to Mare Island. . .many great memories. . .boat still looked great! Keep your site going. Great idea! William Linne RMCM(SS)

Thanks for all your hard work on this Jim Carter. When in Dallas, eat at Mark's on Henderson, Cafe & Wine Bar. Mark Jensen QM2(SS)

Hi, Ben Smith (Smitty) here, hoping to hear from some old friends and shipmates. Some of you may remember me as the crazy one that spent eleven years on this wonderful boat. From 1980 thru 1991, QMSN to QMC I spent the best time of my Naval Career on the Vallejo. Currently the A-NAV on the U.S.S. Nebraska SSBN 739 Gold. Shortly starting my 29th, and last patrol before transfer to the Fleet Reserve with 21 years of service. Up for the Neptune Award which I have been chasing my whole career. Hope to here from some of you and please visit my Web Site: BLACKJACK. Master The Game, By Ben


Stan Jones told me about the homepage, but seeing it is great! Let me know where to send pictures and other memorabilia including a comical log we used to keep that was a parody of the engineers night orders. Nick Rakos

Looking for Sailor from your Sub named Batdorf. Aboard her in 1966-67. Was in boot camp with him and had the privilage to board her through Batdorf when she came to Cape Canaveral for DASO operations with the Observation Island AG 154, My ship. If anyone knows his where abouts or any other info I would apreciate a note back. Bart Ryan PH2

I was amazed to find this website. BZ on the effort . . .and thanks. Mike Mohn IC1(SS)

How many commissioning crew are out there? Would like to hear from any of you. I was at the de-com ceremony with Maloney, Nowak(ChromeDome), Black, etc. etc. Anyone know what happened to Psych(Parsons)? D.D. Snyder is a trauma doctor of some sort down in Orange County somewhere. I've got his number, if you've been looking for him. Leon Hansen MT1(SS)

Came on at the cape for the 1st missile shots. Was on the Andrew Jackson before that. Anyone out there in touch with Michael F. LambertMT2? He was with me on the 619. Ronald Nowak MT2(SS)

Like to hear from some shipmates. Lyle D.Conklin EN2(SS)

Moose Muiter and I were reunited in Pearl Harbor after twelve long years. I also ran into STSC Pete Eosso who is on the PASADENA. Kerry, where are you? Let's make this party complete. Jeff Martin YN1(SS)

The boat I loved to hate is gone but it is nice to see all the guys I loved to hate are still out and about. I am searching for Jeb Fagan, I'd love to hear from him so if anyone sees him, let him know how to reach me via this page. Or if anyone knows how I can reach him let me know. I'd also like to hear from some of the other guys, so if you're out there drop me a line! By the way the chunk of HY80 formerly known as 658 is resting nicely in my toilet tank...saves water on every flush! Scott Kuchta ET2(SS)

Good to see names I know and miss! Hey Tom and Daniel. Eddie, I owe you! Big Al (IC1 Lee) retiring Oct 17 1997 in Kings Bay- BE THERE! GROG [Roger Prunty] MM2(SS)

Reunion 1999 Table #16. L-R The Cruickshanks, The Adinolfis, The Mitchells, The Kouns. All Blue Crew Alumni.

It is good to see the old gal again! Good job on the Web site. Brian Stancil QM2(SS)

My name is Jennifer Rodriguez, Ralph Carr's daughter. He does not have a computer, but I hope if anyone out there remembers him, please write him a letter or drop a postcard. I grew up hearing wonderful stories about the Navy and the men my Dad worked with. He is very proud to have served with such good men as yourselves! He made the Navy sound so good, I joined it myself! A chip off the old block he would say. Anyway, I hope this note reaches someone who remembers. I'm sorry that I don't have the dates to provide, I'm sure he would love to hear from anyone who served on the VALLEJO. I guess I have taken up enough space, thank you so much for taking the time to at least read this!!

Great Page!! I didn't expect to get such a comprehensive page this early. Great work! Derek Knight MM3(SS)

Look forward to hearing from some of the old crew. James Comeaux, Jr. ET1(SS)

I am still in touch with several Vallejo sailors that I do not see on your list. I will let them know that this site is here and get them to sign on. IC1(SS) Allen Lee retired after 19 years last Friday (17 Oct 97) here at King's Bay. It was an emotional ceremony. He is still smiling though, and still looks 19. Nathan C. Stone MMCS(SS)

Trying to find Wayne Weiverist. Elbert Brown SN(SS)

Great job on the home page. I found out about the homepage from Jim Sokolik. I'll be at the reunion. I was on the VALLEJO from Feb 69 to Feb 75 and went from ETN3 to ET1. I'm currently assigned to Strategic Systems Programs in Crystal City, VA. I'm interested in hearing from the members of the Gold crew during Guam patrols, Panama Canal trip to Charleston, midshipman ops at USNA, Holy Loch, Blue nose trips above the arctic circle, overhaul, and change in op ports to Rota. Also I am interested in getting memorabilia from the decommissioning. Keep up the great job. Veon R. "Matt" Dillon CDR, USN

I made 7 patrols on the USS Thomas A. Edison (SSBN-610 Blue) and 7 patrols on the USS Will Rogers (SSBN-659 Blue). I retired April 30, 1981 after 21 years in the Navy. This is a very well-organized Web site and you guys have hit upon a fantastic idea. Except for the USS Nautilus Memorial at the Sub Base, New London, I doubt if the public-at-large will ever go for a complete decommissioned nuke boat of any kind sitting at a pier in any city. Everyone's too scared of nuclear power (even after the reactor has been removed and everything decontaminated). But with this Web site, people (especially ex-nuke boat types) will be able to relive their glory days. Way to go ! I'll be checking back again to take another tour. Bobby R. Barbee MMCS(SS)

Terrific photographs. I never realized there was so much space on a sub. The size of the chow hall and crew's was surprising to me. I served three years in th Navy from November, 1942 through December 13, 1945 but I was in the surface Navy. You've done a great job with your page. Bob Harrison MoMM2/c

I just spent about 35 minutes wandering around your GREAT site... good job. Jeffrey Stoops ex ET2 (SS) DBF

Got here thru Ron Martini's BBS. Great page, the time and effort you've put into it has been well invested! I enjoyed going thru it though I didn't serve on the Vallejo, a bit after my time. Ken Krause SK2(SS)

I was an MT2 on the blue crew. I am now an officer candidate in the ECP program, attending North Carolina State University. Robert Barrett OC/MT2(SS)

Vallejo was the my first submarine following graduation from prototype. I would like to think that the values I was instilled with as a young sailor onboard her have carried me to the success that I enjoy today. The crew that I served with had a big part in my decision to make the Navy a career. I strive everyday to ensure the traditions I was taught are passed on to todays Navy fighting men. Fair Winds And Following Seas. Brian Cameron Botello EMC(SS)

It is great to be a part of this history, and a part of this web page. I was on the boat until the very last day, when we handed her over to PSNS. Some of those memories will stay with me until the day I die, whether they be good or bad. One thing that three and a half years of service on a submarine taught me, was to appreciate the things in life that most people take for granted. Like fresh air, fresh food, sunlight and things of that nature. I certainly have a profound respect for those men who continue to volunteer for submarine duty. I can honestly say that I will never do it again, but that I don't regret it, entirely. For those of you who are still out there punching holes, I THANK YOU, for keeping me and mine, safe! Jim 'Bob' Nicholls MM1(SS)

Proud to be an original Gold Crew Member. John Procida MT1(SS)

PLANKOWNER, reported July 1965 in Mare Island. Left July 1969. Read the comments from Edwin Bills ET1(SS). Same time on board The VALLEJO. The Vallejo was my 3rd boomer, I was a Plankowner on the Robert E Lee was 1st in 1959, then the Von Steuben in 1962. Qualified on USS Trutta SS421 in 1957. I would say the VALLEJO was a great boat, with a great crew, but I also have a lot of great friends on the other boats. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone. All SUB SAILORS ARE GREAT. I'll be getting a scanner shortly and I have the orignal programs on the commissioning to add to YOUR GREAT SITE. I have enjoyed all the stories on your site. Looking forward to getting the E-MAIL addresses of more crew menbers. Thanks for Your Great site, Oscar Collazo TMC(SS)

Greetings fellow bubbleheads! Please let me know what's going on with the reunion and all.I meant to respond to the letter sent out by the Vallejo reunion guys, but it disappeared into the black hole aka my spare room. Look forward to hearing from youse guys! V/R, James" Pat" Webb


I am a Plankowner(Blue crew) who was lucky enough to be chosen to be an original member who was from the City of Vallejo. My son Stephen D. Sumner was born while the Vallejo was on her first patrol. He later joined the Navy, went to sub school and was assigned to the Vallejo (Gold crew) and served on her until she was deactivated in Charleston. He is now back in Charleston on recruiting duty as 1st class Sonarman. My wife and I were at the deactivation ceremony with our son and were able to meet quite a few of our shipmates from the commissioning crew(both Blue and Gold). My son and I both would appreicate getting any information on the Vallejo and the Reunion. Jack Sumner CWO4(ret)


The best website for the best boat.. Great job Jimmy. I was on the Blue crew in 78-79 for only three patrols. Then C School and then the James Madison 627 Blue (What can I say, I like the Blue crew). It was a great time that I will always remember. Jimmy, wasn't it you with a pierced body part (not an ear)?? Looking forward to the reunion. Nick Spalding STS1 (SS)

Great Web Page! I have many pictures & memorabilia (letters,familygrams,programs etc) from the "old days".... from launching to commissioning to the the first few Blue patrols. I'll try to scan as much as possible and send it for the web site. I notice you need to hear from the Weapons particular MCC ! Neil P. Cunningham FTB2(SS)

Hello to all my shipmates. The Vallejo was the fun part of my Navy career. From writing for the ships paper (I could always tell when I had struck a nerve when my evals would have low marks except for use of the english language) to making those periscope runs on a Moskva. I wish more people could have attended the final party in 1994 in Charleston. But to those who missed it, we raised a toast! Thomas Peschke MMCM(SS)

I served as a sonarmen from may of 90 to april of 93. I earned my dolphins during a tre run. My father is a plankowner and was an MT1/SS during his patrols from Vallejo. While he was serving onboard Vallejo I was born on September 20 1967. It was very much a family event when I got orders from school to go to the Vallejo. I was unable to decomission her but I did attend, with my mom and dad(Beverly and Jack CWO4ret) the deactivation ceremony in Charleston in 1994. Stephen Sumner STS1(SS)


Really miss her, she was a great boat and great crew. David Batchelder MTC(SS)

I was RMC during my tour and am now a career recruiter in South Carolina. Brian Almquist RMC(SS)

I was a striker in 85 and obviuosly became a corpsman, and am now working in the naval hospital Charleston. If anyone had served with me is still around , give me a phone call at (803)824-0251. James B. Ellis HM2(SS)

I was commanding Officer of the Blue crew during my time on the Vallejo. I am glad to see that there is someone who is trying to get together a reunion. Looking forward to it. CAPT Don R. England

I just recieved your letter via snail mail today! Thanx. I have been on subnet, and looked around, but never found a site that dealt with my boat. Please place me on your list, and keep me informed of events. I'll do what I can to help you out. Feel free to give out my name and info to any shipmates. I will be in touch! Sincerely, Charles "Spider" Hunter (SK3/SS) "what requisition?"


NAVET Blue crew. Patrols sailed, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 40, and 42. Timothy Lee Marckel ET2(SS)

It has been many years since I served aboard the "Valley-Joe" and to this day it remains one of the highlights of my twenty six year military career. Being a part of the "Original Gold Crew" will forever remain one of my fondest memories! It is with sadness and regret to realize that "she" no longer sails. I can recall, with vivid memory, the "early days"! The skipper "Cmdr Jack Nunnely"was one of the finest Officers I ever had the pleasure to serve with. I reported aboard as a 17 year old RMSA and remember well the "original" Radio Gang. It consisted of "RMCS Brewer, RM1 Ernie Goin, RM1 Steve Bell, RM1 Mike Bauer and me!! Needless to say who "went for coffee"! I also recall not getting along with the XO who was "LCDR Botshon" and still "SMILE" when I remember the day we added his name to the "QUICK VENT" list!!! The City and people of Vallejo were fantastic, The First Firing Off the Cape, the Trip to Nassau,through the Canal and on to Pearl! I also recall "missing movement" since I had gone to High School in Hawaii and was on the beach when the crew got "an Early"flight back to Vallejo!! I remember attending Mike Bauers wedding and driving his MG for him! Also recall the Radioroom Mascot "WUVER" being Stolen from our Secure Facility and the shipwide search that ensued!! My very best wishes to all the Original Gold/Blue Crews and all those that came after! The USS Vallejo will endure in the hearts and minds of all of us! William R. "Ron" Fales RM2(SS)/MSGT USAF

Plank Owner/blue crew/ first patrol/E2 to SK3(SS) on Vallejo/Retired SKCM/not sure on attending reunion but interested in being updated. William H. Lowery SKCM(SS)

Some of my fondest memories in the Navy were spent onboard the USS MARIANO G. VALLEJO (SSBN 658). Some of the finest sailors that I have ever served with were on that ship. Bradley Julian HMC(SS)

I've been getting the newsletter in the mail and finally decided to try out the web site. You can start contacting me at either of the two included internet address. James B. W. Archer FTB2(SS)

Great Site! Michael Lerch ET1(SS)

First of all great website! Wish I'd found it earlier. I spent a full quarter of my career on the Gold Crew, lasted through 4 CO's, 4 XO's, 4 Weps and 2 COB's (yes, I, too, survived the reign of "Lucky" Logan!). I saw a lot of guys come and go. Eddie Van Meter and I were the last two around from the "good old days". How ya doin', Eddie? I see that your a Chief now. Good for you! I know you'll wear it well. I only saw one of my MT's that had a message on here. Hi Eric! Glad to see you made Chief as well (even if you DID have to do it as an NC). I nearly killed you to make it as an MT. I really take pride in the fact that our division pissed off the rest of the crew with so many Command Advancements & SOQ's- not to mention your TWO SOY's. You guys worked hard for it and every one was more than well deserved. Sorry you couldn't make it to my retirement ceremony. Maybe I can make it to yours. Hi Dave! How's it going? How could you have let Kirk do all that planning and work all by himself? (he certainly took all the credit!). I miss you, my friend, and hope all is well with you. There are times when I wish I was back on a (short) patrol. I worked with some of the best sailors in the Fleet. I also worked with a few dirt bags (VERY few), but we all have our CROSS to bear! Hope to hear from lots of you guys. You can write to me and tell me what you REALLY always wanted to. Time for the MT's to get revenge! I certainly will be in touch with some of you, now that I have email addresses. Later, Lyle Hastings MTC(SS)" Sparky" P.S. Doc Julian, you're STILL a pervert!

I sailed with the gold crew from NOV 1973 - JULY 1977. I transfered with CDR James E. Collins (SUPER CO)at Rota, Spain in July 1977 after upkeep. I think everyone onboard thought my name was ARCHIE CAMPBELL. BULLET BOB LANGLEY was my Leading TM and Dave Niemy was the Leading MT. Does anyone remember the time that we sent a Non-Qual back to AMR2 to observe the Midnight Sample. The ELT accidently spilled some of the sample on the NQP. Then they had him strip down to his skivvies and one sock. All of his clothes were bagged in Poly and he was told to report to the OOD in Control. This was a surprise to the OOD, because we didn't inform him. Needless to say the NQP was pissed, who cares, I mean he was a Non-Qual-Puke. The rest of us had a great laugh and after the kid got his dolphins he wanted to do the same to another NQP. Those were great days on Vallejo and I miss her. Has anyone seen Dave Niemy? I last saw him at Newport News Shipyard in 1985 and guess what, he was an Ensign. Go Figure' Captain Collins, when I told my wife about this site and that you had registered, she wanted to know If you were still as handsome as you were when I served with you. I told her that she will have to come with me to the Reunion to find out. I would like to hear from anyone who served with me on Valley Joe. Jim (Archie) Campbell TM1(SS)

I was on the last of the sea trials and the first five war patrols. Leaving from Guam and living the off crew in Honolulu, Hawaii.. Our crew was really close and we had loads of fun. Once we rented a bus and loaded it with a keg of beer and toured the island of Guam, site seeing and swimming. I remember Jimmy Day, John ? tm1ss, Thomas Burnnett tmcss, saltmarsh, and many others I can see their faces like yesterday. The machinist who made their own brew in the auxillary room next to our missile house and shared the back bunks with us.. Mike Lehman, and Garth Lascink, Mike Rich, are some more...I remember once we were hovering with the nuc's were going to single loop operation and the auxiliary men were fixing a main balast blow valve, when a valve stuck open on the depth control tanks and we took on 40,000 gallons and were sinking like a rock, we blew the forward balasts manually three-three second blows and the nuc's were able to get us moving slowly and luckily we hit a pocket of very cold water stopping our decent. the depth gage was clicking by the tens prior to our getting stopped. there were others but I thought I'd share this one... Phillip Mellegaard TM2(SS)

I boarded the ship in Vallejo while it was in dry dock. It became my one and only home during my stint in the Navy. I am glad that someone got this page together. Mike Villalobos Jr. QM3(SS)

I love submarines. I really learned about the boats thru Tom Clancy's "Submarine". Fair sailing. Marcey Manning (Guest)

Currently working for INPO evaluating nuclear power plants. Great home page, just got this home computer and this was one of the first searches. Looking for reunion information and trying to locate a Jack Bryson (sonar). John A. Dorion MMC(SS)

I served aboard the Vallejo from 1969 to 1972. Made the voyage from the Pacific to the Atlantic Via the Panama Canal. Made (5) patrols out of Holy Loch Scotland. I was discharged from the Navy in August 1972 prior to refit in Newport News Virginia. Greg Mongeau STS3(SS)


My personal experience aboard the Vallejo though brief was especially memorable. After Sub School I joined the Vallejo Gold Crew at Cape Canaveral. When Polaris missile tests were successfully completed, we spent time in the Bahamas conducting sound trials, then proceded through the Panama Canal (amazing!) to Mare Island for PSA. Several months later we sailed through the Golden Gate to Puget Sound and Bremerton for weapons load out and more sound trials. From Washington we then made transit through the Strait of Juan de Fucca and on to Pearl Harbor (I'll never forget the swim call that occurrred somewhere in between). After a deguassing and torpedo tests out of Pearl, the Blue Crew assumed command, headed for Guam and conducted the first Vallejo patrol. All of my patrols as forward auxiliaryman with Capt. "Jack" Nunneley and the original Gold Crew were made from Guam with offcrew on Oahu. Due to a medical emergency when they were about to depart, I was ordered to the Ben Franklin and made my last patrol on a "sister ship". I've always been proud of my bubble-head heritage, but gave up trying to explain it years ago. The experience was special and the crew was an extraordinary group of individuals. The Web Site has provided a catalyst for many wonderful memories, thank you. C. David "Psych" Parsons EN3(SS)



Joined the boat in Vallejo towards the end of PSA. Made the first 4 Blue patrols. We went under the equator in 1968. Ken Schwartz IC1(SS)

It's great finding this website. I have often wondered where everyone went. Thanks for making it happen - you've done a great job. Will Smith RM3(SS)

Hey guys nice web site! Sorry it took so long to reply to your email. I have been pretty busy since being discharged. I am attending Shippensburg University full time working on a degree in business finance. So anyway, I just thought I would drop you a line and see who has visited the site. I know the following shipmates and their location if you are interested: SKC Jamie L. Goodman, Port Orchard, WA--QMC Bob Butterton, Smithfield, VA--RM2 Billy Larason, Langehorne, PA--ETC Gregg Estok, Kingsland, GA (Stationed in Port Canaveral)--MM3 Ben Milner, Mobile, AL--FTB1 Rod Scanlin, Spring, TX John J. Englehart QM1(SS)

Many thanks for all the kind comments regarding my command tour. I've maintained contact with some former crewmembers and look forward to hearing from others. For info, I'm now the Executive Director of the Naval Submarine League, which has about 4000 members, officer and enlisted, nationwide in 11 chapters. The NSL is an organization which promotes to the public, the Navy, and to Congress the continuing need for a strong submarine force. Dues ($15/yr for active duty, $25/yr for others) are tax-deductable. If anyone wants more info on the NSL, send me an e-mail at either or Again, many thanks - MGV was the highlight of my naval career - nothing compared to it or to the people with whom it was my honor to serve. Jim Collins CAPT

Jim, again thanks for the quick turn around on the pictures. I found the web site, albeit by accident while sifting through my office filing pile. I hope to be able to make the reunion, but too soon to commit. David Mcshane LCDR

I was a Nav ET on the Gold Crew of SSBN 658. Excellent web page. I have seen some comments from some former shipmates and I see some of them have not changed a bit. I have been looking for a page for the Vallejo for quite a while. It was good to finally find one. I served on board from 88 - 90 and made four patrols. The Vallejo was my first and only sub that I served on. Keep this page going! Tim Benton ET2(SS)

Found the web page by accident while trying to locate information on Vallejo California. I was not aware that a submarine had been named for General Vallejo. Great web page! Homer Vallejo San Antonio TX (Guest)

Retired and Loving It. William J. (Billy) Bobb MT1(SS)

I have alot of boat memorabilia from mid 60's. Bill Turner FTB1(SS)

I was glad to hear about this page through an old shipmate, I was the Recreation Committee President for 2 years and all the way through decom and I have thought of those days fondly ever since. I'll look through my stuff and send some memorabilia. Robert Larkin FT2(SS)

You've got a real nice page here for a fine boat and crews. If any one of your crewmembers served on the old USS Guardfish (SSN-612), don't forget that we have a reunion coming up this July. Thanks... "Twiggy" Reunion Coordinator

Great Job on the creation of this site Jimmy. I just got a Christmas card from Pat Maloney and he told me about this site and about the upcoming reunion. Sounds like a good idea. I hope I can make it. Bill Schlink MMCS(SS) Ret

Line the bottom of the seas with the hulls of their ships and to hell with their souls. Boy we sure laid the "red" threat to rest didn't we? Snapshot tube one! Sorry flashback. Phillip Huntley MM3(SS)

It's been a long time.... Andy Porter IC2(SS)

Great page for a great ship and the men who sailed her. Olin Thomas III FTB2(SS)

I was on the Gold crew prior to the 1972/73 overhaul at Newport News. Then I went to the Blue crew. Other subs I was on: Patrick Henry (SSBN 599), Seadragon (SSN 584), Will Rogers (SSBN 659), and Alabama (SSBN 731) (none were as good as the 658). I am currently working for Electric Boat at the Trident Refit Facility, Bangor, WA. I'm still trying to find another electrician from that time period. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Ron Crawford, please let me know, thanks. I will be at the reunion! Andy Prescott EMC(SS)

Hello there!! This is Jennifer Rodriguez, Ralph Carr's daughter. I signed the Decklog for my dad a few months ago, I decided to give y'all my e-mail address so that I can print out any letters and send them to him. I don't know what dates he sailed, I think in the 60's sometime. He would certainly appreciate hearing from anyone who may remember him. I grew up hearing lots of sea stories about the Vallejo!! He is very proud to have served on her, with the best sailors he has ever encountered in the Navy!! I would certainly appreciate hearing from any of you, it would put a big smile on his face to know that he is remembered!! Thanks for your time!! Jennifer


Just wanted to see what my buddy ET2(SS) Troy Orr had to look at for three months at a time. I'm an ex-nuke. Clarence G Baltrusaitis II MM3

Do I have to say something sappy and sentimental to be added to the list? In that case, my efforts stop here. I made very few "Friends" while attatched to this boat, and have managed to keep track of most of them without assistance. The reason I write at all is out of respect and love for the boat herself. She took me where few men dare to go, and she brought me back alive every time. I took care of her, cleaned her, repaired her, and finally, decomissioned her. She was my home for nearly five years, and I regret that I will never be able to show her to my son, as a fine example of what men can do. Dan T. Marett MT2(SS)

I am presently the 3M Coordinator on the USS Cheyenne SSN-773, the last and greatest 688 class submarine to ever be built. My memories on the Vallejo are ones I will always cherish!! I have not moved anywhere in the world without running into an old shipmate and recently I have gotten in touch with numerous Vallejo shipmates in Norfolk, VA. some are LCDR Guffy, MM1 Height, MM2 Galarza, LCDR Merz. Rich Strickland MM1(SS)

I currently live in Norfolk VA, and am stationed at SUBMARINE SQUADRON SIX. I enjoyed the homepage. Matthew Puwalowski YN2(SS)


Went on to become Atlantic Fleet Shore Sailor of Year 1980 while attached to PMOLANT. Bob Luna SK1(SS)

I was on the Blue Crew as COB from Sept 1969 to Dec 1973. Then, after the overhaul, I was the COB on the Gold Crew until my transfer to Thr SEA billet at POMFLANT. Raymond L. King FTCM(SS)

I am just finishing up my 20 year career this year. I have sailed on 3 other subs and did an overseas tender for 2 years in La Madd. Russell B. Lacy MM1(SS)

I miss the crew of SSBN 658 GOLD 1984 - 1988 Robert Butterton ETC/SS

I have a short story to tell.... I served on the Gold crew aboard the USS Kamehameha SSBN642..1976 - 1979.. My KARATE instructor is the sister of a Mitchell S. Szacik YNC (SS) who's last boat was the 658. Sometime around 1969-1971. He passed away while stationed on the SSBN 658...... His sister wanted to make a keepsake plaque, so I went to Groton and got a 658 patch and some dolphins and other things at the exchange and she made a beautiful plaque. She is always very receptive to any info concerning the Vallejo. Thanks for your time. I can print some nice pictures from your page for her.... Take care and smooth sailing to all. Stephen D. Chickering RM2 (SS)

Went from E-1 to E-6 onboard. Bradley L. Shuck TM1(SS)

Jimmy Carter with General Vallejo during the 1999 reunion.

(We let him wear dolphins on his hat but he isn't qualified)

Was IC1(SS) while on Vallejo. Retired 1990 as LCDR. Was on Blue crew for one patrol and then went through overhaul/conversion at Newport News. After overhaul, was on Gold Crew. The finest boat I served on in my 23+ year career. William "Bill" Wilson LCDR

Polaris in the Pacific! Four patrols out of Guam as Blue Crew Navigator, 1968-1970. Good web site! Keith Young CAPT

I was on board as a FA through ICC the years are as follows: Aug 71-Aug 72 gold. Aug 72-Jun 73 green Oct 73-May 75 Blue Dec 75-Jan 78 Blue Aug 80-April 81 Blue Sept 81-Sept 82 Blue. I served with the best in the fleet. I only remember two that were not part of the best so I guess the Vallejo did get the best. I still at times miss the days onboard. But I am also happy with the job that I finally ended up with. I work for a Clinical Research Organization. I am a PC Support Analyst. I think that one of the the reasons I like it is the people are good people like the Vallejo Crews. John Mullins ICC(SS)

The Vallejo was the finest ship, and carried the finest crew I have ever had the pleasure of being a member of. Spending the majority of my career on board five submarines, three SSBNs and two fast attacks I have found no equal. Hard to believe it has been so long ago, but the memories havn't faded and I will always remember the friendships I made on board. Kerry Tilton LTJG

It was really nice seeing the boat after ten years. I was assigned to the Missile Division of the Vallejo Blue crew from 1984-1988. Does anyone know what happened to the "Rocket Locker Log"? I am no longer in the military but I am a full time college student. Darrell Duffy

What a great afternoon! Brought back many great memories and also reminded me of looooong patrols. Many familiar names. By the way Archie - if I remember correctly, wasn't the NQP "Sweetie" Sweatnum? and... I think it was DI water he got splashed with - too bad he didn't know what DI water was! I want to echo so many others - Capt'n Collins was the best skipper I every served under. Great Captains seem to mold the best crews... This is a great WEB page too... I'm sorry I didn't discover it sooner. I served on the Gold Crew from AUG75-DEC78, I made the last of my 20 patrols on the Vallejo. The rest of the 20 were on the Franklin (SSBN640)(BLUE) and the Madison (SSBN627) (BLUE). Before that I rode the RATON (AGSS270) and the GREENFISH (SS351). I can't remember if it was BLUE or GOLD on those two boats... Keep up the good work Jim and I'm looking forward to a reunion in Vallejo, CA or anywhere else, I'll be there... Jim Shuman RMCS(SS)

Jim, I've heard your name several times before from Ricky Wallace when I was on 658. Some story about a peircing and a tootsie roll. Anyway, I've got some pictures and stuff at home and will try to mail them to you soon. Love the site. Lane Pipkin CWO2

I am currently invloved with a local group of sub vets. The Mobile bay base, is located at the USS Drum in Mobile, Alabama. Our Commander is Paul York, an ex MM2 that served on the George Bancroft. Check out the website at Quinton Simison MM3(SS)

It took me a while, but I finally found this home page. It's good to remember the good (and not so good) time spent on the Vallejo. I'd love to hear from any of you. Take care and write when you can. Lewis "Smitty" Smith MM1(SS)

Made 3 Patrols including the last one out of Rota. Transferred to the Canopus (AS34) in 1980. Lawrence "Larry" Smith FTGC(SS)

I think that this is really cool and hope that it can continue. Scot Lane FTB2(SS)

I was in the commissioning crew back in the good days. Back before hair, hearing, sight loss and debt, weight gain. It was great to see some the names of friends of old...Johnnie Fox, Larry Morris, Roy Carter, Teddy Gardner, Ray Larson, Thom McCabe, John Bobbish, and so many more. James (Jim) Day MM1(SS)

Was on "Valley Joe" for one patrol. But met a lot of good people on that one patrol! F D "Doug" Davant RM1(SS)

I did not know it then, but in 1991 when I separated from the US Navy, after 6 years of service, I realized that I really had a good time in the Navy. Like everything else in life, there were bad times but also many good times. I am so glad to see someone keeping the Vallejo alive. I made about 8 patrols on the Vallejo with the gold crew. I was lucky to actually experience the launch of 2 missiles in 1991. That was on my last patrol. I was known as Augie. Bubba (Calvin Bethea) was the Sonar LPO from whom I would like to hear from. Others who served with me now are separated from the Navy but still keep in touch. I have some good memories of the Vallejo. Half-way nights, swim at the beach in the Bahamas area, etc. Augustin Rivera STS2(SS)

Happy to see the web site created by Jim, et al... Honored to be included as a member and looking forward to participating in the reunion as is possible. We enjoyed the pix, scrap book items and will be sending some to include. Libby & I had to leave the ship before it sailed after commissioning but we will never forget the kind and wonderfull shipmates we experienced in Vallejo. Our lives went on to have another child and we continued with a fruitful Navy career, including several patrols in other SSBNs..We are now in Tidewater designing and building even more ships. I'm on the staff at Newport News Shipbuilding and have been for 14 years. Would appreciate hearing from all of the old gang and look forward to seeing you in Vallejo on July 4, 1999. Smooth Sailing. Ted Crossland

Served on board as IC1(SS)for New Construction (Plank Owner), Launching, Sea Trails, Shake Down, and Two Patrols. Randolph E. Pasley Jr. GSEC(SS)

We went into the Shipyard in NewportNews. She looked so small sitting there across from the Eisenhower. I was discharged before she came out of the yards. I made 2 or 3 Patrols on MGV, I can't remember now. There were good times and bad times just like everything else. The things you remember are strange if you think about them but they are all a part of our lives. Paul Whalen ETN2(SS)

I am working in Indonesia. E-Mail address is my home in Duri, Sumatra, Indonesia. The phone number & address listed are my parents in USA. For those who are traveling in this part of the world, our home phone number is 62 765 91133 and my office number is 62 765 96305. James P. Harrington MMCM(SS) Ret.

I was only on the Vallejo for a few months while awaiting discharge. I spent most of my time on the Franklin but cannot find a web site for that boat. Any ideas? Jim Carmichael EM1(SS)

Hi, Ran into Gerry McDonald the other day and he told me about this site. Nice to see so many familiar names. David Niemy MT1(SS) (LCDR ret)

Reported aboard as a STS2(SS). Served for about a year on VALLEJO, then went to "C" school in San Diego for almost a year. Following "C" school went back to VALLEJO, where I made STS1(SS), and transferred sometime in '86 (I believe) to SUBTRAFAC Charleston. Commissioned January 1, 1989 as a Surface Electronics Tech LDO. First tour as a newly commissioned Ensign was a challenge and a huge culture shock aboard USS AMERICA (CV 66). From there went to GTMO, and now at Naval Computers and Telecommunications Command (COMNAVCOMTELCOM) Washington, DC. Transferring May '98 to Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Suitland, MD. Looking forward to hearing from and corresponding with VALLEJO shipmates. Stan Tennyson LT

I'M NOT a "Valley-HO!" sailor, just passin thru! H.C. Wilson


Spent much of my three patrols qualifying back aft. I remember Capt. Nunneley at the best skipper I ever had. Paul A Croy LT

Although I was not a member of this fine submarine, I did manage to find a long lost friend from your roster. Served on Bancroft 82-84 and Nevada 85-87. Your site brought back many memories from a long time ago. BZ and keep up the good work. Mike Cloonan RM1(SS)

Becky and I are interested in any info on the reunion. We left active duty in 1976 and settled in Eastern Washington. Mike Payne CAPT

Its been great seeing some old faces and names. Thanks for the walk back to the past. Stacy L Cole QM2(SS)

4/69 - 4/72 M Div LPO during this time and the Bull Nuke. Jerry Gilstrap ENCM(SS)

Well guys , those are some names I hadn't expected to see. But boy does it bring back some memories. I'm an EMC in the Coast Guard getting close to my September 1st retirement I've thought about the old girl many times and about you guys but haven't seen nor heard from anyone other than Joe Howenstein in 84. Drop me some mail, things have changed greatly since those days. Wes Kouns MT2(SS)

Just got a computer and got on line. Glad to be onboard. Frank Fegel Jr. TM1(SS)

I spent my entire career (6 yrs) on the MGV (after A, C, & sub schools). 4 patrols out of Holy Loch; overhaul at the Newport News shipyard; & 2 patrols out of Rota. The navy wasn't my career choice, but the MGV and its crew was a great place to spend my tour - lots of great memories! The web page is great - thanks for all the hard work. It sure does bring back the memories!! I plan to go thru my photo albums & memorabilia to see if is anything worth sending. In appreciation, Kendall Ronning FTB2(SS)

With all the changes in the world since Vallejo's slide into the Napa river, my thoughts often return to those days and the two exceptional Captains, D.B. Guthe and J.K. Nunneley, and the finest group of shipmates I ever knew. Karl Sax FTB2(SS) (LCDR Ret.)


I like to take this opportunity to praise you on your Homepage. I served aboard the USS Nathan Hale (SSBN 623-G) from Sep 75 to Apr 79 and found your photo gallery a happy walk down memory lane. I thank you. Keep up the good work. Don Kopczynski ex-MS3(SS)

I am really pleased that you have taken the initiative to create this Web Site. Thanks. Greg E. Stanek EM2 (SS)

Part of commissioning crew -- ran technical library on the barge -- lived on base @ Vallejo -- worked as short order cook at base exchange. Selected for NESEP from Vallejo. Earned BSEE from University of Colorado at Bolder. Returned to submarine fleet as a Supply Corp Officer. After Vallejo served on Pulski, SUBLANT, Hunley & as ILS Director of Deep Submergence Program. Retired in 1981 -- Worked for Booz•Allen & Hamilton building the two new TRIDENT bases as contrator to PM1. Current work for TRW in Aurora, CO. Earl G. Gunia IC1(SS)

First, I want to say: WOW!! What a site! I've checked out many a submarine site but none with as many images and write-ups. I served on USS Will Rogers (SSBN-659 Blue) so some of the photos took me back aboard her. As a nuke ELt, I was glad to see the photos back in the engineering spaces. I hope that when guys who were on the Thomas A. Edison (SSBN-610) and Trepang (SSN-674) check out my pages on them they'll do what your shipmates have done and send me some photos or writeups of memories so I can include them. B.R. Barbee MMCS(SS/SW)

I did not sail the Vallego but I did sail in USS Henry Clay and Thomas Jefferson. After that I rode 4 688 class submarines. All subs were good with each having something special. Henry Clay was special because she was the first and Birmingham was special because she was my last. Nice page I wish all the boats had a page like this. Gilbert D. Warren TMCS(SS) Ret.

I served two tours onboard. The first from May 80 to NOV 82, in the FTB Division. My second tour was from SEP 89 to DEC 91, as the Weapons Officer. I am currently stationed in Kings Bay serving a tour as SWS Department Director. Thanks to whoever got this going, it is a great site. Ronald P. Angerer LCDR

I'm currently stationed as the A-Div LCPO of the USS Tennessee (SSBN-734), (kinda scary hey LCDR Hallal). I'm still on the same sea tour that I started on the great ship Vallejo. I have since served on the Hyman G. Rickover (SSN-709) and the Emory S. Land (AS-39). I've traveled a lot of the world since my time on the Vallejo, but I have never enjoyed myself or felt so special as I did when we visited Vallejo CA on her final cruise. I repeat those "sea stories" often and I can always tell that the person listening wishes they could have been a part of those memorable 10 days. Thanks again to the city of Vallejo, you will always hold a special place in my heart. Shawn "Woody" Wood MMC(SS) USN

Sailed on USS Francis S. Key SSBN 657 Jim Coatney(Visitor)

I was excited to hear from an old shipmate (QMC Smith) that Vallejo had its own web page I recognize a lot of names and will pass along the information to some former Vallejo sailors that I did not see on the list. Troy S. Lowery YN1(SS)

I served on the Valley-Jo from 86-89. I made five patrols and lived to tell the story. No one will ever know the true story of what we did and how we all got through it except those who were there, and I guess that's what makes it special and in the end and a good expeience for all of us. I, like many of you, couldn't wait to get out of the Navy and put as many miles between me and the Vallejo as I could, never look back, and never think about the endless drills and dreadfully long patrols, I can't believe I'm going to say this but in a way I really do miss it. Thank you to the creators of this web site. If you need any more pictures I was the ship's photographer while I was on board, and I just might have some pics of halfway night and shellback initiation that would be cool additions, E-Mail me at Michael A. Eder QM2(SS)658Blue P.S. CDR England was as good a C.O. as the Navy has ever seen.

Like to hear from any of the bubbleheads I sailed with. Lyle D. Conklin EN2(SS)

3 yrs, 10 months and 8 days onboard. But, who was counting? You have performed a GREAT service with this webpage. I've already spent 2 hours persuing the photos, comments, etc. This is "flashback city!" SO many memories that I thought were lost have come flooding (pardon the expression) back! I have some pix from the refueling overhaul in Charleston Naval Shipyard (1983 & 1984) that I'll get scanned and submit. BTW, if anyone wants a copy of Dave Dickey's "The Cylinder", just email me. I have it as a text file. TRULY a masterpiece of submarine poetry! He left the boat before I arrived, but his legacy lives. Joel Uzzel EM1(SS) 1982-1985 Blue Crew

It is really nice to read the comments of so many sailors who sailed in the best SSBN the Navy bought. The folks in Mare Island Naval Shipyard did an excellent job in putting the boat together, however, they had help from guys like Ralph Carr, Saltmarsh, Les Wright, Warren Mow, JD Monroe, John Bobish, Dick Wagner,Teddy Garner, Morales, Max Moon, Thom Yeatts, Roy Carter, Chapman, Lloyd Kroner, Honadle, Salquist, Gary Patterson, RA Miller, Duke Strickland, Norm Lester, Steve Manchur and the list just goes on and on. I have a special memory for so many friends I served with during my time on MGV. I wonder if the XO (Sagerholm) still remembers who qualified first at S1C ? How many folks knew I had a crush on Patricia McGettigan, but Capt Guthe felt I should put as much distance between her and I as possible. The Commissioning party at the Casa de Vallejo, was a party to remember...yes sir the times on the Vallejo were not good times...they were great times. James "Jim" Day (Plankowner)

On your listing I'm a plank owner. Also was at the Decom ceremony in Charleston. James F. Hume TMC(SS)

Hello to the best sub saliors in the world. The sailors of the VALLEJO. I was the last COB of VALLEJO. I relieved as COB of the Gold Crew in May 91 and when we combined crews April 94 I was the decom COB. I am stationed as the CMC of Navy Recruiting District Houston, TX. Sitting on the coffee table in my office is the DECOM Plaque and last cruise book. I look at them and remember all of the good and not so good times we had on the boat. ETCM(SS/SW ) Charlie Kerr

I survived patrols 77, 79, 81, and 83. I was one of those stellar IC Div. guys along with let's see there was Saunders, Long, Harper (makes you itch doesn't it?) Kooncie and who could forget the "HOOKIE MONSTER". A good time was had by all. I was luckily the honarary A-diver. Those were the best guys, Wood, Kuntz, Cowart, Kast, Gilder, I miss you guys! (Thanks COB) IC2(SS) John Clardy

Pale Riders

I was assigned to replace an EM2 on the gold crew named John Hoffman. He was injured in an incident in which a shore power cable shorted across the phases while he was holding it in his hands. This occurred over the Labor Day weekend of 1968. I was on Ford Island awaiting assignment, bunking with Greg Stanek They flew me to Guam on just a few hours notice, took me to the hospital to see John Hoffman and straight to the boat which was holding the brow for my arrival. We were gone 74 days. I believe that was the second Gold patrol. E Division included EMCS(SS) Terry Cole, Jack Rohs, and Lew Bickford (one E8, eight First Class and me). At the time I was the only non-plank owner/non-diesel boat sailor in E Div and the only second class. I did TDU duty, laundry and battery well cleaning for a long time. There is note in the comments about the first class of nucs that didn't go to sub school. There was a group of 6 from my class 68-1 at S1W in Idaho that went directly to a fleet assignment. This was to be the "test case". I believe George McDowell was in that group with me. I was actually sent to the John Adams SSBN620 which was in overhaul in Bremerton but there was at that time a "rule" that only SS qualified people could be in an overhaul crew, so it was from there I was sent to Squadron 15 at Ford Island and subsequently to the 658. I stayed on the 658 Gold crew through the first overhaul in Newport News and two Blue crew patrols after that. Some notable names that come to my mind include: EMCS(SS) Terry Cole - Jack Rohs hid from him for the first 4 or 5 days of a patrol until TC called a meeting of all E div in Machinery 1 to suggest that we had left Jack behind. MMCM(SS) Rich Stump - "Ran the Road" better than anyone. Last lived in Summerville, SC. ET1(SS) Jack Arnett - the "obsequious queech" EM1(SS) Billy Burrell - Inventor of the "60 second ball rest" and a hand carved, fur covered device with a couple of golf tees so you could give yourself a ball rest while at the EPCP. ET1(SS) Dick Pasnak - ET1(SS) Paul Voorhees - Maybe the best RPCP/EPCP operator ever. MM1(SS) Larry Deadmond - who could play the, "Hay sir, got naked pictures of your wife ..." routine better than anyone. IC1(SS) Mike Mohn - In the shipyard we had no schematics or wiring diagrams of the 2MC system so Mike took a few days and made some. He was very good and a VERY patient man. IC1(SS) Miles Koudelka - Played drums; anytime, anywhere. IC1(SS) Davey Zabel - My fishing buddy. Eventually made EMCM and served on Tridents. Davey won the first POST award out of Scotland (Pukers On Sea Trials) EM2(SS) Greg Stanek - the original "Soup Sandwich" We gave an award on halfway night that consisted of a baggie with chicken noodle and two slices of bread. TM1(SS) Jimmy Liklider (maybe spelled wrong) was the last plank owner to leave, to my knowledge. Sincerely, William L Gibbs EMC (SS)

Unbelievable!!! Way to go guys. Now all those memories won't just fade away. Anybody hear from Gary Tidwell or Todd Hitchins? Tom Anderson RM2(SS)


After 20 years of "dedicated" Naval service, I will transfer to Fleet Reserve effective 30SEP98. Just after my seventeen year old daughter, Emily, was killed by a drunk driver,I put in my papers to retire. It is now time for me to be home. I am currently on a HUMS assignment at PSD in Charleston until my retirement becomes effective. I am sure you who have ended your naval service dealt with the same items I am. For twenty years I knew what I was to wear, where I was going and what I was to do when I got there. For the first time I am now looking for a job and I do not know what I want to be when I grow up! Good Sailing, William B. (Ben) Hardaway MMC(SS)

Anybody seen the following: MT3(SS) Gil Duncan, MT2(SS) Mark Amerman, MM1(SS) Kevin Dunlap, MM1(SS) Vern "Tiny" Stull, MS1 (SS) John Ryan. If anybody knows there were abouts of these x-blue crew fellas please e-mail me. Thanks. Bryan Helgeson MT1(SS)

Came out of overhaul and conversion (NNews) with Capt. Collins on Gold crew. (Anyone remember those "wonderful" apartments we lived in during the yards? Better than the barge I guess. Several missle shots, sound cuts, great Virgin Island and Puerto Rico liberty, and a few patrols out of Rota later, I took instructor duty in Idaho (NRF) till discharge in '79. We had quite a contingent of Vallejo sailors at NRF: Miles Koudelka, Kent Miles, Pat McMannus, a couple others I can't put names to, and myself. I work at Boeing in St. Louis now with another Vallejo puke :Dale McFarland, an A-Div MM back then. Would love to hear from any of you knuckleheads I served with. Many thanks for this--- it's truly an amazing site. Best of all, it makes it real for my grown children. Marty Douglas MM1(SS)

I came on Vallejo as an E-1 in 82 and left an SK2 in 86. Later came back in 90 as an SK1 left in 93 as an SKC. Now I'm on the USS Nassau LHA-4 in Norfolk as an Ensign (Supply Corp). Bill Jordan ENS

The Vallejo was my first submarine. I reported onboard in Sep 76. I made patrol's 28,30,32,34,36,38,39,and 41, on the Gold crew. We switched patrol cycles between patrols 38 and 39 due to the Trident Refit in Port Canavral in 1979. I left in Dec 80, during refit after seatrials on patrol 43. I had the unpleasent privilege of watching the Vallejo get cut up in Aug-Oct 95. I was stationed onboard the USS FLYING FISH SSN673 at the time. When I arrived in Bremerton, WA. The Vallejo was in Drydock. The Sail was sitting on the side of the Drydock waiting transport to Vallejo CA. The first time I saw her; she was just a shell..the torpedo tubes were exposed, OPUL, MCUL, RC, AMR2UL and ERUL were gone. It kind of choked me up to see her like that. As the days when on, more and more of her was cut up and placed on railroad cars. By the first week of Oct 95, She was gone except for the Sail. The day before I Retired, I watched the shipyard place the Sail onboard a cargo ship. I retired on the Surrender Deck of the Battleship Missouri. The last Picture I took before I left Bremerton, was a Black and white photo of the Sail sitting on the deck of the cargo ship. Jeffrey A. Burke RMCS(SS)

Great site, BZ. I have been meaning to do this for some time. William S. Bates (Bill) MTC(SS)

Just had another special meeting with the Reunion Committee and are really on our way ! Didn't have dinner in Petaluma -- !! but went to Cline Winery to check out the barrel room -- Jim Carter will tell you more -- am excited about seeing everyone again. Keep in touch. Martha A. McGettigan

Your crew list is still incomplete. There are several people that I continued to serve with after transfer that were also onboard the Vallejo. I will let them know about this web site. Edward E. Mathews QM2(SS)

Currently an instructor at Farley Nuclear Plant, married wife Tanya, 3 children daughter Lindsey 19, daughter Leslie 17, son Scott 10. My first wife Debbie, when i was on Vallejo died of breast cancer in 1993. Joel L. Deavers EM1(SS)

Served as Chief of the Boat from December 84 until I retired in September 86. It was a most enjoyable tour with a great crew of professional sailors. I'm looking forward to the reunion in 1999 and reliving some of the experiences with my shipmates. If there are any of the shipmates out there that want to communicate via the internet, please feel free to send me an email. Al Katen MMCM(SS)

Just browsing and luckily discovered this excellent web site. It really brings back a lot of pleasant memories. I would really like to hear from a few of my fellow gold crew members including; Cully White, Les Wright (Go Vols!!),Lloyd Dietrich. Hope we have a reunion, I'll be there. "Bullet" Bob Guiser TM3(SS)

I was a NavET and I really enjoyed the short time that I spent aboard Vallejo. All Ahead Flank!! Alan G. Smith ET1(SS)

PLANK OWNER. Reported onboard June 1965 as an MT1 advanced to MTC and stayed onboard in Gold Crew until August of 1969. Reported back onboard in October of 1972 as FTCS while the the boat was in C3 conversion at Newport News. Advanced to FTCM in 1973. Was COB on the Blue crew until retiring in 1975. There are still lots of wonderful memories of good times and great shipmates. Hope to see many of you at the Reunion. Gerry McDonald FTCM(SS)

Great boat, Great crew, Great friends....what more needs to be said. Mike Fisher FTB2(SS)

I was an FTB on the Gold Crew from 1982 until the shipyard in Charleston. I served aboard during the shipyard and then became part of the Blue crew until I left the Navy in 1986. Chris Farver FTB2(SS)

Miss the old Valley Joe. Good to see the old submariners are keeping the history alive for future sailors to see. The new boats just do not have the same feel or caring the old boat 658 did. Hope to here from any old shipmates from my time onboard. Miss you Vallejo. Michael Welz MT1(SS)

Wow! I was just surfin' for military photos and I ran across this site. It sure brings back a lot of old memories. I served on the Valley Joe Gold for 5 runs and it was a good time. By the way, has anybody heard fom Jimmy Licklighter(TM1), Johnny McDaniels(TM2), or Fast Eddie Bruns(FTB2)? I'm looking forward to the '99 reunion. See ya then. Chuck Carroll MT1(SS)

Great ideas! Blue AWEPS 80-82. Kept in touch with and have seen Mike Teague several times since leaving 658. Over the past decade and a half, even though it took only a few hours at the outset, have gained and held custodial ownership of Rob Thornton in just about any sport which uses a ball. We plan on carrying that one-sided rivalry to the reunion. CDR Bill Stark

Any body know where any of these Blue crew (about 1978) are now-a-days? SK2 Larry Gibson, TM2 Tommy Branch, TM2 Walter Jirak,MT1 Freddie Whittaker, MT2 Richard Purkey ? MT1 Bob McFarland

Happened to stumble on this site. I served aboard the Vallejo from Jan 1970 through Aug 1972. I made the voyage from Hawaii to Charleston SC then to Holy Loch Scotland. I did five patrols serving on the Gold crew under Arnie Johnson. Left the ship at Newport News prior to overhaul. Was sent to Key West Fl aboard USS Amberjack. I now work for the NADEP at NAS Jacksonville Fl as an Ind Eng Tech. I look back with nice thoughts. Great bunch of guys. If anyone remembers me drop me a line at Thanks for the web page, you have done a wonderful job. I hope most of the people I served with are still alive. God Bless. Anthony D. Rizzi STS3(SS)

After Sub School I was assigned to the Stonewall Jackson SSBN 634 at Pearl. After one patrol I was transfered to 658 blue and rode her for six patrols. I was qualified after one patrol & given my Dolphins by Capt. Doug Guthe, a great Captain & a great guy as far as I am concerned! The time I spent aboard were the most memorable time of my life. Steve Swiger MM2(SS)

I was EM2 (NUC) at the time I was on 658. Jack Nunnley was the CO. An injury while bringinging on shore power caused me to miss my second patrol and I was transferred to the Tecumseh SSBN 628 for my remaining time in the service (4 yrs). The 628 went to re-fit in the NNS&DD, Newport News, Va. Later some of the men I sailed with on 658 were tansferred to 628. Two that I remember were Lookoff SN1 and Hunter ET1. Contact me at John Hoffman EM1(SS)

Presently stationed onboard USS Nevada SSBN 733 Gold. Kevin Josiger MSC(SS)

Outstanding job Jimmy! I made 3 patrols on the Vallejo '78 - '79 and served on the Will Rogers SSBN 659 Gold for another 5 runs. Keep up the good work! Bill Sculley STS2 (SS)

I probably do not qualify as a 658 crewmember even though the Vallejo was the first boat to which I received orders. That was fresh out of sub school. I reported aboard in Rota, ate chow and the following morning was given the boot over to the Bancroft who was short a QM and doing an ERP. Did the next six patrols. Anyway I am enjoying your site!!! the pud., Timothy Perry QM2(SS)

I was actually attached to the USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640(B) when she was in the Charleston Naval Shipyard. I went TAD to the 658 for Patrol 64 to get qualified. I believe the dates were Aug. 88 through Nov. 88. I'm still on active duty and attached to the USS Maryland SSBN 738 (G). If anyone is in the area and wants a tour on a Trident class, just let me know. Mark L. Mills STS3(SS)

Bigg ed(that is double "g") is back on board. Join me in eddy joes gym. HEY TO SCOTT,GORDON,STEVE,DAVE,BOTH ROBS,PRUNTY,ZAK,AND TIM. EVERYONE ELSE WHO MADE LIFE BAREABLE OUT THERE, THANKS. Edward Randis MM2(SS)

I'm so glad that I got out. But to all that I served with, thanks for the mercilous ball busting. Hey to Grogous Orilious Pruntuvious, Craig (which one is Port Main Engine) Stone, Rob Smith (aka BHB), Theo (the-cat scratch fever) Moore, Steve (Cholesterolburger) Canale, and everyone else in Engineering. Robert Saunders MM1(SS)

Interested in obtaining Ship patches, Ballcaps, & buckles. Robert Arabian FTB3(SS)

I was on as a missle tech me, Gerhard ,Greenwood , and Binford arrived at the same time. I went through the yards in Charleston as green or combined crew then left to Dam Neck to become a electronic tech. Douglas Edwards MT3(SS)

Wesley J. Kouns is on terminal leave in the process of retiring from the Coast Guard. I was an MT2(SS) on the 658 and have spent the last nine years as an electrician. If there is anyone out there with a lead on a job with good pay and benefits drop me a line. Rt.4, Box 560, Astoria, OR 97103;; 503-458-6173 Thanx Much!!! Wes

Thanks to Tom Bohrer for letting me know about the site. The reunion sounds good. Enjoyed most of all five patrols on Vallejo Gold. I am now out of the nav and living in VA. I last saw Vallejo while on business at PSNSY. The sail was all that remained. Mark Altobello LT

Hey everyone. Vallejo was my first boat and last before becoming a skimmer. Has anyone seen or heard from Smurf (Steve Karr)? In Norfolk now, but miss the boat. We had some good times. Barbados and Halifax were a Blast!! I remember Yingling relieving the pilot going into Barbados when he ordered ahead 1/3 port screw back 1/3 starboard. And no one who ever cranked for Cecil Weeks could ever forget that..Hope to hear from you. Bill Jordan LTJG

Oh the Valley Joe was such a great boat --- part of what made her so special was the many many "extra things" the shipyard did for us ---- yes, all of us who had the pleasure of being on one of the great boats! The barracks during new construction wasn't much to write about (except maybe the famous poker games & some one that used to sleep with his snake); the barge was not much to tell people about (except maybe some officer that put classified papers in his hat that blew off as he crossed the brow). BUT, the people of Vallejo, workers at Mare Island (Mare Island named after Vallejo's mare), & that little town named for Gen Vallejo's wife (with their back room poker games) did EVERYTHING they could to make the Valley Joe special --- my hat goes off to them & I thank them very much. There was never an item I requested (chrome plated items & etc) that I did not get --- having gone thru different new construction at EB and Newport. I learned how really, really special the Valley Joe was built by some of the extremely talented people that wanted the Vallejo to be special. To the extent possible, I propose that we include them in the salute to the Vallejo. Oh, by the way -- thanks for all of your great work on the web site. Have a mighty fine day & may you get all the wind you need for sails. THANKS!!! Earl Gunia IC1(SS)

WOW.... I must say that this has taken me back to some fond memories...... I was a striker with HMC Holt and then HM1 Moore...... While my tour on the 658 was short, it has left me with many happy moments. I met and served along many great sailors, but none are like the ones I sailed with on the 658..... I am now on the GREEN SIDE ( with the Marines in the reserves), but I often think about going back to the blue side.... If that day does come and I do come back it will be without a doubt to a submarine...... I served in 1991 and 1993 blue crew..... If anyone would like to get in touch with me you can e mail me at Hope to hear from ya..... Thanks to those who made this web page..... Luis Nieves HM (SS/FMF)

Man, I've been looking for you guys for years and thanks to computers and the internet I found you. I was in the NavET gang with Matt Dillon, Bob Stefanski, Gene Haselman (Navigator), Ed Bills, Bill Priest, and alot more that are not in the deck log. Most of the guys I sailed with were on the commissioning crew. I would love to see some of them again and I wouldn't miss the reunion for anything. Capt. Jack Nunnley was the skipper then and we all felt that we had the best crew in the Navy. Well, I'm glad I found you and I'll stay in touch. William T. (Easy Andy) Anderson ETN2(SS)


Looking forward to hearing from you all. We now live in our motor home and travel the United States following the sun. Jerry Gilstrap ENCM(SS)

Enjoyed my time on Vallejo. At the present I am aboard the USS James K Polk serving with ETCM Perrito who also served on the Vallejo years ago.He told me about this site and the reunion while we were on our 98' med run. It is good to see her memory still around. She was my 1st boat so the most loved. We are planning for the reunion but unsure of where we will be. Hope to hear from you all. God bless. Tony John Fulmer RM1(SS)

You have a beautiful site here. I have spent hours reviewing all the pages and comments, etc. I retired from submarines and most notably the GW CARVER. We have had our 2nd reunion and let me say these are wonderful opportunitys to relive the great days. I (and the Carver reunion committee)am still trying to locate any shipmates that served on Carver. Would appreciate any help any of you can give me. I rode the Vallejo a few times in Rota while temporarily assigned to the Squadron there. She was a great boat and had a great crew. Please visit the Carver web site . Thanks, Jim Carter for inviting me to visit your website, I thoroughly enjoyed it, a really nice job. James A. Farnham ex FTCS(SS)


Ship's X-mas card, circa 1967.

Three of our golf foursome is now in Pearl waiting for you Woody to make it complete. Howard Gilder is retiring in March 99 taking early retirement. Shon Cowart is on the USS Charlotte SSN-766 as believe it or not A-Div leading first and I am on my way to the USS Bremerton SSN-698 out of San Diego CA. That will make every Submarine home port but Norfolk that I have been stationed at. Hey every one take care and keep in touch. MMC(SS) Burt Kuntz

Just wanted to say hello to all my shipmates! I was commissioned an LDO Ensign in May 97 and I'm now serving as the Administrative Officer at TRIDENT Training Facility in Kings Bay, GA. My only regret is that I can no longer serve aboard submarines. Would love to hear from my former shipmates. Take Care and God Bless. ENS Timothy Ray Hodskins

Hi...for any of those who remember Jim (James M.) Crowe, I'm his sister and would love to hear from his friends and/or see any pictures you may have of him. Jim would have loved to be at the reunion this coming summer. Please, those of you who knew him, contact me - I'd love to hear from you! Anyone know the whereabouts of Chief Clyde Cauthen?

Great site nice to see old friends again. Michael J. Sordelet QMC(SS)

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Richard R. Sperry MM1(SS)

Came aboard when MGV was in drydock at Newport News. Made four med patrols and one north Atlantic. Dennis Cook EM1(SS)

Every time I hear the Moma's and Papa's "California Dreaming" or "Monday Monday" it sends me back to the Sonar Shack aboard Vallejo at Guam just after change of command. Many memories captured on slides. I recall Wayne Steljes and I exchanging a beer to a Guammanian for some hot peppers while in upkeep and touring the bay in an outrigger. I retired Aug 84 and have been working for Electric Boat since. Patty and I have three children and one grandchild. We will celebrate our 32 wedding anniversary in Feb 99. It seams like only yesterday that we were dating in Sacramento. I look forward to contacting long lost friends. Barry E. Hay STSC (SS)

I've had the solemn privlege of stripping most of the decomms for TTF since I arrived at Bangor. Its sad to see the only two left POLK and KAM. The POLK will be in some time Nov - Feb, to rest in pieces. TRIDENTS SUCK, long live the 41 for freedom!!!!!!!! Roy E. Pierce STS1(SS)

I'm retiring on December 10, 1998, 1000, at the Greenhouse Pavilion, Naval Ordnance Test Unit, Cape Canaveral, Florida. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend if available. I will be moving back to Houston to be with my family at Christmas time. I am currently still in Arlington, VA at Strategic Systems Programs. My mailing address in Virginia is PO Box 15406 Arlington, VA 22215. Work 703-607-3547. Thanks and God Bless, Fred Getter MTC(SS)

Hello, I am the daughter of one of the co chairman Rick Kazar I visited USS Mariano G. Vallejo during her Decommisssioning Ceremony in Charleston SC. I would like to say that she was mesmerizing. My family took a tour and that was the best. I grew up hearing stories about all the great times my father had. I will never forget the one about Xmas and when one of the men put lights up his nose to imitate Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. That is just one. Well great job and hope to see all of you at the Reunion. Stephanie Kazar

Hey, I'm just a visitor. My uncle, Dale "Red" Niswender ET1(SS) Newcastle WY, was a shipmate. Most impressive photos! Mike Cuellar

Came aboard Vallejo in the yards at Newport News in Sept 1973 and sailed with the Blue crew until December 1976. Looking over the comments I recognized a few names. Bob Ross, Tom Reschke, Joel Deavers, Dennis Cook, Tom Branch and Jim Crowe. Served under Cmdr H. J. Schneider and Cmdr Hassler as CO's. My Brother also served on Vallejo at the same time. I was a MM1(SS) working in the Engineering Spaces as a NUC. Presently I am a Shift Supervisor at Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant in Harrisburg Pa. I'd love to swap stories sometime. My Email address is Any one ever hear from Bob Stephen? John A. Blair MM1(SS)

Great site... I served on several boats, but this was without doubt, the best. Kurt Johnson RMCS(SS)(RET)



Nice to see the Vallejo is not completely gone. Hopefully can attend the reunion if not at sea on trident boomer next July. Had chance to visit MGV when stopped in San Diego on way to decom in Washington while I was stationed in San Diego few years back. The boat is now gone, but not forgotten. If I make it to the reunion would be nice to see some familiar faces again. David H. Graessle ET2(SS)

Definitely going to attend the reunion next year. Still looking for some old shipmates, Tiny Stull, Tom Yingling, and Lou Booth. Anyone knowing where they are at, please let me know. Steve Dellinger LCDR

What a great and terrible bunch of memories have been stirred up out of my mental san 1! Fantastic site guys! Thanks for the nostalgia! Richard Baily MM1(SS)

Would like to know the dates in July, Thanks for putting it together. By the way, I was ships photographer during much of this time, let me know if you need any other pictures?? Gary D. Hunter ETC(SS)

Thanks to Bill Anderson for contacting me. We sailed together on several patrols, sounds like a heck of a nice guy, wish I could remember him. I hope to attend the reunion, I'll see how it fits schedule wise when I get the dates. This is great, wish I could remember who owed me money. John Benshoof MM2(SS)

I retired 6/22/79 and started working for Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. in New Orleans, La. Will be here until I retire with them. Carl T Haley Sr. ETC(SS)

Just found this website! I'll dig up tons of photos and send them in take from 70 thru 75 in Scotland, Charleston, Newport News & Cocoa Beach. Does anybody remember what "Bullet Bob's" last name was? He was a Torpedoman! Hope I hear from some of my former mates!! See you at the reunion. Jim Strohm FTG1(SS)

I've really enjoyed the website...lots of good (and bad) memories have come to mind just looking at the pics of the boat and crew. Just by browsing through the website I can smell that peculiar "boat" odor, I can feel the sting of the flying teeth from the Kings Bay swamps, and hear the sounds of Master Chief Booth whipping open my bunk curtain saying "Good Morning Sunshine, it's a fine fine Navy day". I will always have fond memories of my time on board the Vallejo and all of the friends I made sailing on her. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping these memories alive! Scott "Scooter" Manning MM1(SS)

I served onboard MG Vallejo Gold from Mar88 - Feb92, I had no idea what a submarine looked like until IC2 Fisher escorted me onboard. I served with the greatest Missile Division in Naval History. I want to say hi to Eric Tollefson, David Tenholder, Mike Welz, Mike Hassle, Kirk Kenyon, Peter Andreu, Lyle Hastings and Jon Rauschenburg. Many years have past. Life as we new it will never be the same. Many people remind me that I no longer work in Camelot. That this is the new Navy! May the memories last forever. Great Job on this site! Robert Galarza MT2(SS)

This is my first visit to the web site! Wow! Jimmy, you do good work. If any of you are in Loranger, Louisiana (10 miles north of Hammond, Louisiana) please visit my church. Loranger United Methodist Church, Reverend Emile E. Tosso Pastor 504-878-9698. Romans 12: 1 - 2.

Served on 658 from 2/74 - 4/78. Retired from Navy and Vallejo April 78. Nuclear ET (ETCM/SS). Spent the past 20 years with the New York Power Authority at the Indian Point 3 Nuclear Power Power Plant in Buchanan, NY. Jim Davis ETCM/SS Ret.

Congratulations, Jim, on the fine job you have done with this site! The Vallejo was a great boat with great crews. I have just finished reading the comments pages and it was nice to see old crew members remarks. I served on Vallejo in the Blue Crew from Feb 1974 until April 1978 when I retired from the Navy. I'm really looking forward to the reunion this summer with former shipmates. By the way, I wonder if any one on the Gold Crew ever figured out who put the dead fish in the box girder in the engine room during crew turnover in Rota? James P. Davis ETCM(SS) James P. Davis ETCM(SS) Ret.

Hey Shipmates, Nothing like better late than never.... I received a letter from you guys while I was living in Richmond , VA. At that time, I was going through a divorce... I lost the address, and email, etc.... I am now living in the Yukon Territory of Canada ( where I grew up ). I wish to attend our reunion, but need the info. gimme the skinny.... Previously known as SK3/SS Hunter, Charles aka Spider blue crew. Charles W. Hunter SK3/SS

Loved the web page. To my strikers, Bill Gibbs, Lew Bickford, Billy Burrell, Mike Mohn, Miles Koudelka you guys still didn't learn much. Fred Borchert EMCS(SS)

I'm happy I found you! Old Pigs never die......... Mark S. DeVore FTC(SS)

I was so impressed by what has been put together. I have sent this site information to my brother and his son so that I can share with them some of the memories that I have not been able to share with many outside our little special community for years. Thanks for a very special gift from all that have worked hard to put this together. Barry J. Tackett RMCM(SS)

I arrived at GROUP SIX in Charleston (as a "boot" straight out of "C" school) in May of 85' enroute to Vallejo Blue. The Group Career Counselor was prepared to send me over to the barracks for 3 months of cleaning "sh..ers" but I told him that "surely they wouldn't have given me the orders if they didn't need me". He was positive the ship had left but said he would try to call anyways. He got in touch with the COB (RMCM Alfonse Hickenbothem) who said "send him on down". Full of confidence and ready to start Radio/SUB quals, I jumped on the bus and headed for Kings Bay. After Trailways dropped me off I met a bunch of drunks (turned out to be half of Radio Division, Mark Fritz, John Marsiano and Keri Tilton) on the base shuttle down to the boat. To make a long story short...the next morning we got underway for 72 days straight and I found out why the COB was so anxious to have clearance meant I'd make a great crank and laundry queen. I followed up that patrol with another 7 straight and I like many of you have fond memories of the ship and her crew. Vallejo Blue must have had a guardian angel during the period I sailed (85-89). When Von Steuben, Stimson, Key, Simon B' and the rest of those rust buckets were stuck at the pier broke, we always left on time, met our commitments and picked up the slack for the slackers. On second thought it wasn't a guardian angel it was the outstanding crew we had. There are too many names to mention but I think all would agree that we would have given our lives for CAPT Don England. With him as our leader we didn't give our all for medals or money, we did it to please him. I wish I could put into words what he did to earn our utmost respect and admiration but I can't. He just did it! I've been lucky in that I've bumped into many of you during my many submarine "rides" for my civilian job. I hope to see more of you in the future. ETCS(SS) USNR John R. Rath, Summerville SC. John R Rath ETCS(SS)

Happened across your site by accident. Wasn't aware that Polaris boats were named after any other than presidents (I guess that was the original class). Just wanted to take an opportunity to say thanks to members of the Silent Service for a lot of long cruises away from family and home. Your sacrifice made it easier for grunts like me to do our jobs. Jack Rogers E6 / SSG (USA)

I was able to meet up with Bill Anderson from the Gold Crew (1969 era) in Irvine, CA last fall. Had a ball discussing the good old days. By the way, the new book out BLIND MAN'S BLUFF about the fast attacks and intelligence mentions a lot about Vallejo, CA and Snorkel Patty.... Anyway, the subject of one of our fellow NAVET's came up, and Bill (Easy Andy to my crewmates)later reported that Mike Arrowood had been killed in a plane crash. Mike was a professional pilot, courtesy of his GI Bill money. He earned his commercial and multi-engine license while we were in Hawaii and he flew tourists around the islnads during off-crew time. We flew a couple of Canadian girls down to Hawaii to see the volcano one day and arrived 45 minutes after it quit erupting. But, we did have a great time. Mike and Capt. Jack Nunnely and I were in the cockpit on one of our crew flights home from Guam when Mike talked to the flight crew and showed him his pilot's license. He got to fly the DC-8 stretch for about 1-1/2 hours. If I remember correctly, Capt. Jack also had his license with him and got some flight time as well. That was in the good old days before anyone thought about hijacking. Anyway, another fellow Plankowner is sorely missed. Edwin L. Bills ET1(SS)

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Mark 48, ready to ride.

Glad to see the page!! I'm looking for a few people, maybe y'all can help. Mike Dexter, Jeff Joseph, Tom White, Andy Lustwerk, Bryan Erbes, and Mark Stien. If anyone knows how i can get in touch with them, the info would be greatly appriciated. Richard Magee MM3(SS)

Hello, I am looking forward to the reunion. Rose Marie Kazar

Hey Vallejo, Just wanted to say thanks for the great info and pics. It sure brings back a lot of great memories--like sub quals and orse boards. But we really did have fun. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Hope to hear from some of the old shipmates--and I do mean old. Thanks again for the good work. George Rogers EM1(SS) 1971-75.

Hey, it was great to see the web page. I hope to hear from some of you guys. Hard to believe it's been 24 years. George Rogers EM1(SS)

Great site,thanks Jim for your time and hard work. I sailed on the last two blue patrols out of Holy Loch prior to Newport News retro. Fond memories of the time I spent aboard and the people that I met. I have a great wife, family and a business that I enjoy but would seriously consider standing lookout watch going down the Clyde. Would love to hear from former shipmates. Dennis Toner TM3(SS)

Hope you all still remember Teddy Gardner, Jimmy Joe Eason, and ole Jimmy Crowe, I know I'll never forget them! Old J.C. Shlitz and the sun rises on Rivers Ave. I wish to send my Condolence out to their Folks. I really enjoyed those days with the MGV. I hope my sons consider the Sub Service. Would like to hear from anybody who remembers old SPIRU, Wee OOO. Where's Mr. Green, too much Cocoa Beach? How 'bout JR Tackett when Warts his Frog hung in Mach I. Sorry Tuffy for that pocket full of (Breakfast) that New Years morning. Who was with us when Jimmy Joe & I were in the club in Rosie Roads and had a misunderstanding with the WHOLE place? Would like to hear from you A Div'rs. Anyone know the where abouts of Greg (THE WILDMAN)Wickett? Thanks Guys, Rick Speraw MM2(SS)

What great news -- got the reunion notice in the mail yesterday. Hope Lois and I can make it. - Jim Carwin LCDR

Currently assigned to HQ, US Department of Energy. Acting Director, Office of Emergency Response. I have open billets for USN O4/O5, working in area of nuclear weapons accident response and nuclear terrorism response. Phone 301-903-3558 for details. JohnA. Weidner CDR

Thanks for the great website! Great memories. Jeffry L. Alvey YN2(SS)


I am the son of Capt Douglas B. Guthe (deceased). I graduated from the Naval Academy in 1976 and have served in submarines since. While commanding USS Asheville (SSN-758), I attended the decommissioning ceremony in Vallejo, CA. Currently, I am the Commanding Officer of the NROTC Consortium including Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University.Douglas B. Guthe, Jr. CAPT

The best thing about this site is getting in touch with friends that I haven't seen in 25 years. I have made contact with several of the guys I served with and we swap e-mail on a regular basis and a few of us have made plans to get together when our paths cross. It has also got the old gray matter working again and, using some of the internet search capabilities, I have found some shipmates that hadn't found the web page yet. Now I have a challenge for some of you out there. There are a few people I haven't been able to find because the names are too common and the search brings back 600 - 700 possibilites or, in some cases, none at all. I would like to have some help finding the following people. If you know where they are, where they work, or even what state they are in, dop me a line and I will pursue it from there.

Don Hall - Nuc Machinist Mate, came onboard the Gold Crew with me in 1970. I ran into him in 1983 in Groton, he was on a boat that had just completed overhaul.

Mike Bowers - Nuc Em or IC, came onboard during the 1972-73 overhaul in Newport news. Again, I saw him in New London in 1983; he had been commisioned.

Jerry Burns - Nuc EM, was on the Blue Crew prior to the 72/73 overhaul and I believe he left the boat shortly after the overhaul was done.

That's all for now. I will come up with some more names soon and give y'all (that's from my Charleston, S.C. days) some more homework. EMC(SS) Andy Prescott - Mind like a steel trap; rusty and illegal in 37 states! Andy Prescott EMC(SS)

I was surprised to hear about the reunion and even more surprised to find this web page. If anyone remembers me, please e-mail. I'm particularly looking for ETC Bill George. Looking forward to hearing from a few of you. Fair Winds, Charlie Gettler MMCM(SS) (Ret)

I really enjoyed the site. Just looking at the comments and seeing names of shipmates of the past brought back a flood of memories. Sorry I will not be able to make the reunion. I wish you all the best. I reported onboard the Vallejo in March 1965. There were only about 6 or 7 there at the time. I was assigned to the Gold crew and was there until we went into overhaul in 1972 (I believe) in Newport News and then was assigned to the Blue crew. I left there in April of 1975. I came on board as a TMSA and left as a TM1(SS). I really enjoyed my tour on her. Wayne Steljas? and I were the only orginals left on board at the time. Jim Licklider TM1(SS)

Best ship I ever sailed on (out of two- but much better than the second!) Bryan Coffey MM2(SS)

Wow- Good page-Lotta memories! Man that was soooo many moons ago-it seems! Anyway keep up the good work and thanks (I think) for the reminders! MT2(SS) Randy Gardner

Gold crew football champions two years in a row. Transit from Hawaii / Guam to Charleston/ Holy Loch 1970. Where are you Cully White, my tires are going flat? Will be great to see you again Greg M. and you too Lunch Foot. Ron Ericson IC3(SS)

I have tried to reach Rich Stump & Miles Koudelka using their posted e-mails & they come back undeliverable. Anyone got any updates? I can't believe Bill Gibbs forgot me in his long disertation. I remember EMCM Terry Cole's famous word, "It are appear to be to me". My thanks to Andy Prescott for finding me. Don "Bubba" Hall lives in Tennesee if that helps you any. Charlie Spelgatti used to live there also, but has moved to Texas. What a great site! Thanks a bunch. "Let there be light" NFT Award originator, Charlie Gettler MMCM(SS) (ret)


I will be driving 800 miles down I-5 in July to attend the reunion and would like to see as many of my friends there as possible. The "Comments" section of the web page is full of testimonials about the good times we had and great friends we made on the best boat in the fleet. Now is your chance to relive the good times and meet those great friends again. Tell your boss you ARE taking a week off, and get to Vallejo for the reunion! If you don't, you will miss the chance to see how incredibly good looking I have become in the past 25 years! SIGN UP NOW! Andy Prescott EMC(SS)

By far, the Vallejo has been the best ship I have ever had the privilege to serve on! We always knew that She would get us home no matter what and I miss the friendships that were forged onboard. Patrick A. Ripley MT3(SS)

Not sure of when I left the 658 -Believe it was first part of 76 to attend school at Dam Neck. Reported to SUBDEV/ USS PARCHEE at Mare Island in July 76. Bryan B. Smith ETCS(SS) ret.

Does anyone know if there is a reunion for the Stonewall Jackson SSBN 634G ??? John A. Page ET1(SS)

Vallejo 81-85 Adams 85-88 Raburn (NPTU) 88-91. 91-Present residential contractor. If you haven't been in Charleston in a few years, you wouldn't know the town. It is growing by leaps and bounds. But it is still home. Donald Stephens MM2(SS)


Jimmy, I remember you - do you remember me? If you do I probably wasn't sober so it doesn't count! I found this site last night and about 1 a.m. this morning realized I was only going to get 5 hours sleep so left work early and just finished reading. Wow!! You have done a great job. I have a lot of pics from the 658 days. Everyone had a good laugh when I got out of the USN in 9/79 and ended up reenlisting by November the same year. Changed rate to PN and later served on the USS Henry Clay (going to their website next), the USS Archerfish (sucked) and the USS George W. Carver (decom crew), finally ended up at Pearl and retired Dec 96 as a YNC. Finished my Master's Degree while in Hawaii and the Doc found a herniated disk so I was going to be disqualifieded anyway. Besides my daughter turned 16 and figured I needed to get home and sit on the front porch with a shotgun. Headed inland also, away from squids. Used to play golf with Rob Thornton in Charlotte (I was at the MEPS - used to be AFEES). Walked into a hot dog shop and somebody started pointing and yelling at the guy in the sailor suit - Rob had moved to Charlotte also. Jim Tincup used to work with my Dad at the Sacramento Army Depot right after Jim got out. Ran into Bob Lara in San Diego one day, briefly, he seemed happy, wasn't wearing dolphins but we both had places to go and people to meet. Frank Ziegler came aboard the Carver after I was a selectee for a ride as a tech while we were in Puerto Rico, I think we had a beer, maybe it was just half a beer - and reminisced. I live in Greenville county in SC but work in Spartanburg, SC as the Executive Director of a nonprofit ministry. Hey stranger things have happened. It's great to see so many names. Just like my first deep dive I will go around and apologize to everyone before going further. If I survive then I'll go back around and tell everyone I didn't mean it. Jimmy I will write you this weekend about the pics and stolen items - oops! I mean memorabilia I've accumulated. My wife says I kept a couple of journals so this may get interesting. Paul Clay QM2(SS)

Just visiting your page, never on the boat. Was on 242,241,590,633G, 609B, 590 again, 575 and then 617B. Later. Michael Waters RMCS(SS)

Paul Clay, do you remember me? I'm a guy who: went to Sub School with Bob Lara, went to "A" School for awhile with you (later joining you onboard the Vallejo), was once a roommate of Jim Tincup and Gary Tidwell,also played golf with Rob Thornton, was one of many people who agreed you got off easy with JUST a belt wipping,went to Bruce Velettri's wedding, and was one of many who put up with your heckling about being a short-timer! Do you remember me?

I was a Plank Owner on the Blue Crew when it was launched. In the fall of 1966 I was transferred to NTC Bainbridge, Maryland as a recruiter for the Submarine Force. I received a commission as a Warrant Officer in 1968 and was transferred to COMSUBGRU San Fran (Vallejo, California) as Personnel Officer. I retired on the first day of December 1971 as CWO2. LAUDERBACH, James F. YNC(SS)

To all past crewmembers of "The 658"...........I came across this site purely by accident, but I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am to know that this site exists. The "goosebumps" were all over me when I excitedly went searching for one of my shipmates, and FOUND him after ALL these years!!!!! This web site is like coming "Home" after being gone for 25 years. I have always had the Best memories of my life when I think back of the days spent on the "Valley Joe". She will always be with me, I've even had dreams about her!!...............It's good to be HOME AGAIN!!!! MM2(SS) Michael R. Sanchez (Taco)-Blue Crew(69/71)

My name is Jessica Crowe. I was searching through the Internet and came to this website. I am 14 (and will be 15 on June 5th). My uncle was on the Vallejo around 1974-1976 (I am not quite sure what year). I did not know my uncle, he died before I was born in a car accident. I would like to know more about him and his assignment on the Vallejo. I would really appreciate if you could help. Would you please E-mail me with any information you have about ,my uncle, Jim Crowe to THANK YOU!!!! Sincerely, Jessica Crowe


Myself and Todd Jansen were sent to the Vallejo to qualify Submarines. It was our first patrol, but we both qualified. I was not an official crew member, but I will never forget the two months I spent onboard. Glenn Croft STS3

Whenever I visit this web site, I know that I have been someplace special. I wish that I could make the reunion in July. My schedule will not permit me to attend. These days I work long hours for very little pay. I am now a Methodist Minister. I am the pastor of Loranger United Methodist Church in historic Loranger, Louisiana. The town of Loranger is about 10 miles north of Hammond, Louisiana in the southeastern part of the state. I also pastor a small church a few miles away from here, Cooper's Chapel United Methodist Church. I have given my life to Jesus Christ totally. God bless you all! Emile E. Tosso LCDR

The moment is here. Today I leave for Vallejo to begin the first SSBN 658 Reunion. Myself and 115 former crew members will be attending. This project started 2 years ago as the result of one shipmate finding another. The list grew as this site developed and expanded beyond anything we imagined. Sometime in August I will pull the site into drydock and give her a good overhaul. The reunion area will display many images from our time in Vallejo. So until then visitors, fair winds and following seas. Jimmy Carter SSBN 658 Site Manager

Just toured the photo galleries,they brought back so many memories. I saw faces I had not seen in a long time, and for a brief moment, I was back on the 658. It was nice to see the shots of sonar, lots of time went into keeping the gear up and running,and my gang did a great job making me look good. I stood watch as diving officer and contact coordinator, that was probably the most fun I ever had, driving subs was a great way to make money.There were lots of long hours and bad times, but I think as time goes by I remember the good ones more often. I served on 9 different boats, and the 658 always stands out in my mind, she was blessed with a great crew. Thanks so much for this site, can' tell you how much it meant to me to see the old girl again, the last time I saw her, she was outbound Charleston going to decom. In my mind I will always see her underway, see you in 2002. Sid Busch STSCS(SS)

Two years, four patrols, one ERP and one FOT before I went to NUCON. Too many events to remember them all. WEPS, Dave Wunder, giving that rider a full tour of the boat. Waiting for Shakey's next "Romona-gram". Chet Malins' "THAT is not a T-shirt!" How much trash did John Oleson have to pack? "Stan, the man from Spokane with his ..." you know the rest. Cap'n White walking in on naked watch standers in Maneuvring. Looking forward to BOCOD. All part of the job. Dave Henry, LCDR, USNR

Hello M.G. Vallejo this is Rick Fitzgerald MS2SS I was aboard from 77to 81 as gold crew. Really enjoyed the site seen names I never thought I would see again one being Pat Webb, we were shipmates back then. Have some pictures from the boat and the news paper from Germany we got on the nato change of command. I will mail them to you to see if they can be scanned. There are a few guys I remember that I would like to know where they are now one is Harry Hodges or Joe Pierce. Rick Fitzgerald MS2(SS)

I think this site is fantastic. I left the boat right after my wife died and lost contact with a bunch of people. What a great page. Thomas Parker FTG1(SS)

Way back in 1972, when the Gold Crew brought the boat back to Charleston prior to the firs overhaul in Newport New, the wives made a "Homecoming Pennant". It consisted of a red and white block, about 1 foot square for each of the crew members. There name was stitched on the block and then it was all sewn together to make this long banner that was flown from the sail when we pulled in. After the ceremonies, everyone was given their piece of the pennant. Recently I found my section buried in an old case of memorabilia. I found about 5 or 6 others that had their section of the flag. I would like to see how many others out there still have theirs. I would like to see how much of the pennant we could reconstruct for the next reunion. If you were on the Gold Crew in 1972, look through your closets, attics, basements, etc and let me know if you find it. As the reunion draws closer I will start making arrangements to collect them for the reunion.

Just decided to see if there was any info on my old boat the Vallejo. I was surprised to find a whole Web Page dedicated to the "658." I watched the Dedication and LBJ's remote stamping of the keel when I was going to basic nuke school July 7, 1964. I reported for duty (Gold Crew) on the Vallejo in June 1965 during new construction. I rode her down the ways at the Launch Ceremony on the 23 of October 1965 and was there for Commissioning Ceremony also. Took her out for Sea Trails and Deep Dives. Went through Adm. Rickovers Naval Reactor Board Testing. Relieved the Blue Crew at the Cape and shot the first Polaris Missile.While in the area we completed first sound trials off of Bahamas. Sailed her back to Mare Island through the Panama Canal. Sailed north to Bangor Washington for more sound trials and loading. Left for Pearl and were relieved by Blue crew for them to take on first Patrol. Went on two patrols and mustered out of the Navy. I have many friends on both the Blue and Gold Crews. I think often of the many good times that we all had together. We became very close shipmates, we had confidence and relied on each other. If any of my old buddies reads this drop me a line. I will leave my address, phone and e-mail Address with Jim or on the Deck Log. I missed the first reunion but will definitely try to make 2002. Prior to serving on the "Valley Joe" I was on the USS Rock 274 (AGSS) out of Ballast Point. Anyway smooth sailing to all "Valley Joe" sailors, you belong to a special crew that began on July 7, 1964. John Bobish MM1 (SS) Plank owner

I was an MT on the Vallejo from 72/73 time frame (Newport News Shipyard for A3-C3 conversion) to '78/79. The ships captain was Cmdr. Collins, the Weapons Officer was Lcmdr. Paul. Other MT's were...J.D. Richardson, Ed Attaway, Dale Haas, and others just to name a few. I left the Vallejo for shore duty at POMFLANT (there for a year) and was picked up to take the Trident Ohio thru new construction. Hope this gets through, it was heartning to see this page on the net....good job shipmate. Hope to see you in 2002. In case your interested, I still have old Vallejo coffee mugs, cigarette lighters (somewhere), belt buckles, and uniforms(though they don't fit anymore). Take care, and have a good day. MT1(SS) Greg Brooks



I was a crew member on blue crew Nov. 1970 to May 1975. Ran into a few former crew members at Reno Convention. Looking forward to 2002 Reunion in Charleston. Gerald Farr QMC(SS)

I served on the blue crew from about March '93 to April '94 as the RCA, and had my qualifying ride (for my dolphins) on the gold crew. LTJG David Olson

I am wondering if anyone out there knows what happened to Mike Steiner, FTB1(SS). We were on the Blue Crew together from 1970-1972. This is really a neat site, keep up the good work! My wife and I plan to attend the reunion in 2002. John Serna FTB2

I relieved Joe Green. Reported in 67 upon arrival of the 658 in Pearl. Departed in 72 for shore duty in Key West. Robert Janes STSCS(SS)

Served 6 patrols on the MGV Blue crew. Captain for a day after winning the raffle. Took the boat to PD that day for a 10:42 navsat. I had just finish the qual board. So my first order was too the XO that I would be receiving my dolphins that day. Capt. Lahata tacked them on while I was in a Capt.'s uniform. Shot the last MK37 on an abort launch. Mk37 was lost at sea. Lowered the anchor  in dry dock at King's Bay. I am  sure all hands that snaked the anchor chain can remember that task. Became LPO as a TM2 after TM1 some how missed the patrol. Ensign Stark qualified me as sonar watch. Hope he's smarter as a CDR. Lined up to pump the Torpedo Tube Drain Tank right after the trim pump was replaced. The trim pump was wired backwards. Ended up pumping To instead of From. Filled the Torpedo room to the bottom of the walkways. Tiger team was on board, they left the room. I was on the helm the day the air pressure gauges for the ballast tanks blew on the BCP. So many memories. Reading all the comments from all the shipmates makes it seem like I'm on off crew. I currently live in Nokesville, Va. My phone number is 703-791-2854. If anyone would like to contact me, Please do so. Jensen, I still have a HOG. TM2 Bret Callaway.

I would like you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed the VALLEJO web site. It is truly OUT-F____-STANDING. Great job. I was on the GOLD CREW from Jan '85 till Jan '87 as M-DIV. LPO. I was fortunate enough to have a division of the best, most efficient, conscience petty officers that the Navy could muster. They were so good that we were awarded the "ENGINEERING "E" in '86, and were graded as OUTSTANDING in almost every inspection, including ORSE and QA inspections. Because these guys were so good, the Commanding officer, CDR. MERO, wrote a transfer eval for me that all but said that I walked on water. Their tremendous efforts and the captains comments on the eval got me selected for Master Chief the very first advancement cycle that I was eligible. I wish that I could properly thank each one of them for their contribution to the boat. Louis G. Champeau MMCM(SS)

Great to see so many old names. Can't wait until 2002. I have not been called biscuit lips in years. Robert Smith MM1(SS)

What a great find! (this web site). I look forward to browsing through it and getting in touch with old shipmates. Thanks for your great work in putting all of this together. Boomers forever........... C.J. "Winslow" Leach MM1(SS)

SSBN658 was my first command after "A" school. I completed one strategic deterrant to war patrol on her during 1982 after which the boat went to the yards and I was transferred to SSN690 where I remained for the duration of my enlistment. I still retain many fond memories of my short time on the "Valley-Jo". David Weiser QMSA(SU)

This web site brought some great memories. Seeing a picture of my CO, Capt. England, the boat, and all the proud submariners that served on-board was a great experience. I was part of the 2500th Deterrent Patrol, and actually drove the boat into Kings Bay to earn my Dolphins. Good job with this site and send me an invitation for 2002. Efrain Ruiz 1986-87

I want to know if anyone from the Blue crew in the 70's remembers the grudge match between The Savage Stallion and his Seven Satisfied Sluts vs Big Dick (Kevin) Dickson during HalfWay night- Lew Lacoss should remember-If anyone does, drop me a line. Does anyone know what happened to "Killer"? Jim, even though I've never met you, keep up the good work -the 658 was the best boat in the fleet. Fair Winds---BBSmith ETCS(SS)

Excellent web site brings back lots of memories. Lots of people in the comments I remember Ken Baker and Boby Gozia on their final patrol. Brian Helgeson on his first. Don Duval and the overhaul in Charleston.Wes Kouns riding off into the sunset on the chopper he built in his trailer. Steve Dillenger, knew he was going to officer candidate school can't believe he made LCMDR. Lots of others. Interesting to know who built the cigar box with the flashing lights at launcher. And as someone else asked whatever happened to the "Rocket Locker Log". Nice to know what happened to some of you.Will try to pass this site on to others. Joseph S. Sappington MT3(SS)

Just found this site a few months ago and have been reading comment section and all the memories and names that came back to me was unreal. I was on blue crew from Jan 67 til Feb 71."A" div. with Salty, Waterman, W.C.Brown, Ted Gardner, Bob Minton, Steve Swiger, Gillman, Steve Crowell, Charlie Schroder. Gee, the more I type the more names I think of. I don't have time to tell all the good times I had, the first thing some would remember was my 1st patrol, nonqual, and messcook. I was setting up for midrats, carrying a 10 gal gunboat of chicken noodle soup and the boat rolled a little and man, there was 10 gals of soup on the floor, I mean deck. We never got all the soup cleaned up, it was coming out of the walls for six months. Then Max Hahn, the cook was on his last run and was showing Tomain Tony, the new cook, the ropes and some how the 1 gal can of cooking oil got mixed up with the 1 gal can of concentrated dishwashing detergent while making cornbread. Chief's of course got head of line privledges and couldn't wait to get cornbread. One chief said, after about 4 pieces, this tastes like soap. They threw one in the sink and it foamed up like a salvo tablet. Doc and the shitters were busy all night. Does anybody remember when we were heading back to Hawaii, and the flight was delayed for about 4 or 5 hrs and they opened the NCO club at Anderson AFB, while we were waiting, BIG MISTAKE. Gotta go now, will definitely stay in touch. Jerry "Bucky" Bryson MM2(SS)

I left the boat in 1987 (Nov). Then I finished my tour on the USS Mississippi (CGN-40). I got out of the Navy in 1992. I received my BSME from Auburn University. I worked for Uniroyal-Goodrich in Opelika AL until I got my degree. I now work for the countries largest and best utility company - Southern Company. Ray Herrin MM1(SS)

I was very glad to find this web page. It is great to know there is a way for those of us who served onboard the Vallejo to keep in touch. Ken Cowart MM1(SS)

Hello to all!! I finally have found my ol 'boat'!! I should have done this a lot sooner but I didn't think to type just the name of my boat in the search and hit enter!! The wonders of technology!! I sure hope to get in touch with some of my buddies who sailed along with me on the Valley Joe! I wonder if anyone else out there also recieved an "N.F.T." award!! I'm so lookin forward to hearing from any and all old sub buddies! Terry Conner STS3(SS).......JOHN 14:6

MS3 Richard Kazar 1976 blue crew.

Left MGV for (2) year recruiting duty tour and ended up out on a medical disharge in 1976. Attained BSME degree in 1985 and have been working as in-house service engineer for Demag Delaval Turbomachinery Company in Trenton, NJ ever since. Wife Barbara and I still together after 26 years. Norman B. McCrary MM1(SS)

Was very suprised to see a web-site for my submarine. It brings back many memories of good times and good friends. David A. McCord ET2(SS)

Served as chief of the boat between 1968-1972 and experienced a great interface within crew. Would be interested in hearing from anyone during that time. Presently working in a nuclear power plant. Bill Griffin EMCM(SS)

Transfered to the Vallejo for one patrol in the Winter of 93 just prior to my seperation. Would like any information on where to find Al-Don Trotter ET2(SS)? Thanks for the site! Jason B. Smith EM2(SS)

Submarines once, submarines twice... WOW, what a killer web site. I was checking out the Navy listings when low and behold, I stumble onto the good old "Valley Jo". I wish I knew about the 1999 reunion. I was an MT 2 with the blue crew Dec 80 to Sept. 82. Hey Wes Kouns, was that you and a bunch of us "Monkey Trainers" in the Photo on Page 2 of Crew Comments? It was taken as they were flooding down the floating dry dock at Kings Bay after the "Extended Refit From Hell" I will get in touch. For all you other guys, I spent 6 years starting in Sept 76 and pulled a tour of duty aboard USS HOLLAND AS-32 in Weps. Repair Dept. Missle Div. from May 78 - Sept 80 at the Holy Loch. Back in the late 70's and early 80's the word of the day was "Under manned", but we put mind over matter and got the job done. It broke may heart when I saw in "PROCEEDINGS" that they were scrapping the 658. I really wanted to see Her again. Oh well, I'll show up for the 2002 reunion. When it's all said and done, we were the boys that made the Girl live. Kirk Reagor MT 2 (SS)

Was putting my website together and found your site. I think its great! Paul A.Temple MS1(SS)

The Vallejo was the best boat I've ever served on and the Capt. CDR England was the best skipper I've ever served with. When I reflect on my years of service in the submarine force and think of times I enjoyed the most, I think of the Vallejo Blue. David E. Miles ETC(SS)

I was so happy to find this website. Hopefully more of our old shipmates will give us their information. Kenneth A. Adkins ETCM(SS)

As Jimmy Day sez "wherever ya go - there ya are" Hi, I am Joseph L Philipps, a plank owner on the Blue crew. I was a MM2(SS) at commissioning.

This site brings back alot of great memories... Glad I was able to find it.. Peter Sheehan IC3(SS)

I was on the 658 for only one patrol in spring/summer 1972 but my 6 patrols on the 657 prior to that made the "last voyage letter" very memorable. Thomas M. Courtien MT2(SS)

Great Website! Good opportunity to re-establish old friendships and aquaintances. Hope to make it to the reunion in 2002. (And actually recognize some folk!!!) Mark C. Kolwicz MM3(SS)

This web site sure brings back a lot of memories of my shipmates and the boat we shared from patrols 26 - 38 (plus conversion). Nice to catch up with my shipmates again! Hope you enjoy the photos of the Gold crew the way we were back then, found on this site under Crew Photos. Some of the best shots were from half way nights but then we really knew how to party in the off-crew as well. I moved on to life as a civilian after the 1979 conversion, earned BS and MS degrees in engineering and now represent Naval Research Laboratory ASW R&D at the Pentagon. Also joined the Navy Reserve and was commissioned an Ensign in 1983. Known then as ET1(SS) McCord, now Captain USN(RC). Proud to be a part of her legacy! Captain Michael T.McCord

I served on board as Senior Enlisted Nuc. prior to entering Overhaul at Charleston Naval Shipyard in 1982. Charles P. Barnes MMC(SS)

I can't believe it took me so long to find this. In the nearly 30 years since my last day on the boat I've only run into one person I spent anytime underwater with. I made 6 patrols, 3 out of Guam and 3 out of Holy Loch. My dolphins and patrol pin continue to hold a place of honor on my desk here at Bruce C.Moore RM2(SS)

I was on the decommisioning crew and retired while attached in January 1995. Jim Cate STSCS(SS)

Excellent website. Brought back a lot of great memories. I went from a kid to a man on this boat in 6 patrols, thanks to a lot of help from my friends. Good to see some of the Nav gang amongst the pictures. Who'da thunk this kid would have made it to shore duty, let alone 20 years? Michael A. Fugate, ET2(SS)

I was on the new-construction crew as a NAVET. I worked for Chief Knapp. I was present on the forward deck for launch, but was then transferred to Tecumseh (SSBN 628) in Pearl Harbor. Miller, Richard N. ETN1(SS)

Hi shipmates, made 7 patrols on the Blue crew, 67thru 70. Was then transferred to shore duty in NLdon-spent 7 mos there when the detailer called and offered me boats on three coasts, so I chose Hawaii and was promptly flown to Guam where I jumped on the USS Nathan Nobber 623. Made 6 patrols on this boat then was picked up for the ADCOP program- ended up in school in Corpus Christi from there was assigned to the USS Holland which was ending refit in Seattle. Subsequently, we ended up in Holy Loch and I spent 5 yrs there. I retired 12.19.79- 221/2 yrs. Came back to Tx and spent the next 20 yrs in the oil patch- worked for Western, Halliburton and Schlumberger. Would love to hear from old shipmates- RM1(SS) Kurt Johnson sent me an e-mail several months ago- it wasnice reading the comments section of this web page- I'll not miss the reunion in 2002-Gerald F. Oprisko HMC(SS)

My father, William Weisfus, served on the USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658. Above is his information with my e-mail address, I'm his son, Michael W. , and would like to have him added to your wonderful website. My father was a member of the Gold Crew and a Plank Owner. When I located your site, I phone my mother to inform her of its' existence and to the fact that my father was not listed amoung the Gold Crew and Plank Owners Lists. My father expressed surprise that he wasn't listed as a member of the original commission crew. I'd like to submit his name to be added to this distinguished list of men who served their country onboard the USS Mariano G. Vallego SSBN 658.


I am just a guest visiting this site but I did ride on the Vallejo at Andros Island (Bahamas) AUTEC range for a torpedo shoot. Great hospitality. STS2 Peter Campbell, Will Rogers SSBN659 Blue, 85-90

Hello to all the guys I sailed with, those patrols made some great memories, friends whom I have not heard from in years. Great job creating this site . I found myself up until 5 in the morning reading the comments. Really would like to hear from some of the old gang... MT2/SS Karl Royals

It is 2:30 in the morning and somehow I have managed to find my way to your web site (very nice by the way). My father, Frank Rogers Masson, Sr. was on your boat. I am not sure of the exact date but I could find that out from my mom. He passed away in 89 and I dearly miss the stories of his adventures in the Sub service (some 23 yrs I believe(retired CWO3)). I escorted his ashes to the Portsmouth Naval hospital, where I was born in 68, and he was buried at sea later in Sept. Sorry to hit your with all of this but I am a bit beside myself after seeing the patches that led me to your site. I spent countless hours looking at all of the photos, and patches, and medals my dad had. Best Regards, Rogers Masson, Jr.

It was quite a walk down memory lane finding this site. The Vallejo without a doubt will forever be the "finest" boat that a "bubblehead" could ever sail on. I will never forget the shipyard and the patrols with the "Blue Crew" with my best friends, MT1 "Mac" McFarland, SKCS Jimmy Farley, MSC Pete Peterson, STS2 Kevin Dixon, MMC (Tiny) Cauthen and so many more that would be hard to list. I also never thought that I would make this canoe club a career or make Chief either. Now retired from the Navy, I am doubledipping as a sandcrab working with the Trident Fleet in Kings Bay. Thanks for all the memories, it seemed like only yesterday. Larry Gibson SK2(SS)

Thanks for the post card concerning the meeting in Charleston, and the upcoming reunion in 2002. As you can see I now have an Email address. I will look forward to any and all info on 658. I was a member of the gold crew, and the commissioning crew,(thus, a plank owner). I reported aboard in the Spring of 1966, and served until September of 1969. I was on board for construction, commissioning,sea trials,etc; etc; and 4 patrols starting in october of 1967. MY wife,(Mary), and I were married during the construction in July of 1966; and our daughter, and our son,(Vicky & Michael), were born during my tour of duty. Hard to believe all that was thirty-four years ago. We now have five grandchildren. I'm really glad my son found this site for me; and even more so, that it exists!Those years were an important part of our lives; and they should be remembered.Thanks again, Bill Weisfus (eng. 2nd class)

Anyone ever hear from Bud Ditto, Frog throat Wilson, Ken Schwartz, Jack Weisman? Hard to recall many other names after 30 yrs and several boats- all the crew names blend together. I heard from Kurt Johnson several months ago. I ran into Dave Wilson at Mildenhall Commissary in England about 1969- have no idea where he is now. cheers, Jerry Oprisko

Who's gonna get the Quick Vent Title at our Reunion 2002. Okay swabs, remember the patrol (1967-1970) when the Chief Steward's Mate flipped the pancake batter over the entire galley. I have been hiding out here in the Dallas area since 1984. Long live the Gold Crew Good Guys!!!!!!! Carlton Ayres

Thanks to Randy Bognar for informing me about the website. It was good to see old names and faces on the site. Frank Watts FTB1(SS)

I was on the Vallejo from 1970 to 1975 (name was actually Bubba Hall), back when men were men and submarine sailors were more than men! Andy Prescott, Jimmy Syslo, Dan Dorgan, Phil Knapp and I checked on board around the same time. I stayed in the Navy for 20 years (retired in 1987) and there never was a crew of Submariners like the good Ol Valleyjo. Don Hall MMCS(SS)

Just discovered the website. It is truly a fantastic experience looking at all the pictures and crew comments, especially from the best BOAT in the fleet. My time onboard will be cherished always, mostly due to the outstanding crew that I was able to serve with. Looking forward to the reunion in 2002. Anthony D. Buckmaster, TMCS(SS)

I served under CMDR Papineau on the gold crew got my shell back certificate and was well aquainted with "DOC" Julian and Crazy Smitty along with that crazy COB Logan. My leading petty officer was YN1 Tarzwell. Sorry to hear about the decommissioning of the old canoe club but me my wife and two boys are doing just fine. You can e-mail me at Look forward to trading some stories with all of you full timers - Billy D "TERMINATOR" Smith. Thanks Billy D.

To remind Marty Douglas those wonderful apartments were the "Villa Capri" apartments. They are still there using a different name, thank god!?! Great website - would like to hear from some of you guys. Tom D. Langdon MMC(SS)

Reported aboard in Aug.68 as QM2(ss)made 1st while on patrol,this put the QM gang over compliment so transfered to TECUMSEH.Retired QMC(SS)JULY 1978.Jeffrey Lookhoff QM1(SS)

Engineering Room Supervisor, Leading PO MM Nuclear. Emergency Welder. Repaired Primary leak in AMR 2 and made emergency Reactor Compartment entry while on patrol to locate primary coolant leak in Pressurizer while boat snorkeled.Arnold "Dix" Stephens MM1(SS)

Looking for Donald Craig MTCS and any and all members of the Blue Crew 1975-1977. Michael Lenaghen,HMC (SS)

I found this web site a couple of months ago. Great site, many memories. I served on the 658 from early 68 thru late 70, made 6 patrols if I remember correctly(Gold crew). Got out of Navy, went to college, degrees in electronic engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering. Work for Procter and Gamble since undergrad school, looking forward to Charleston 2002. Don Wires MT1SS.

Hello fellow VALLEJO crew mates.Sorry it took me so long to sign up.Please e-mail me, it would be great to hear from some of the best submarine sailors in the world. Vernon "TINY" Stull MM1(SS)

The Valley Jo was my first boat out of C school and my fondest memories of the Navy are of her. As a MT-3 when I arrived I was in awe and shock of her beauty. I have since gone on to retire and served on the new D-5 boats but they can't hold a candle to the Valley Jo. Thomas Greenwood MT1(SS)

Was unable to make first reunion, plan on attending the next one, with wife.Look forward to seing former friends and shipmates. Thomas H. Peterson III MSCM(SS)

Was the engineering Leading chief. Only made one patrol, ruptured a disc and got medically transferred. Had a good time. Barry A.Whetstine MMCS(SS)

What a great Website!!! A great way to find old friends and stay in touch. Wayne A.Weiveris ETC(SS)

I enjoyed my years on the "Bear" and look forward to the reuniting with shipmates and friends. I hate I missed the 99's meeting but I will plan for 02's! David McKinney TM3(SS)

For those who remember ERIC (Electrical/Reactor Controls Interdivisional Cooperative) hope you are well. For the others hope you are well too. Shut up Magill! You will be shunted!!!! Christopher Graham ET1(SS)

I was a plankowner in the shipyard and made initial sea trials and one patrol out of Guam. Pete Brake

Just found this site. I'm amazed at how much I remember from 23 years ago. Didn't serve aboard long, had an unfortunate injury in the RC during first refit at Kings Bay and had to be transferred to Charleston for knee rehabilitation. Manuel J. Wilfred MM2(SS)

Thanks for the site. Brought back good and bad times. Is there any way I could get the email address for CJ "Winslow" Leach? We surved together and grew up just a few miles from each other.Arthur L. Tucker MM1(SS)

I sailed from January, 1988 until September, 1990. I just want to thank all my shipmates for helping me through the most difficult, exciting and emotional times of my life. I am extremely proud and thankful I had the oppurtunity to sail with you all. The memories I have of our friendship and experience I will never forget and cherish forever. Robert M and Robert J smith, (bigg)Eddie, Dave (Turtle), Nathan, Zak, Bruce, Tracy Lee and Tim thanks for being there. By the way Eddie and Rob you both know I was always bigger than you! Tim Bolden MM1(SS)

I sailed with the gold crew from NOV 1973 - JULY 1977. I transfered with CDR James E. Collins (SUPER CO) at Rota, Spain in July 1977 after upkeep. I think everyone onboard thought my name was ARCHIE CAMPBELL. BULLET BOB LANGLEY was my Leading TM and Dave Niemy was the Leading MT. Does anyone remember the time that we sent a Non-Qual back to AMR2 to observe the Midnight Sample. The ELT accidently spilled some of the sample on the NQP. Then they had him strip down to his skivvies and one sock. All of his clothes were bagged in Poly and he was told to report to the OOD in Control. This was a surprise to the OOD, because we didn't inform him. Needless to say the NQP was pissed, who cares, I mean he was a Non-Qual-Puke. The rest of us had a great laugh and after the kid got his dolphins he wanted to do the same to another NQP. Those were great days on Vallejo and I miss her. Has anyone seen Dave Niemy? I last saw him at Newport News Shipyard in 1985 and guess what, he was an Ensign. Go Figure' Captain Collins, when I told my wife about this site and that you had registered, she wanted to know If you were still as handsome as you were when I served with you. I told her that she will have to come with me to the Reunion to find out. I would like to hear from anyone who served with me on Valley Joe. Jim (Archie) Campbell TM1(SS)

I served on the Vallejo from early 81-84 including the yard refueling period in Charleston SC. This was my first boat and there are many memories here, I look forward to the reunion and seeing all of my old shipmates. Omer B. Hanselman STS1(SS)

I served aboard the Vallejo Gold from 1977-1986. What a memory I have of this ship and the men aboard it. I came to the ship as an E-6 and left it 9 years later as an E-9. I served with some of the most dedicated and partyingest dudes to be found. There was a time to be proud of your ship and a time to party of which I have done my fair share. The hardest thing to do upon transfer was to say good-bye to all your brothers (your family). God did you miss them. Jim you have done a great job and though I have never met you it will be a pleasure to see you in Charleston in 2002 to shake your hand and say thanks for the wonderful memories. Ron Hammond ETCM(SS)

It will be great to lash up with some of my shipmates,they are getting fewer as time goes on. I am looking forward to attending a reunion. John E. Dalrymple MM1(SS)

Mike Pestorius was the Capt. and retired in 1987 to head the Applied Research Lab for the University of Texas in Austin. We have a home there, but Mike is now back working for the Office of Naval Research in London and should be in England until about mid 2003. (Expensive, but fun.) After command, Mike went to Newport and the SSG, headed the NOSC lab in San Diego, worked in a black program in DC. He served 26 years. Just learned of this site from a nephew today! Cheers, Eileen Pestorius

I really never thought it would hurt so much when I finally heard that the Vallejo was cut up. The ship and the people whom I was fortunate enough to have served with have given me many proud memories. My fondest regards to everybody lucky enough to have served on this fine boat. Craig E. Hanks ET2(SS)

Doesn't get any better than the Vallejo Days,Hulla Dolls at launcher,MTAD ring shinning party's,TDU weights loads, Polly amide paint,movie rewinding, missile tube picture gallery, Rocket Locker Log, Security Violation the roving patrol has missed his check-in and is found in the bildge unconcious and water hammers Terry Cain MT1(SS) 1977-1985 gold and blue

I have wondered what ever happened to the "Valley Joe" and here Crew. I just discovered this wonderful page. Nice job guys! I will look to see if I can find any pictures. I joined the Blue Crew at King Bay GA in 1979 just before we test fired 4 Trident missiles, and almost took out a sail boat (or so I was told). I served 5 patrols and left in 1982. I was at launcher when a bunch of guys and the Doc jumped Lt. Stark and put him in a Straight Jacket. They shoved him into the Ward Room, and the Captain was there. Stark told the Captain that he did not see who did it. I was also there in Dry Dock at Kings Bay in 1981. Stephen H. Osborn MT2(SS)

Looking for old shipmates who remember Johnny Wad! Wade A Stearns MT2(SS)

Just wanted to let you all know that I moved back up to Virigina Beach, and in a few weeks will be headed to Bahrain, for a one-year tour at COMUSNAVCENT. Hope to see you all in 2002! LT (formerly MT1) Chris Bowen

The pictures are super, saw a lot of faces I havn't seen in years. Thanks to Mr. Carter for his efforts. Jay Porter HM3(SS)

Great job on the web site. Brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad. Mark Calcaterra EM2(SS)

I'm looking for shipmate LLoyd Kroner MM2 (SS). Anybody know how I could get in touch with him? Fred Kellie MM1(SS)

Hey guys, I was already listed on the crew member page, but I wanted to ad my email to the list, so count the preceeding info as an update. Am looking forward to 2002. The return of the infamous Spider to South Carolina!!!! Charles Hunter W SK3/SS

I made the last patrol and took it around for the decom (how about that underwater earthquake). Transfered to a fast boat in Connecticut, now I am an instructor at Naval Submarine School. I still have a copy of the sonar girl (Rachael Welch) that Michael Bethany made copies of before we took the boar around to the west coast, if anyone wants a copy I'll send it as a jpeg. Better yet I'll send it to the webmaster for posting. I recongnized a few of the names from the crew comments, I still remember the day Senior Chief Cates had his retirement ceremony on the Yorktown. Charleston was a nice place to be stationed. All of you take care and remember... the same number of surfaces and dives is a great thing. STS1(SS) Warren Wright

Really great site - and the memories come flashing back - in no particular order - LT(jg) Al Konitzki (now Adm?) begging Charlie Yant all patrol to do the first diesel start (and pushing the shutdown button) - Yant´s "bar of dial soap" -same LT K setting the world´s record for number of bells to dock - S boat Ken Strutz trying to vent the ER with a hacksaw on the trunk drain line (too much F11) on sea trials while LT Engineer Goldberg looked on puffing his pipe (and complaining about a "sore throat" - 30 degree rolls at 400 feet (and the mess in the crews mess)- the fascinating pattern the tug screw made on the hull - the "hairy fared cable" - diving out of palm trees on "beer can beach" - and on and on. Oh yes, HOV3 really did fail open - (Capt)Jack (Nunnely) did wear a referee´s black and white striped referee´s jersey and tossed a tuck tape football into manuvering when we started the RC entry to isolate the SG gageglass (on patrol and I had the RO)- and last but not least! !, who really took the shark photo through the attack scope? ---- well we should probably write a book. Warmest regards to all my shipmates on Gold - those that are still with us and those who have passed. Jim Huston ET1(SS)

Who has the most patrols on Vallejo? it was a question for all the nubs during the famed non-qual scavenger hunt. The answer is of course: Raquel Welch....a picture of her (supposedly given to the crew on a visit in the 70's) hung in sonar and was a turnover item. No one I knew knew the total number of patrols. Does anyone know where the picture ended up? Art Pistorio STS1(SS)

Enjoyed the website, brought back a lot of memories. Still trying to decide what emotions were stirred.Charles R.Bozarth MM2(SS)

I Was aboard on the blue crew from the fall of 74 to midyear 76, when I realized my true destiny was to be the only sub-qual nuc fireman to qualify engineroom supervisor on the Ranger, CV-61, a conventional anti-submarine aircraft carrier. Actually, my inability to deal with a family hardship and reluctance to seek help in doing so was my un-doing. (For those who wonder) Had a good time on my tour and formed some good friendships, and one arch enemy. Would like to contribute what I can to the crew's list. First, to John Blair, Bob Steffen (aka Robert J) followed his dream of racing cars and driving a truck. When last I saw him he was driving for Gordon Trucking, Inc. (Pacific,WA) and I believe he still lives in Silverton, Or. Leonard Wiegand lives in Florence, S.C. and if I find his address(es) again will send them along.
If anyone knows what became of Mike "Milo" Mireau, I would like to know. He returned to Marquette, MI after the NAV but seems to be incognito at this point. If anyone knows where Kevin Dixon is, tell him Bozarth has dropped off the face of the earth and took his $260 poker money with him. Actually, I would like to attend the reunion in "odie-two" and will make good on all debts. Wish I'd known about 99, it was on my side of the rock. May your beer be cold and your women not MMFN(SS)Bozarth.

Looking for Vallejo members that live in the cedntral Maine area to form a paint ball team. Contact me at my e-mail addy for information. I have yahoo Instant Messenger, my name on there is mviper_582000. Look me up for a chat. Michael Hassell MT1(SS)

Just toured the page. Steller site. I sailed aboard the Valley Joe form 90-94 with the Gold Crew. Had many great times making fun of Snarf (AKA MT1 Tollefson). Looking forward to hearing form shipmates. I retired in Aug 00 and moved back to my wifes home town in dover foxcroft maine. Great hunting and fishing but too much snow for a southern boy. MT1/SS(RET.) Michael W. Hassell

I stopped by to see when and where the next reunion was going to take place. I missed the 2000 reunion by a week, an unfortunate business delay. Anyway, I was the last Recreation Committee President to sail aboard the old girl, and even though I think we had a great time in Washington State, it was hard to say goodbye to her and the crew. Hope to see you all soon. Bob Larkin

I took the family to Charleston the week of June 18 for a week of showing my kids and wife the places I went to. Well not all of them. That place has really changed in 25 years. We had fun, but alot of things were gone. Like the base.......Anyway I'm looking forward to the reunion next year. Has anybody got a line on Doug Juergons or John Peters? Dale McFarland MM3SS Gold 71-75

Great web site! I'm looking forward to the chance to meet in Charleston in 2002 if I can make it. Kendall Peterson, QM2(SS)

Wow how fun old friends Billy Thigpen, Mark Fisk, Woody Hodges, Mike Wiersma (Mike-I still have a couple of pictures you took , Thanks) And Billy thanks for taking me to your resort in Athens. The greatest sewer tube in the world. Thanks for the site! 77-79 Stephen Banister

It's July 28, 2001, and I just finished running through the comments section of the site. Man, there are names there I haven't heard in decades (Doty, Deavers, Mohn, Pasnak, Rogers, Bowers, Gibbs).Marty Douglas, I was one of the names you forgot that went back to S1W, along with Koudelka, Macmanus and others. Charlie Gettler was there when I got there. Bill George, who Charlie was looking for, was my prototype daddy when I was a student there. Tom Langdon, do you still have your engineer's (train) hat? James Collins, I believe that whole crew would have walked through Hades in gasoline soaked underwear if you needed us to. Looking forward to the reunion in 2002. David Graves ETI(SS) 73-75.

Rode the Vallejo down the ways at Mare Island in '65, on board for a trip through the Panama Canal, made two patrols out of Guam then was discharged in '68. Norman N. Adams ETR2(SS)

Great to find this site. It brings back a ton of memories. Ed Lopez EM1(SS)


I never served aboard your ship. I was reminiscing about "sea stories" and looked up some of the ships I remembered. I was a Marine going through crypto school at Mare Island when the Vallejo was launched, and went down that day to witness the ceremony. The guest politician was L. Mendel Rivers, head of the House Armed Services Committee at that time. As I recall, the lady who launched it was a grand-daughter of Mariano G. Vallejo, and she had to hit it a second time to break the bottle of champagne. It went down the launch at what I thought was a helluva speed, and when it hit the water it pitched and I thought the whole crew was going in the water, but it rolled back to a true plane, and everyone cheered. I enjoyed reviewing your site. Bill Fischer

I was looking for pictures to show my son what I used to do when i was young, other than drink that is. Nice work on the web page. While I was very happy to of gotten out, I can now look back and enjoy the many moments I had on my 5 patrols. Remember, seeing is highly over rated!! David A. Murray

This site brought back lots of memories (mostly good ones)! Thanks. Daniel E Fournet MM2(SS)

Wow, what a page, thanks to all who put it together. I miss all the guys and hope all have had the best of everything. Ric Jones MT1(SS)

WOW! What a great site! It was a real thrill to see so many of my old friends listed here. The Valley Joe has always done things in a superlative way! Does anyone know where Woody (D. T. Woodall) is? Thanks for the picture of Cdr. Guthe- he was a very special person and a good friend. I'd like to hear from some of you old salts out there: George Lawler (George of the jungle)

My friend, George Lawler just contacted me for the first time in many years. We served on the Vallejo together. He informed me of your efforts to continue on in the memories. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past few moments of history as it was certainly a memorable part of my past. I thank you for your efforts. This will not be the last I visit your site! Respectfully, Jim Withers CS2 1966-1970

Took the Vallejo through the yards in Newport News. I was a MM1(SS), Aux gang. Worked with a super A -Division for Chief Tiny Cauthorn (SP?) Rode the boat to the Cape for practice shots, what a trip that was. Had to take a humanitarian transfer due to medical problems with my son. Finished my career on Von Steuben and James Madison. The Vallejo always had a good name and reputation, I was glad to have been able to serve on her even for a short time. Harold H. Johnson, MMC(SS)

Great Web Site. Because of this site I have been able to track old friends and get in contact with them. Hope to see you all at the reunion in 2002. Gabe Foy FTB2 Blue Crew

Aloha to all who served aboard the MGV. I launched, commissioned and made the first three blue crew patrols. Ended up as leading first class of M-Division under Chief Carr, with Sandy Farabee, Jimmy Day, J.D. Monroe and a whole slew of others whose names I haven't thought of in 30+ years. Mahalo to all that made this site available. Jim Frutchey MM1(SS) Plank Owner. PS, Jimmy Day are you awake down there??

Great website. Retrospectively the MGV is quite endearing with little hint of the Cold War's immanence and terrifying reality. It would be a misnomer to say that steely-eyed killers of the briney deep went 'above' and beyond the call of duty for our great nation. You men who served honorably are the rarest of breeds. Cmdr Collins, genteel, professional and serene. My hat is off to you all. That said, the greatest bunch of goofy loads in one tube. Man did we laugh. Mischief and Mayhem Inc. I remember two helmsmen doing angles and dangles during sea-trials, drinking rum and coke shortly after dropping mescaline. I hope boomers don't do that any more. Paul Flemming STS3(SS)

Naval Hospital Corps School Sept85 Discharged HM2 1989 Currently an operating room nurse in Tacoma Washington. Larry A. Acenas SN(SS)

It is nice to finally get in touch with the boat again. Although this was the only boat I sailed with she was definitely the class of the fleet, as she was the last of her class to be decommissioned, and still as good as the first day on the water. I spent almost 4 years on board and had as much fun as can be on board. I did 7 patrols with 2 floating dry dock refits. I have alot of memories from the time spent on board and the crew members I met. Thanks MM1(SS) Robert Minnich

I really enjoyed this period of my Naval Career! Earl A. Bailey IC2(SW/SS)

Jimmy, It was greating seeing you in Charlotte! I had forgotten how twisted and funny some of our adventures really were. I am really looking forward to Reno. You've always got a place to hang your hat in NC. Bill Sculley, STS2(SS)Blue, '78 - '80


Hello, I am trying to contact men who served with my father CWO3 Frank Rogers Masson. We lived in Hunley Park in Charleston, SC from 75 to 78. Feel free to call/email. 818-434-1353 Best regards, Rogers Masson

Thanks for all your hard work putting together this terrific site. I was LELT Gold from November 83 (Charleston Naval Shipyard) until my departure in January of 1987. Lots of great times (and a few not-so-great) with ELTs Mark Grainger, Gregg Griffiths, Larry Lockard, Mike Phillips, Chris "chamelion" Schilling and Rich Sperry and the "new ensigns" (Becker, Ginn, Winnenberg and a couple whose names I can't remember) that I had to train as CRA every patrol. It was great seeing comments on the site from my old COB Al Katen and the "French Chiefs" LaPierre and Champeau. Great pie-faced picture of MMCM "Bubba" Brooks, who in my mind will always hold the Neptune award. Everyone please scan your old pictures and send them to the webmaster - the photo albums are great. Dennis R. Carvalho, MM1(SS)

Currently a LCDR in the Navy Reserve. John O. Erickson MM2(SS)

After I left Vallejo I taught at Sub School for two years and then left active duty. Served in the Reserves for another ten years and finally retired in 1988. Toni and I are settled in PA near our kids and grandkids. I am still a nuke, civilian model. The time on the Valley Joe was the best and worst of times. The best was all of the fine people with whom it was my honor to serve.James E. Kaucher CDR

Served on Valley Joe (Blue) from 1968 to 1972. Made patrols from both sides of the US and have fond memories of Andy's Hut. Michael Martin EM1(SS)

Just updating my information for the website. See alot of the old crew around. Mostly CPO's and First Classes now. Lots of LDO/CWO's also. I knew it was an exceptional crew of shipmates. God Bless and Merry Christmas to all my shipmates. Michael Welz ENS/01E

Unforgettable memories: Sliding out of my rack and landing in someone elses in rough seas while pulling into Hallifax, meeting my future wife while there, swimming off the side of the MGV, watching the dolphins jump over the bow, field days, oh, the list goes on. My time in the Navy makes me appreciate all the more my freedom and specifically being able to sleep in my own bed every night. Thank you all who continue to help protect our country from those who would try to oppress it. You are selfless and heroes. It would be great to hear from some of my old shipmates. Tim Roethemeyer x-MM2(SS)Gold Crew

I was a QM on the boat from about 1971 to 1975, I took her through the yards in Newpost News Va and went through shake down as well as two patrols after that. I went to Comsubgru six in Chas SC after the 658. I started as a seaman and made first class, I was in the USN from Nov 70 to Mar 80. I would be interested in the reunion and any other info you have on the boat and crew thanks Roger Norton QM1(SS)

Not a whole lot to say right now. Doing good, still in Charleston, never moved. Where are my golfing buddies? Working in auto parts now. Perhaps more later. Tami Roberts MSC(SS)

Reading the comments brought back many memories. What ever happened to Mike Keckler? Jim, this site is totally awesome. Personal update: I retired from the Navy in 1991 and returned to Louisiana in 1992. In 1992 I began a new life as a Christian. In 1997 I answered a call to the ministry and became a Methodist Minister and pastor two churches in Loranger, Louisiana. Fair winds and following seas to all of you. Grace and peace. Emile Tosso LCDR

What a great page. Memories did flood right back. I was an STS3/STS2 while aboard Vallejo. Mark Craddock STSC(SS)

Sure am surprised to see all the old crew members signed up on the web site. I am so pleased that Bob "Herbie" Ingle gave me the site info. Anyway, reported on board MGV in April 1966 and left her in October 1975. What a great experience, and a great way of growing up in the Navy. I guess that I was the last plank owner to leave such a great boat....sorry Jimmy, got you by a few months. Many sea stories need to be repeated so us old guys can recap the good times. Had a great Navy career, but the times spent on the MGV were more memorable than any other. Would like to hear from anyone who would be interested. Much Aloha to "all" the Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN(658)Gold & Blue... Wayne M. Steljes STSCM(ss) ret. p.s. see you guys at the reunion in Charleston S.C.

Hey guys, finally got one of these lightning fast silicon chips. Would like to hear from you. Dave Deweese ETCS(SS)

Blue crew Plank owner -- NAV ET from June '65 until Oct '68. I came across this site by accident and thoroughly enjoyed reading about some of my old shipmates and those that followed. I remember the "detergent for cooking oil incident". Ed Turner relieved me on watch and said the breakfast was OK but the corn bread tasted funny. We always wonder about his sense of taste and complaints about his wife's cooking. Ed was also the guy that drew the cartoon series depicting some of the crew members. Captain Guthe was "Captain Goodie" and Cdr Sagerholm was "Cdr Shaggyholm". I had the honor of being the Nav Dept chrome P.O. The yard workers were very willing to chrome plate the material we dismantled and took over to them. Other names that some of the early crews might remember were Joe Costanza, Hal Carter, Homer Staley, Bill Marsh (made WO1 just before I left), and Pat Oshner. I will always remember, with great respect, three fine officers --- Captain Guthe, Cdr Sagerholm and LtCdr Ingram (Navigation Officer) Gene Peacher ETN2(SS)

I had the honor to serve has COB on 658 Gold from 1986 until 1988 when I transferred to the fleet reserve. Not only did I get to work with a great crew but also was able to qualify as Diving Officer. As a nuclear trained Machinist Mate, this was a previlage I will never forget. Larry White MMCM(SS)

My close buddy YN1(SS)L.W. De Coursey met up with me in Las Vegas, NV. in the early 70's. He was still a bar tender. Sometime in the late 70's he died at home by choking on some snack food. I lost a very good friend and shipmate. William Gossage EM1(SS)

What a great site. Thanks for the pictures and memories. David Rich FTB1(SS)

I have a lot of good memories as a planesman and mess cook. Rode her last patrol before the first yard period and went to PEA school when I left her in the yards. Robert deFore SN(SS)

I was at MINSY going to NUC Power school during the latter part of 1965 to 1996. During NUC School I went down below decks on the the Vallejo Nuc Spaces to see what I was learning about. The crew was great and showed me all of the equipment that I was attempting to visualize in my mind. I seem to remember that the Vallejo had the Engine Room painted an unique color in place of the Std Navy White. It was Baby Blue which was achieved by (as rumor had it) mixing Prussian Blue bluing compound with the Std Navy white paint. Is my memory false or was this a fact. I also have some pictures that I took during the launching. Bow and stern shots immediately before and during her was launching. I would be happy to email them to you. Please let me know what format and DPI resolution that you want them in. Thanks, Ken Loncar ex- MM1(SS)

I remember those great patrols out of Hot and Clammy Guam and Cold and Damp Holy Loch. But how many of you remember those belt buckles and candle stick holders I made while out on patrols. Tom Bright IC2(SS) Blue 69-71

Just moved back to Charleston, SC and would like to here from any old ship mates Jimmy thanks so much for your hard work so we can enjoy this ride back in time. E-mail I still ride motorcycles just call and I will be ready for a ride. Looking forward to July 2002 to see how every one is doing. Kurt Millbaugh 76-81 Blue.

It is good to see the Vallejo again.Good pictures of a great boat and crew. I certainlyenjoyed reflecting on the patrols we made and the people I made them with.Plan to be at the Charleston reuinion.I live in N.C. and still have a house in Charleston. MM2(SS) Paul Herbert

Sorry I missed your 99 reunion, didn't know about it. I was the gold crew commissioning XO Morton Botshon CDR

Couple of runs in the mid seventies, just found this page, wanted to check it out. Been a long time since I thought about my tour of duty. Would be cool to find old ship mates. Jon Manthos HM3(SS)

Rich DeLong told me about this site. Well done. I served from on the gold crew from 89-94. Currently working for Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant in Southport, NC. I still talk to Dave Landon and will send him this way. Thanks for all the good memories. Mark Stacy EM2(SS)

I retired from the Navy 1 Mar 2001. Moved to Bellevue Nebraska (home). Working at US Strategic Command Offutt AFB Nebraska. Looking forward to the 2002 reunion. Veon 'Matt' Dillon ETN@(SS/DV)

Great web site! Pete Nicholaou told me about it and I had to see if "Dr. Dive" was still out there. I came there as an E-6 and left as a Chief. I am looking forward to the reunion. By the way, has anyone been able to locate Barry Stoner? George Sadler MMCM(SS)

Just found the site and spent nearly two hours living in the past. I was the Gold Crew ELPO from 1991 until decom. Part of the greatest chief's quarters ever amassed. Bull Nuc Charlie (Sasquach, yeah I remembered Charlie) Gibbs, Ken "Smooth" Gray, Terry Randle, Jim Cate, Ed "Adoptee" Callahan, Mike Deloia, Ken Sharpe, Dave Batchelder, Jim "Uncle Perv" Semler, Lyle Hastings, Rich McCloud, Tony Buckmaster, Charlie Kerr, what fun we had. I still fondly remember the Chief's vs. First Class Halfway night battles and who can forget karoke night at the "Square Knot". Lest we forget a few of the greatest characters ever.... Doc Julian and Greg Spanbauer, thanks for making it fun. I was fortunate to have one of the best E-Divs ever and some really great (after we trained them right) JOs. Rick Kitchens was the Eng and we had a couple of good COs (Kai Repsholdt and Dave Billingsly, notice I left off one name and thats as much as I will say in the public domain) Would love to hear from any of you guys. I left the boat following decom and went to the MTS in Charleston. At Charleston, I made LDO (yeah, I know, I'm surprised too), and get this, I now work for Naval Reactors. Please don't hold that against me. Please keep in touch. Dave Landon, LT, Portsmouth, VA e-mail:

My first duty station. From March 1979 to July 1985. Arrived as an RMSN(SU) working in "COMMS". Steven Sisco ETC(SS)

Great site. Hope to see you all at the reunion. Bobby Davis MMCS(SS)

Made the Gold Crew 2nd & 3rd patrols from Guam, and sea trials of the 4th, before the relieving Medical Officer finally showed up at the last moment - disappointed not to go on that patrol. Was probably the only Medical Officer who qualified as OOD underway, and stood OOD (usually the mids) for both patrols. The Medical Department surfaced the boat (me as OOD and Jim Haldiman, HM1(SS) on the BCP) at the end of the 3rd patrol. I finally (after a long, winding journey, ended up retiring as a Capt (MC) USNR after 20 years service, 12 on Active Duty, 8 in the Active Reserve. Robert Rozendal LCDR

Hey, Ed Bills, do you remember the day we drove through San Francisco in my red 1966 GTO, with a city parking meter standing up in the back seat? Hey, Rick Day, do you remember the night we wore the German helmet at the Horse and Cow in 'Frisco? Hey, Bob Whalen, I still have the solid-back dolphins you gave me. Also the jack-stands you welded together. Dennis Fargo MM2(SS)

Served on the Blue Crew prior to the shipyard. Coming out of the ship yard I was on the Gold Crew. Gary J. Crozier FTG1(SS)


23 MAY 02 -- Was great to see the pictures of the "brothers in arms" of the #1 pig boat. What a bunch of memory flash...actually miss some of them bums, but not too many! Have been playin' Christian rock since I got out...just as planned. Anybody know where Mark Fritz, "Rocky" Marsino, Ken Foddrill, Rick Wasiluk(?), Robert Sanders, or Norman Michilini(?) be a'hidin'? See ya brothers around. Gary Gistinger RM1/SS 80-85 Blue

The other day I came across the end of cruise book for decommisioning and some other memorbilia and thought about all the miserable and good times I had aboard the Vallejo. I was the last mechanic to qualify Engineroom Supervisor, never got to stand it though because finshed the interview with the Eng when in the shipyard. After Decommisioning went to the Baltimore (SSN 704) where I finished off my career in the Navy. I won't say it was the best time of my life, but I do have some great memories and want to thank all current and future submariners for doing a thankless job. Aaron W. Snatic MM3 (SS)

Outstanding site!--can't believe it took me this long to stumble upon it. Great to see some familiar names, hope to make it to a reunion the next time around! James Barge CDR

Surfed through after looking at the board again, and noticing that as usual, the email address is badly out of date. Probably like all others, have moved several times, and have lost contact with just about everyone that I sailed with. Almost, but not quite that is. Robert J. Morgan MMCM(SS)ret

Not my first boat but my last. I guess it's true! The best things come last. James Keim RM1(SS)

My late husband, Walter Barry Davis, sailed upon this submarine and loved it. Carol Davis

Enjoyed looking at the page and seeing some old friend's comments. Enjoy hearing from old friends. Robert Cottrell YNC(SS)

I would like to hear from my old shipmates, especially Travis Culp, Jeff Nichols, and Mr. Green (can't remember his first name) Angel M. Suarez ET1(SS)

This is a great site and I really enjoy reviewing it to see crew comments from the old days. I wish that I could have made the reunion but I will be at sea. I'm looking forward to see the pictures from the reunion. I still wear my Vallejo belt buckle after all of these years because Vallejo was my best boat, one that I will never forget, and the crew was one of the best if not the best that I have ever worked with in my naval career. So Jimmy keep up the good job on this web site, it is outstanding and all you old Blue crew members drop me a line if you get a chance. MMCS(SS) A.C. Foust

Gold crew went through the Panama Canal in 1970 from Pearl to Charleston. Paul Grammer RMCM(SS)

Summer '89 I sailed on the Vallejo as a misdhipman while I was at Auburn University NROTC. Prior to that, I was a NUC EM (boot camp, 'A' School, Power School all in Orlando then qualified at SIC in Windsor). Great memories from that summer: TMC Buckmaster, COB Logan, MM2 Randis, CDR Papineau. We sailed under the outskirts of Hugo 2 or 3 times on our way back and forth to the torpedo range. I didn't find any mention of 'Hangin' Langon or Craig Leibendorfer though. Has anyone heard from them? I'm sure there are quite a few other guys I could remember if I tried. I have a few pictures I'll send in. Doug Edge LT

My Son Jeremiah is with the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit in the Middle East. I'm to ride his ship, Denver, LPD-9, back from Hawaii with him in December. Hope I get to see Herby. Anybody else out that way? Leon Hansen MT1(SS)

Overjoyed to find this site, but sorry to have missed the reunion. Will certainly plan to make the next one. Am a Plankowner - Outfitting Officer until Commissioning, then Supply Officer (Blue). Transferred to Pearl Harbor Shipyard after first patrol - was Material Expediting Officer on Emergency Repair Project on ENTERPRISE there in early 1969. Left active duty in August of 1969, stayed in Reserves another seven years. Built my civilian career on basis of the Logistics training received in Navy. Married - 33 years this month (OCT '02) - which will surprise any of my old shipmates who read this. Would be delighted to communicate with friends from the past - in particular, VADM Sagerholm, if you read this, give me a ring, and Rick Randall, if you ever are found, do the same. Russell Duvall LTJG

Some of the best years of my life. Thanks for the friendship, it helped. Hey Willi-san you out there? Robert Arabian FTB3(SS)

I was an SA when I checked aboard the Valley Joe and instantly realized I had a lot to learn. I found out that I had a lot of friends right away in the blue crew as they made my voyages and fears easier. Thanks to the Officers and the enlisted of one great boat. Yours truly Rolland R.Gilman MM3(SS) Plank Owner.

I just heard about this site from a submariner in Lincoln and looked it up. It is good to see some names from that time. I had the honor of being the Section Leader on the Last day in Bremerton and I got the old Colors and Commissioning Pendent. My wife Tina and I will not be able to make the 2002 reunion because no time to get off work. Rich Magree did you get to take your Green Mustang to Hawaii with you. I retired in 1997. Please write back. Forrest A. Doyle MM1/SS USN ret.

Good Site! I sailed the last Blue patrol from Guam and the first from Holy Loch in 69-70. I see two of my old sonar collegues, Gerald Spires and my old boss Chief Robert Janes plus several other shipmate's names I can barely remember. I guess it's safe for me to admit that I was the guy who used to really bother the XO by decorating all his directives with a well known hand gesture rubber stamp carved into the end of an eraser. Those were some great times on the best boat in the fleet. Tom Klouzal STS2(SS)

I was proud to be on the best boat in the Navy and even prouder to be the first nuke sub in Ft Lauderdale to strut our stuff. David Hazlip TM2(SS)

Showing my 12 year old son some "Veteran's Day" info for his school project, I found my proud career beginnings. I just read the comments page. Truly moving to read about my wonderful CO Doug Guthe (my best to his son), to see a hello from Jim Sagerholm, Russ Duvall, and Mort Botshon. I'll keep myself posted to look for the next reunion. Anyone know how to reach Fred Cochran, Sanford Anderson, Roger Salquist? Steve Kovel LT, Plank Owner, Blue

AWEPS in SY and 4 patrols afterwards. Guy Dunan LT

This was the first command I was on from Sub School. Leo Robinson TMSN(SS)

It was a great boat. Looking for MSC(SS) Al Welschman.Anyone remember me e-mail. Robert Leary MS2(SS)


I was on the boat during the C-4 backfit period and awarded the Battle E for a successfull launch in Cocoa Beach around 1979-80. I still have a pic of the Trident broaching the surface. Michael Zacher SN

I Served on the Blue Crew for 3 patrols, '70-'72 as an RO. Some familiar names from this site...Mike Payne, my 1st RC Div officer, Capt. Collier, J.D. Monroe, Jerry Gilstrap, Taco Sanchez, Jimmy Day, George Lawler, (who once painted the main engines pink, and built a swing between them - hence "George of the Jungle" moniker),Tom Peschke (fellow NQP), Jerry Burns...boy, the memories come back! I worked in the commercial nuclear industry from '75 - '95, am now in information systems. Ted Bruce ET1(SS)


My time spent on the 658 and in Charleston has been a source of many fond memories. One that comes back to me is how good the smell of land was as we were pulling into Rota after a patrol. Another memory is how my chief was able to get me to bet (and lose!) on everything from Elvis's death to the size of the biggest beam in the Off-Crew missle training building! John Emerson TM3 Gold Crew 77-80

I loved Rota Spain. Had a great time in 1976 thru 1978. We had a great crew, a good CO and a lot of fun during off crews. Jessie Taylor TMSN(SS)

The best group of human beings I have ever had the pleasure to be with! Jeffrey Morrow STS1(SS)

To all my old shipmates that I have not seen in 20 plus years......Call or E-mail.. The time on the Vallejo were some of the best years of my life.......... Harry "Leon" Abbas RM2(SS)

I did a search for Mariano G. Vallejo, hoping to find any little bit of info on her. Finding out that this site existed, was great! Thanks. Mark Granger MM1(SS

Never sailed with the Vallejo. Was at Cinclant headquarters SSBN Ops in mid 80's. Recognize a couple of names here. LCDR Sax and Bob Cottrell, miss the fun we had at J36 with Capt. Wiltsie and CRD Ashley. Big salute to YNCS Bonello, QM1 Ward, LCDR Bryant and all the other fine sailors I served with. Sam Holmes, YN3

Great to see the old (and I mean OLD) names - brings back incredible memories of great times, people, and no open container laws. The Chateau lives on in the fuzzy, dark recesses of alcohol damaged brains everywhere. I retired in 97 out of Bangor, and am now a Deputy Prosecutor for Pierce County in Tacoma. E-me if you get in the s#*ts with the law, maybe I can give you some free unofficial device. Don't blackmail me with any prior bad acts, the statute of limitations has run long ago on our escapades . . . . Jim Mitchell, FTB, Blue Crew 79-84

Greetings and best wishes to all that I sailed with in SSBN-658 Gold Anybody know where G. R. Roberts is hibernating? He was in the commisioning crew with us. I know where Mike Fallatt is. Greetings Mike. Hope that you are doing well.
Adam (Dutch) Dijkman STSC(SS)

Shipmates: My work e-mail has chaged to, and my home e-mail to Bette and I enjoyed seeing so many shipmates during the Charleston reunion, and I continue to appreciate your friendship. VALLEJO GOLD was indeed the highlight of my naval career. Congratulations to so many of you who have done so well since leaving our fine crew! I look forward to future get-togethers. Jim Collins, CO GOLD 73-77.



Transfered to TRITRAFAC 1979, Advanced to ETC(SS) 1980, Transferec to USS Georgia SSBN 729 1983, Comissioned Ens 1983 transfered to GTMO, Advanced to Ltjg and Lt. ,Transfered to USS Nimitz as AEMO 1986, EMO USS Nimitz 1989 to 1990, Transfered to ET school, Orlando 1990, Retired 1992. Harry Ferguson ET1(SS)

I was stationed onboard the Vallejo from '76 to '80 assigned to the Gold Crew. I was fortunate to have served with two great skippers CMDR Collins and CMDR Pestorius and would not trade the memories for anything, good or bad. That trip through the English Channel on the surface into Germany was one to remember. We had one of the most helpful crews,I remember a stop over in Ft. Lauderdale FL. we were getting ready to get underway and this resturnt owner needed to borrow some salt and pepper shakers, we gratiously loaned him what we could spare, that's the kid of crew we were. Marvin Walters IC2(SS)

Just found your site today. Came on board as 3rd class with Dave Niemy and George Wion in 1969. Had great fun and enjoyed the people especially. Thanks to George Lawler {George of the Jungle for helping me qualify}. Frederick Whittaker MT2(SS)

I was the biggest pain in the ass/troublemaker in history of the boat. I was always in trouble for one reason or another. But against all odds I managed to survive. At times I hated being there and at times I miss it. Anthony Escobedo SN(SS)

I would like to hear from my shipmates when you have time. Aloha, Sam Gingrich LCDR

Record holder for Halfway Night Trash Packing! Paid the price for the dreaded "Hog Log". Great to see a few old names that I haven't thought of (with good reason) for a long time. VALLEJO was a great experience which should be remembered. John E. Oleson, CDR (USNR) Blue, 86-90

Can't believe I stumbled on this web site. Brought back so many great memories. She was a great boat, Captain Guthe was a great skipper, and we had a great crew. Served on the Blue crew from Dec '67 till she left for Charleston. Transferred to the Nathan Hale SSBN623. Had a wife and new baby. Couldn't afford the move. I'm going to unpack some boxes that I haven't looked at in 30 years. Have lots of issues of the boats news paper "Venting Inboard" should be able to come up with some great stories. Also have some pictures that I could share. I saw so many names of friends that I haven't seen in 30 some years, I can see their faces and hear their voices. Don't supose to many of us look the same after 30 years. This has been a fun 3 hours I have spent looking through the pictures and reading all of the comments from the crew of the Valley-Jo. I remember "Tomane Tonny" - He was a "Skimmer" wasn't he? Jim Harvey YN2(SS)

I was contacted by Paul Merz last night who told me about the web site. I served under Don England on the Blue Crew from 85-88. CRD England is still a bechmark leader to me, and I think of him often. The crew was a united and dedicated one under Don's leadership. Our motto came from the movie "Heartbreak Ridge" (Adapt, Improvise, Overcome). Many of you may remember operations such as "the big chill", "the big suck", "scram breakers and the hurricane". My personal favorite was launching a Trident Missle with duct tape and a screwdriver . . . . Glad to see this forum, and sorry I am such a late arrival. Mark McClure.

Hey y'all, Bob Miller here, MT1(SS) Served with Don Craig and Chief Bates in the beginning and ended up with Wayne Skinner at the end. Hello to all of you guys: Missile division, Bobby Gozia, Kenny Baker, Richie Bruce, Jim Miller, John Tupper, Petty Officer flashburn football bat aka Heistand, Jeff Munsch, Wes Kouns (who even visited my Mom on a trip through Oklahoma!). I even remember when Seaman Jimmy Carter had his, uh, you know, pierced, then offered a sucker to a middy with it.. I remember Frank Youngblood, and Joe Sappington and how mad they could get when you picked on them.. LOL. I remember submarine boy, Billy Binford, and how crazy he was. Whatever happened to Mashburn, was he ever made a yeoman as he desired? I also remember surfacing the boat as chief of the watch on my last patrol on her, that was in 81, but it seems like yesterday. It makes me laugh to remember how seasick Larry Bennet would get when I was UI chief of the watch, and I would really be the chief of the watch as he ran for the lower level head constantly. I went through three years of recruiting duty, then went to the Clay, by 86 it wasn't looking good and I was still a single dad. So, I went home to Oklahoma. Eleven years later, when my daughter turned 18 in 1997, I left Oklahoma again and moved to Florida (ran away from home). Now, I am an engineer on a 127' Italian sailing yacht, ketch rigged, and privately owned. Still have to mess crank at times, and mostly underway on diesel power. No damn missiles either.. I'm trying to get the boss man to install some, it would be good to have a rocket locker again. Email me me y'all I'll upload Jimmy some pics if he gets me his email!! I wonder if that piercing ever healed?

What a beautiful site! My partner at work (he is also a submariner) and I were having a discussion about "boomer" missile room layouts and had a disagreement, so I went on-line to research the subject and found this site. Here were so many names of old friends and shipmates. Mike Fallet, Wayne Stelges, Jeff Morrow, Dennis Whipple, Neil Cunningham, Ralph Carr, Saltmarsh, Jimmy Day, Steve Manchur, and Dutch Dijkman, to mention a few. Missing were Larry Morse, Dick Kennely, Joe Green, Gordon Roberts, and so many more. Makes it seem like yesterday when I reported on board during new construction in Mare Island. My wife Sharon,two daughters, Merritt and Deidre,and I arrived in Vallejo April 1965. We had been transferred from the USS Tunny SSG282 which was stationed at Pearl Harbor. What a sight Vallejo was. Not yet built but so big! I later learned that qualification on board a fleet sub was a cakewalk compared to this jewel! I was on the blue crew and was present for about everything that happened in her first five years including helping to throw Mike Fallet in the bay when he made Chief, a 130+ MPH trip from Fairfield to Vallejo with Jeff Morrow in the car with me (stupid!), the first missile shot at the Cape, and the very rapid descent past test depth when problems occured with the HOV tanks. Captain Guthe, the best skipper I ever served under, called me to his stateroom on our first patrol, gave me a cigar, and congradulated me on the birth of my son Roy Jr. I shipped over in 1969 and requested orders to BQQ-2 Fast Attack Sonar Systems training. I received my orders and left the Vallejo. After training, I reported aboard the USS Aspro SSN648 and once again started doing what most Sonarmen loved: Special Ops! Went to a few other boats, took a discharge and joined the reserves. Spent the next 15 years in the reserves. Attended college at the University of Tulsa where I ran into Saltmarsh who was taking Business and Accounting. Presently I am employed by Bama Companies and have been for the past fourteen years. I work in the equipment reliability field with vibration analysis, ultrasound, oil analysis, motor circuit analysis, and other such programs. Very enjoyable most of the time and my sonar past comes in handy. Dutch, the last I heard Beth and Robbie had settled up around Seattle. That's all I have heard. Sorry I missed the reunions. Please make sure I am notified for the next one. Roy Carter ST1(SS) Plankowner Vallejo Blue

I reported to the pre-comm crew in 6-65 as a QM2(SS). Advanced to QM1(SS) 12-65. Retired February 1990 as Lieutenant. Vallejo was the best boat I was ever on and the crew that I served with will always be remembered as the greatest. Nothing but fond memories of my time aboard. We were all a bunch of wild and crazy guys then. Raymond Larson, QM1(SS). Blue Crew 1965 - 1968.

Serving aboard M.G. Vallejo (SSBN658)(G) from 1-66 to 2-69 was an honor and a privilege. I have many fond memories. As a Plank Owner, I also have a very sad memory, because I was an Assistant Project Supt. at PSNS when she was dismantled. I worked for PSNS from 1970 to retirement in 1995. Raymond "Mitch" Mitchell, MM1(SS).

I have been to the site several times and just now realized that I never submitted my contact information. I served as the Leading ELT from final crew combination to decomissioning. Looking through all the pictures and comments, I do remember several names and faces. It was a long time ago in a world far away. I hope to hear from some shipmates in the future. Mike Peirson MM1/ELT

It was great finding this web site. Lots of memories. If any old crew members would like to contact me my email is on the crew list page. I served onboard from 1977 to 1980, Gold Crew. Looking for Tim Austin, John Kuhl, John Emerson and John Artledge and any of my old shipmates. Mark Teaney STSSN(SS)

Was just doing a little browsing and found this MGV web site. Great stuff, it's been alot of years, 32 to be exact. Brought back many memories I thought I forgot. Actually saw a bunch of old shipmates in the photo section. John Triolo 1971-1973.

Best of the 41 For Freedom! Rarely ever missed an underway, damnit! But, it made me Chief. Oscar Barrett, FTB1(SS)

Great to see names here that I remember from that previous life. Frankly, it wasn't all that much fun at the time. But looking back, it taught me many things that have been valuable life skills. Things like NAVY = Never Again Volunteer Yourself. :-) Drop me a line if we served together. Bruce A. Earls, MM2(SS)

It was great to see lots of names I know and miss. Had alot of great times on-board (and during off-crew)! Send an email if you know me . . . especially Daniel and Big Al! - GROG Rodger R. Prunty, MM2(SS)

Its hard to believe that it has been over 13 years since I left the Vallejo. Looking back through vail of years I realize it was the best time of my life. Good luck to you all. John A. Rosenauer, TM3(SS)

Any information on Chuck Bryant ETCM(SS) would be very much appreciated. We were best buddies and I jost plain lost him. Bob Janes, STCS(SS) 1967-1972

Wow, it's been a long time. I made four patrols on the Blue Crew between '79 & '83 and left the boat during the yards in Charleston. Worked in the galley (along with my buddy John Ryan) for the greatest Chief ever, Chief Weeks. I can't go in the refridgerator now without hearing Chief yelling for me to "write it down". Read that he died recently and it really opened up the old memories. He was a very special guy and I'll miss him. The bonds we make under the water really last forever. Anyway, to anyone who remembers me, hello. And if you scrubbed pots or peeled potatoes in the galley during them years, a special hello because we had some fun times! Where are you Bill Gregory and Smurf? Rod Lassiter, MS2(SS)

"Nuke" - stood LLAMR2 and LLER watches with an occasional watch in Maneuvering. Shared ELT work with Chief Dwight Justice. Entire crew was the "best ofthe best." MM2(SS) Michael Mattey.

Great Site! Damn fine job, the best Submarine site on the internet. I was a tender sailor, Repair Div, Pipe Shop,who rode this great boat for a week in '77 or '78. I lagged piping systems underway that whole week. I lovedeating breakfast. Had the priveledge to be on her while we all teook her to test depth. Cdr Collins was the Skipper. One of the things I cherish the most is my Royal Order of Nuclear Submariner's card signed by Cdr Collins. The watch sectionlet me take the watch in the sail while surfaced and I felt like a King! Great time!! Thanks for the memories. Frederick E. Beebe, CWO4 (

Does anyone know where Elmer Brown or Doug DeAngelis are? Both were on the Gold Crew.

Hello guys. Hope everyone's doing well. I was on the Gold crew from '75 to '80. A-ganger. Served with a lot of fine people and made a lot of friends. My wife Norma and I have two daughters and two grand-daughters. We live on a small farm in the Oklahoma panhandle and are raising horses right now. Alan Tillery MM1(SS) 'Great site'

I was on the Vallejo a short time, but still carry the memories to this day. She was launched the day I was born 10-23-64. To STSC Pete Eosso, SN Gregg Mullowney, STS3 James I think about you guys often. Those were fun times. I hope all is well with you. My e-mail is To all the sailors who crossed the gangway, She was as fine a vessel that ever sailed, but her crew made it so 12-20-04 STS3 Kenneth Mahaney.

Seeing this site really brings back great memories. I would like to give a shout out to Pat Foster, Mike Smith, Joe Baker, Jim Nichols, JT (Johnny Tierce), Roy Rader, Russel 'Gunny' Gibbs, Tom White, Bob Bailey, Tim Roth, Craig Stark, Don Trotter, Brian Wake, Schon Cowart, Jason 'Shoe' Sulak, Daniel Fournet, Dave Landon, Chuck Foster, Jeff Boyd, Tim Roth, Oscar Hernandez, 'Goz' and all the other Nukes that I had the privalege to serve with. I was a part of the best damn division 'E-Div' from 91 til Decomm. If anyone would like to contact me, feel free to email me at or Thanks for the memories! Don Freeston EM2(SS)

I remember jolly ol' Chief Cauthen, Sonar Shack Chief Ziegler, and how I used to pick my flat top guitar down in the lounge. The "acee ducee" games we played sure helped the time pass a little easier, till we surfaced on the way into Rota, and got a whiff of fresh air again. I remember how I thought the fresh air didn't smell as fresh as the air belowdecks during patrol. But I also remember how marverlous it was to see real trees again, and how it felt when I saw my wife after we got back to Charleston. Grown men do cry. And I remember how her arms felt around me, and how I thought nothing on earth or heaven could ever match that feeling. I was very young then, and impressionable, so it is with great fondness that I recall the many times each and every member of the SSBN 658 Blue Crew touched my life and now, so many years later, I can say without a doubt that my life wouldn't be the same without that experience. Every man should be so blessed. Thank you all for the great memories. And I'll end with one of my favorite quotes: "Live Long and Prosper." Terry Conner STS3(SS)

I have so many great memories of my time aboard the Vallejo. The crews were the best, and being home ported out of Pearl was fantastic. I have signed into this site before, and have had the opportunity to renew some old aquaintences, and re-new some friendships. If God provides, I look forward to the 2005 re-union in Las Vegas. Gerald Spires STS2(SS)

I have really enjoyed this site over the last few years, its nice to see the crew comments and look for those names from the past. I have been trying to find Dave Kauffman who was first class MM in A gang. I know that he made warrent officer and went on to become at least a LT. Back in the early 80's I meet with John Bunny Carter around KC but lost touch. Would like to hear from some of my shipmates, Dimmick would you please email me. Lyle Conklin EN2(SS)

I am an orignal plank owner, I helped commission her and would love to know where everyone is these days. Richard E Bosworth

I got married just 39 hours before flying out to go on patrol. The Weps Lt Paul helped us get the paperwork together so we could make it happen in a short period of time. My wife, Naomi and I remember the time aboard Vallejo as one the best time periods in our life creating more fond memories than any other boat we were on. R. Stephen Crowley, FTB2(SS)

So many years have past, it really take`s time to reflect. Recently joined Chicago Base of USSVI, (Still under construction). Served aboard M.G.Vallejo(BlueCrew), 1968Thru1970. Most interested in reunion in June 2005. Any crew members from 1968-1970, Please contact me, I`M MOST OUTSTANDING EFFORT ON YOUR REVISED AND UPDATED WEBSITE!!!(THANKS) William Hoffman CS3(SS)

I was on the first patrol with Capt Guthe. Greg Shroeder TM2(SS)

The time i spent on Board the Vallejo left me with many wonderful memories. Quinton Simison MM3(SS)

1/1/05--Looking forward to seeing some of you guys at the reunion in Vegas this year. I have my own business in "technical recruiting"...I find jobs for guys like us. Give me a call and we'll catch up 218-280-0227 is the number--Jim Nicholls MM1/SS Gold and Decom Crews 1991-1995. Jim Nicholls MM1(SS)

Just updating, and to say that everyone who has heard me talk about the old boat has heard me say to it spoiled me. The way the crew all hung together. YN's Billy D, Larry Tarzwell, ST's Steve Going, Russell Faust(Rooster),Chip, QM's Scott Flynn, Bob Butterton , Nav ET's Greg Estok, Al Rivera, Jim Carlton, ICFN at the time Ed the big dog Lapp and big Alan Lee, MS Coop and Sailor. Our freinds from back aft, Ed Randis, Scott Gilley Gilstrap, Turtle, Zak and various others, officers, Jim Barge, Rick Dean, John Harrelson,Capt Mero and the Best radio stack I ever served with. Jim the wild man Ward, Billy Larsen, Ted Stephson, Roger Taube, Dave Grasslle, Dave Homer Holloway. ETC(SS) Gordon Whitetree 86-90.

I went out to the website to make sure my contact information was updated and I decided there is a need to clarify a few mistaken facts. First and foremost, I have always and will continue to own Bill Stark in any athletic event that involves a ball. Additionally, Bill has decided that co-ed sports are where he is most competitive, so we will let that stand by itself. As for the infamous tootsie pop incident and an unsuspecting midshipman, I can verify the accuracy as I was standing beside Jimmy when he did this to that poor freshman middie. I am sure that single event changed this kid's life and he probably dropped from the Naval Academy. The 1999 Reunion was one of the best times I ever had, even though Bill Stark, Kenny Baker and myself were not sober for many of the hours. We showed up late for the parade and I took some great pictures of the crowd (women) as we wandered the streets of Vallejo. Kenny Baker, where are you, I don't have current contact info on you??? Bill and Kenny, bring your clubs to the reunion in 2005. See you there. Rob Thornton, STS2(SS), Blue Crew 1978-1981.

Logged on and got drunk while reading all the comments. Great to think about the guys again - Turtle, (Bigg) Eddie Joe, Grog (Captain OHIOOOOOO) just to name a few. Anyway, some of my best memories and friends come from the MG, many thanks to both. EM2(SS) Hans Taft, Gold, 88-92. Anyone remember The Flight Crew?

Recently moved to Williamsburg, changed e-mail, snail-mail, and phone #. Still married to the girl I met while stationed on the Valley Joe. Retired from the Submarine Force and now I'm building Bird Farms for NGNN. David Kurtz TMCS(SS)

Was a MT2 with SKI, Mark, Lucas, Sopp etc. Took the boat around, Horse and Cow, Bremerton etc. Best boat I served on. I miss the tightness of our crew. I am looking for the T-shirt Sopp made with the Calif. bear holding some missiles. Mine got damaged. Even a picture of it would be fine or where can I get one. Thanks. Eugene Mendez MTCS(SS)

Served aboard as ALPO Blue crew from Sept 93 to crew combine and thru Decommisioning. Fun times with Woody, Kuntz, Lambert, Clardy and the gang. Walked off the ship with John Kerr on our way to other exciting adventures. Kerr as the Command Master Chief of some surface ship and I had to go and bail out Woody on the Hyman G Rickover. In my seabag when I left were the wooden Senior Chief anchors that were in the Chief's quarters and the brass door plaque identifying the wardroom. The anchor is on my bedroom wall and the plaque is on the door to the toilet. Fitting to me after serving under the Eng during the decom. Most exciting time was when the QMC and I rolled his truck in the WA state boonies and had to wait hours for the cops and tow truck. Then we drove it back to Bremerton the next day. Retired in Kings Bay Feb 2002. Good web page and keep me posted. MMCS(SS) Steven McBride

Served aboard Vallejo Gold from 78-82. SN to IC2(ss) under Chief Sikorski. Pestorius was the best Capt. Marvin Walters, Ralph Wortham and Mike Borsack were part of the IC team. I would like to hear from any of you. If you know where Chuck Thompson is I would like to know too. I keep in touch with MM2(ss) Larry Korak who was under Tuffy Roberts. He lives around Atlanta GA. I have some pictures of the Gold crew I will send in. I remember half-way nights and singing the song "I'm a short timer baby" on my last patrol with Lane Pipkin on guitar. Pestorius talked to me afterward and told me never to sing that type of song again. A great memory was when I stood on the bridge going into Germany (we were a tour boat at that time) and it was night time. The moon and stars were out over the horizon as I looked to my left and it was snowing over the water to my right. What an incredible picture. I live in Shelby NC. 704-482-3344. Allan D. Carter IC2(ss) 78-82.

Ex-wife of Doug Van Tassel, STS trying to get in touch with some old friends. Selina Van Tassel

Blue Crew patrols 2 thru 6. Alkie was our Chief. Bob Chaney; Neal Patrick Cunningham III; Bob Chapman; Clay Hill; John (Oinky)Owen, John Serpa were some in our gang then. Don Cleveland and Dick Woods - Weapons Officers, sequentially. Contact me, email or phone, and we'll jog our memories some. Semi-retired. Looking forward to Vegas. Thanks Alkie, for ferreting me out!! Michael Steiner FTB1(SS)

Great crew, had lots of fun. Made life long friends. Last tour as cob in Gurnard , retired 7-81'. John Fox MM1(SS)

Looing for all those Blue and Gold crew members. John Cameron CSC(SS)

WEPs from 1989-1992. Transferred to Oceanography community then. Naval Western Oceanography Center in Pearl Harbor was next, followed by a tour in Bahrain as the NAVCENT/FIFTHFLT Oceanographer (I ran into Rick Kitchens our 658 ENG when I did an inchop brief on one of the aircraft carriers there). Next was back to Pearl Harbor to work for Big Al Konetzni as Staff Oceanographer (CAPT Repsholdt was there too as was Kevin Hinson subs and all you guys. You were the greatest. Charles King LT

Distant memories, Things that the government refuses to acknowledge and civilians never knew about. I also did some time on attack boats. The V.A. does not recognise us. Robert Hentges FTB(SS)

Looking forward to seeing all the com crew shipmates in Vegas. XO,Steve,Jim,Lew,Larry,Roy,Mike,Ron,John,Gene, and the rest of the gang. John B. Fox MMCM(SS)"A" GANG (AMR-1)

Hello to all shipmates. Libby & I welcome all visits and comunications here in the historical triangle of Virginia. It's time to get ready for America's 1st Landing 400th Anniversary at Jamestown(1607). Perhaps y'all should plan to "Come Home to Virginia" for the celebrations in 2007. We are enjoying this "best time of life" & the complete freedom to do as we wish now that full retirement is realized. Our best regards good-wishes to all. Ted Crossland LCDR (ret)

Did 4 years onboard as dreaded 3-M Coordinator/Career counselor. Made patrol 49. Left in for 50 to make overhaul preps. Completed overhaul, all Refresher Training and Recertifications and transfered to SSN 686 as COB. Thoroughly enjoyed my tour on 658. One of, if not my best. Great crew, good times very satisfying tour even though I never warmed up to that two crew stuff. (And I loved operating a Boomer like an Attack boat.) William Bell MMCM(SS)

I am interested in locating some of the officers on my crew. William Antle LT

I served as Assistant Weps and Weps on 658 Blue from 1976 - 1980. I am now a United Methodist Minister serving Springfield UMC in Springfield Louisiana; and, I am the campus minister at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond Louisiana. Email Would love to hear from former shipmates. Grace and peace. Emile Tosso LCDR

Plank owner on Gold Crew currently retired from General Motors and State Technical Institute in Memphis. Looking forward to seeing everyone at reunion. I can't thank you enough for forming and keeping this website active for all of the Vallejo crew members. William Gray FTCM(SS)

Great site, keep up the great work. Was the AWEPS from 3/72-8/75 on the Blue/Green/Blue crews. Made one patrol out of Scottland and then two patrols after conversion. The site sure brings back a lot of good times and names to think about. Harry Nicholson LT

This is just an update to revise old information. I hope to hear from some of the old shipmates soon. Bryan Helgeson MT1(SS)

Looking forward to seeing some "OLD" shipmates.I know that I am very late signing up and I hope that there are some events that are still open. John Maloney FTB2(SS)

I remember arriving to the boat, as a transfer from the USS Batfish. I was assigned to the Blue Crew in probably June 1990. Well, my crew was out at sea at the time, so I stayed in Charleston; South Carolina Naval Base. When they came back, I enjoyed more time off with them. I found out my CPO was Chief Bryan, and he treated me very nice. I had met the other guys and they were down to earth which made me feel comfortable considering I was the only black person in the entire Engineering Dept. for a year. In my 3 years there I watched guys come and go, until it was my time in 1993. Now, all I have is great memories and an experience of a lifetime. Dalvin Green

Hello shipmates, doing well since the Navy medded me out in 95. Hope everyone is doing OK these days. Chet Gibbons if you're still alive give me a call. David Neaveill QM2(SS)

Will be moving to Bangor WA in 2006 to take boat as COB. Jamie Goodman SKCM(SS)

Las Vegas reunion was great. It was good to see so many shipmates. John Malik ETR2(SS)

Ted & Libby Crossland suggest a 2007 reunion in Tidewater, Virginia. That's the 400th Anniversary year for America (Landing @ Jamestown) and the 40th Anniversary for the birth of USS M.G.Vallejo. Let's gather together during this national year of celebration. Ted Crossland LCDR

As a child growing up in Vallejo, CA I saw this boat built and launched at Mare Island. Delbert Foster RMSR(SS)

It was great to see everyone again during the '05 reunion. Good luck and I hope to see you all again next reunion. Stephen Manchur RMCS(SS)

Arrived on the Vallejo in the yards in Charleston. I was a striker. Went on to become an ET, CNC Tech. SN/SS Michael E. Shank

I'd love to hear from some of you guys - Saltmarsh, Mersereau, Robeda, Noss, Gillman, Pillsbury dough boy, LT Woods, COB. I had some great times and big hangovers thanks to our parties. Muckle call. YN3(SS) Ralph Barnidge

Wish I could talk to some of my old buddies. MM2(SS) Ashley S. Fann

Hello to all ex Vallejo sailors. I spent my best years in the Navy aboard the pig, as we called her. I have since retired but not before serving aboard the USS West Virginia (SSBN 736) (a D-5 boat) but my heart remains aboard Vallejo. I am married now, so a few of you lost that bet. I have three kids: twin 17 year-old daughters and a son 15. I am employed by Battelle doing guess what - a Millile Tech at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama, an Army base. MT1(SS) Thomas F. Greenwood, Ret.

Looking for shipmates during years served (Gold, 80 - 84). TM2(SS) Terry R. Chapman

I served on the Vallejo from 1983 until 1987. ET1(SS) Victor A. Coile

I signed on a year ago and it is a real pleasure being reminded of those great times we had onboard. MM2(SS/DV) Timothy E. Hunsberger

I caught the boat coming out of the Charleston Yard and took it to sea for trials and missile testing in Florida. We have many good memories of the crew. MMCS(SS) David A. Huckeba

Hello Shipmates: Sorry I missed the reunion, really wanted to be there. Have spent the last almost two years recovering from an extreme case of "Valley Fever". The medical people told Pam that I should be on my last patrol; wasn't ready to pull the cork yet! I plan on being at the next reunion, May God bless you as he has me. ET2(SS) John (Wimpy) Dalrymple

It was a fast seven months requalifiying EWS and then EOOW after making Warrant along with Fred Mone. Great crew! ETCS(SS)/WO1 Neil R. Wollam

Thanks for keeping the memories alive. I found many pictures packed away thanks to the memories stirred by this web site. ET1(SS) David H. Bell

GUYS: Shipmate Dave Deweese tells me that ETC(SS) Harry Watson had surgery following a heart attack on October 6th. Harry had FIVE bypasses! I'm sure Harry would love to hear from you at:

Thanks for keeping up this site. It is great to look back at old pictures an important period of my life. FTB1(SS) David A. Rich

MGV was my first boomer and probably most memorable crew. I arrived at the end of November '73 as MGV finished overhaul; Delta trials; transit to Charleston; off-crew training; PCA, sea trials and deperm, mini-patrol, receiving MM2; then a patrol beginning January '75, then transferring to GWC (656G) in April '75 for two years. Being a member of A-gang ISN'T bad or glorious, but it was least now it is! I was interested and pleased to find the web site. It certainly brought back memories. Keep up the good work! MM2(SS) Charles Hobbs.

It has been over 13 years since I walked off the Vallejo. She has always stayed in my heart, but recently she has been on my mind. I miss the great people I served with: Lynn Patison, Richie Strickland, Ben Milner, Joe Younts, Dave Langan, Ken Metcalfe, Kenny Height, Olson T. Moses, Martinelli, Brad Shuck, Randy Oquinn, Buckmaster, Eddie Vanmeter, Paul Wampler and everyone else I ever met while onboard. If any of you read this I would love to hear from you! Have a great life! MM2(SS) Steven R. Witham

This is my second entry to the comment page. A big hello to all Vallejo brothers. I'm so proud to have served with great sailors and shipmates. Anybody out there from the Gold Crew my patrols were 57-71. Wishing everybody the best. MT3(SS) Pedro M. Andreu

Came on board in the winter of 1971, made two patrols out of Holy Loch. Brought her back and went through overhaul and conversion in Newport News. Made sea trials, Bermuda, St. Croix and Port Canaveral runs. Then made three patrols out of Rota. MGV was the second boat I was assigned to, the first being Tecumseh. But Vallejo was definitely the prettiest. I really grew up on boadr. I went on as MMFN and left as MM1(SS) as an auxillaryman. Sorry to hear about the passing of Captain Schneider, my first old man on board, and Teddy Gardiner, who made rate more times from MM3 to MM1 and back again than most 3 other people! Looking forward to hearing from any of the crew. MM1(SS) Harold Tackett Jr.

WOW! It's been several years since I've visited this web site. So many names came to mind. Mark Grainger, "Josie" Josinger, Cecil "I love you like a brother but I can't afford to feed you" Weeks, Ronnie "Music Trivia KING" Chapman, Master Chief "Bull Nuke" Bubba Brooks, "Jumpin" Johnny Ross, Rich DeLong (who cut his lip biting an aluminum can), Brian Newell (The N stands for NUMBSKULL!), Victor Kees (I OWE you, dude!), "Tiny" Stull, Steve Spring, Bruce Robbins, Kerry Tilton, Doc Julian (who couldn't stitch up my skull since we were tied up to the USS Canopus), Graham Forsythe (Wouldn't you marry a girl who would make payments on your Z?), the MacBrayer brothers (who convinced me to make my 1985 trip to Europe), A.C. Foust. Remmber that Butter Dish incident? Seaman Harp and his "special handshake?" Andy Johnson, Brian Botello, and the lady at Del Mar's. YOU know who you are! We slept in the Ohio barracks when we pulled into New London for Middie Ops! I lost my key and had to pay for a replacement but it was WELL worth it. I am now teaching for the USPS. My nuke training has finally paid off. EM1(SS) Joel E. Uzzel

Howdee Folks, just spent all evening checking out the comments section, I am an A-ganger, we read and write slow. So many good people to see names and remember. I served from '73 thru 76, Gold, A-gang. I came aboard while in the yards during refit, schooled with Crowe, Speraw, Wickett. I was the sea pup of Dale MacFarland, and I was Race Al's. I knew and miss Ted Gardner, Jimmy Joe Eason, and Jamison Michael Crowe. I was the #1 bus driver for Capt Collins. I painted the topside over-nite for fearless Froleich, and watched a bell stolen at Cape Kennedy, somewhere near a "Green House". I signed up before, long ago, before the first Old folks reunion, but have moved around a lot. I live just north of New Orleans now, on the River, itís freshwater! Hello to all of you I know and knew. Guys, that was an outstanding boat and even though we didn't realize it, and exceptional crew. Sarge, Tuffie, Nellie, Bradford T, Junior, Race Al, Rick, Wildman, and all the rest, you guys were the best, well for the most part anyway. So many influences that were innate leaders, while just being friends. BTW, I am being nice, I canít repeat any Salty stories here. Salute! MM2(SS) Kevin "Goldie" Goldston

Gold Crew Plankowner, I really enjoyed the Las Vegas reunion and I am looking forward to helping to organize the next reunion so contact me and let me know what I can do to be some help in our next 658 reunion. Thanks for all your efforts to keep us informed on our shipmates and families. Bill Gray Gold Crew Plankowner

Brief absence away from monitoring shipmate activities.....I'm Back! Rob T, pick it up and get on ya! Bill S. hows it goin? Joe Howenstien, nice to see ya back on the east coast(reunion)...We gotta get together and shoot some varmints buddy! Vetus Lareer Peak make sure Rob get's it on him correctly! Mr Tosso -glad to hear your an Officer in God's Service! Drop me a line when you get a chance! MT2(SS) Kenneth L. Baker (Blue 76 - 81)

Sure was a nice find on the web site to find a place where alot of my dearest friends are located. Served 5 yrs onboard the vallejo 81-86. Then went on to instruct baby MT's at Damneck then to the D-5 system the USS West Virginia 736 and she couldn't hold a candle to the Valley Jo. Then to SFlant and retirement. So to some of my friends MT3 Sappington, Kouns, Mitchell, and all the times at the Chateau Joe borrowed my car. MT1(SS) Thomas F. Greenwood

Just found the site. Great memories of the boat. Left to go to OCS in 1977, left active duty in 1984, retired from the reserves in 1994 as LCDR. RM2(SS) Eric Chavis (Gold 75-77)

We took the boat from the west coast to the east coast in 1970. A long patrol from Pearl to Holy Loch, with lots of stops. RM2(SS) Paul Grammer.

Enjoyed scrolling through this site. Would like to have a shipmate contact me: LCDR Eric Chavis worked with me as an RM2(SS). Glad to hear he done well! Please contact me at

I was aboard Vallejo from April 1973 until September, 1974. I was a reactor operator and remember Pete Crawn, Tom Bedick and Lt. james Kaucher as just a few shipmates. We took the first patrol after getting out of the Shipyard in Newport News. ETR3(SS) Steven Pompey.

My time on Vallejo was perhaps the best single experience of my life. Believe I was one of perhaps only two Medical Corps Officers to stand SSBN patrol watches as OOD (due to my prior line officer experience as a fast carrier task force OOD on a DD) thanks to Captain Nunneley's judgement and trust. Finally retired as CAPT after 20 years active and reserve duty. It was a truly great crew - the most competent group I have ever been with, either in the Navy or in medicine. LCDR (MC) Robert Rozendal.

Wow! So many memories. AC Foust, Gary Gistinger, Brent Beltran, John Ryan just to name a few. Sailed on her from 80-83 Blue Crew under CDR Lachata then CDR Lear. RM2(SS) Ken Foddrill

Joined the crew in September of 1965 as it was being built. I am a plank owner and still have the plaster cast of the boat (although it is in pieces and some are missing after all these years). We took the boat on test dives and through the Panama Canal where the Gold Crew fired the missle. We caught the boat in Hawaii and took it on it's first patrol. Got out in late November of '67 and went to college. STS2(SS) Ronald Landingham

Read through the comments page tonight (4/4/06) and relived many great times with good friends and great shipmates. Served on the Gold Crew from May of '89 to September of '91 as LELT. Now living in Arizona and working at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station as a Reactor Operator. My son is in MM Nuke "A" School in Charleston now, so I'm really feeling my age. I hope all of my old buds are doing well. If you NUKES are looking for work in the industry, Palo Verde is doing lots of hiring. MM1(SS) Lance Sharrett (Leading "ELK")

My first sub in 81-82, left as QM3(SS) as MGV was going to the shipyard. I next went to USS New York City (SSN 696) in Pearl Harbor until I got out. QM2(SS) John P. Dunlap

Hey to all who served on the ol' Valley-Jo. I served with the Blue crew ('77-80). My best memories are with her . . . and you. Looking to meet up with some of the old gang. Hey, Kenny Baker - get hold of me man! And whatever happened to Bill Schlink? I think he went back to Idaho or Nebraska and married that goat he was always braggin' about. Mr. Tosso - remember the time we were on the surface (going in or out, don't remember which) and we were taking water over the sail? You kept ordering coffee and lit cigarettes to the bridge!! And how 'bout that famous drink from Rota - the flaming s**hole! And now you're a man of the cloth. My, how things have changed. I'd like to invite any old crew member to give me a holler. Really. QM2(SS) Greg Fischer

I haven't figured out "why" yet, but the memories of those I met and served with meant a good deal to me. E-1 Johnathon C. Bell, Gold Crew 1990.

It has been a while since I last visited. I read all the comments that were posted. I see many names that I recognize and it brought back many good memories. I served aboard Vallejo from 1987 to 1992. Did nine patrols and loved every minute of it. Did two more submarines ofter Vallejo as the IDC USS Hartford (SSN 768) and the USS Albuquerque (SSN 706). Did my COB tour on the Hartford as well. Then was the CMC for NSSF here in Groton. Am currently stationed at Groton CT as the Command Master Chief for the Navy Region Northeast. This is my last tour before I retire with 30. I hope this finds my old shipmates well, and I would love to hear from anyone I served with. Home email is:

Served aboard Canopus (AS-34) in Rota. Put in a chit to ride the Valley Joe during sea trials in Spring of 1979. Boss said "You dumb enough to ask, I dumb enough to approve". PN3(SS) Rick Belair made sure I didn't do anything stupid like get in the way, hurt myself or accidentally launch missles. My "Deep Dive" certificate from CO Lachata and XO Stetser is a highly valued possession. Photos on this website show what a great crew and good boat look like - also lots of good memories about Rota that I had forgotten. Very, very well done! Submariners are okay by me! JO2 James C. Daniels

I was transferred to the Vallejo from the Jackson when I made MM2(SS), around late '71. I spent the remainder of my Navy service on Vallejo before it went to the yard for refuel/repair, then served very briefly on Skipjack in the Norfolk yard before ETS. I left the Navy in 1975, graduated from Miami University (OH), worked briefly for the Ohio Operating Engineers, taught high school, the re-entered the Army, retiring as an O-5 Engineer Officer in July 2000. I wasn't smart enough to make E-7, so I tried the Army -- I guess it worked! Ha. I wish I could hear from more shipmates and certainly plan to attend a reunion to see former friends! V/R Joe. MM2(SS) Robert J. Mitchell

Hi fellows, it made my heart race to relive the glory days Jim has brought back to us on this web site. BZ Jim!! I served on the Blue crew in the yard at Newport News and Rota and all that entails...remember the good times such as guarding Jim "Pappy" Parker's teeth when we hit the beach so he wouldn't lose them...DASO and certififying as the first boomer to carry MK-48's...I've seen so many names of shipmates that bring good memoris. Servied under Captains Schneider and Hassler back in those days, then left the Navy after shore duty in '81 only to come back in '86 (lo & behold) to the Vallejo Gold this time under Captains Mero, Papineau and Repsholt. That beautiful color schematic of the boat's walking decks took a few weeks to finish; it started as a tracing out of the piping TAB using QM tracing paper and a pencil then lots of time on Adobe Photoshop some ten years later. I want to thank everyone I served with for the best times of my know, you can't do that anywhere else. I know that in 2006 that I'm coming late (for the 2nd time) to this web site and am intending on coming back makes my heart soar with you eagles to remember such fantastic adventures. Love you guys and see you at the '08 reunion for I'll not miss another one! I've got some memorabillia and pictures to send in when time permits. Thanks for the memories! FTGC(SS) Rick May.

Reported to teh Precom Unit as EM3(SS) and left as EM1(SS). Later served aboard Scamp (SSN588) for five years where I made CPO. Since I couldn't do that well they made me an Ensign. I served on L.Y. Spear, COMSUBRON 8 and COMSUBGRU 5 staffs, and retired as Submarine Type Desk Officer at Mare Island after making it as far as Lieutenant Commander. EM1(SS) George F. Petershagen. (Gold crew '65-'69)

Updated my info, I am currently serving (as a civilian in the Middle East). Back in March '07 C. Graham, ET1(SS). The Electrical and Reactor Controls Interdivisional Cooperative (ERIC)

Brian Newell posted here? Remember your "N" coffee cup? I asked "What's the N for? NUMBSKULL?" You asked me, "What's the U for, EUNICH?" ROFL! The absolute best CO was George Lear. Most boats did off-crew 5 days/week, 8-noon to get in their 20 hours. He let us do 7-noon, Mon-Thursday. Fridays off. And, god forbid, if Monday was a holiday, we had a FOUR day weekend! It ROCKED! We also got the good parking spaces since we got to the Group Six building before the other boats. He was also the one who did "remote muster sites." Towards the end of patrol, we all signed up for where we wanted to muster during R&R. Since I lived in Goose Creek, I signed up to muster at the Weapon's Station. Instead of having to drive down to the base in Charleston, we went to our remote site. It was TOO cool! Not having to get into uniform and deal with the traffic on Spruill Avenue! Went through the refueling overhaul in Charleston. To this day, I have an EAB Dust cover fitting that I use as a key chain. Brass, of course. I'd love to hear from Bubba Brooks, Graham Forsythe, the McBrayer brothers, Tiny Stull, Stan Harp, Kerry Tilton, Andy Johnson, Lt. Gordineer (aka Snort-and-Sneer), "Jumpin" Johnny Ross, Michael Johnson (AKA the Battery Checkout and "I'll be your Division Officer some day."), MS1 Josie, COB Hickenbottem (you were the BEST! I still have the COB's JOB), Bob Brule (I'm sorry that I took your favorite rack, but I was senior!), AC Foust (what a PR!CK you were in AMR1), Brian Botello (I just made a copy of your birthday tape for Ken Erb), Jerry Wells, Dave (The Incredible Edible Man) Rucker, Ricky Wallace, Victor Lee (Order TWO) Kees, Ken Cowart, Bill Jordan, Yingling, The Easter Pig, Teddy Gardner, Rich "Long Dong" Delong. I remember when Bubba Brooks got the gold patrol pin. He was the Neptune Award winner. More active duty strategic detergent patrols than anyone else. He was a true submariner. Used to say that the first thing he did when he got hom from partrol was check the toilet seats. He had all daughters. If a seat was up, he KNEW there was trouble! ROFL! Joel Uzzel EM1(SS)

Jim Vennard and Bill Sculley. Professional Sonarmen 1979

I served in the blue crew from 1967 till 1971 with the likes of Jimmy Day, J.D. Monroe, Duke Strickland, Ted Austed. Jim Fruchi, Sandy Farabe Chief Carr( I apologize if I spelled any of your names wrong) and many others. It's been a long time since I thought about you all. We had some great times and the memories are something I will never forget. I now live in Southern California with my wife (going on 33years) and two University of Southern California graduates son's. This web site is fantastic and really has brough back some fond memories. Keep up the good work. Joseph A. Dziegielewski MM2(SS) Blue Crew

Only made one patrol on the Vallejo, but that was an experience. I did my final tour at POMFLANT with Frank Watts who was the FTB LPO on that patrol. I'll never forget FTCS Willard goosing the WEPS on the ladder outside MCC. J.W. Blackburn, FTB1(SS)

As of October 2006, The FBM patrol pin is recognized as an award making anybody who has earned it eligible for regular membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. The VFW is continuing the fight for veterans benefits. Jeff Blackburn,FTB1(SS) and Quartermaster/adjutant of VFW post 2088, Everett,PA

Switched crews after overhaul @ Newport News shipyard in 1973. Reed Hinchcliffe ETC(SS)

My first and best boat! Don Freeston, JT, Tom White and all the rest! Joe Baker EM2(SS)

Webmaster and former shipmates, I was previously listed on the site, but some information has changed. Recently relocated to Vienna, Austria. Email address changed to I trust this finds everyone well. David Graves ET1(SS)

Just updating my contact info, I love reading the comments and thinking back how things used to be and how much fun we had. I sailed on two separate tours from 1986-1990, left for EEAP with Chris Bowen and came back for more during 1992-1994. Mike Hanrahan MT2(SS)

Wow! I found the site by accident. I made the last patrol (83) in March /April 94 as a volunteer rider from squadron 20 PMT. She was one of the boats I moitored and when I found out that EM2 Mark Stacy had to stand ERUL for the upcoming patrol because M-Div was so damned undermanned I couldn't let the opportunity to help out a great bunch of electricians pass me by. What fun. Rosy Roads port call cancelled, Simon Bolivar's surprise ORSE instead. Who could have asked for more! EMC Dave Landon (Sir!)... Where are you now? Capt Billingsly, thanks for waking me up and bringing me coffee on the morning after the orse. I swear to God I only shut my eyes for a second while standing AEA! Thanks for the memories guys! Even though I was a rider you treated me like family and I will never forget you. Chuck Naylor, EMC(SS) Ret.

The only regret I have while serving onboard, was not obtaining a Ships Plaque. Sterling Fennell QM2(SS)

Lookin for the holder of the rocket locker. Ronald Hindman MT2(SS)

Great boat and great crew and enjoyed serving on her (gold crew) from 1984 to 1987. Dennis LaPierre ETCM(SS)

Just stopping by again to update info. Fondly remember the old days on the boat. Old shipmates, if you have time drop a line. Steve Dellinger LCDR

Senior Chief LaPierre (in 1983). You taught me electrical theory in nuke school. I remember you well! Glad to hear you are alive and well. It's amazing how we affect one another as we pass by each other in our careers. God bless you shipmate, thanks for the knowledge. Maybe we'll meet again at a reunion in the future. Chuck Naylor EMC(SS) Ret. Class 8401 Charles Naylor EMC(SS)

Just stumbled over the site and thought I'd check out the pics. Randy Gardner MT2(SS)

Updating and reading some of the old stories. The Vallejo was the best tour that I had in the Navy. Served with as great group of guys during my 7 years onboard. James Morris MTC(SS)

Rembering the beer-ball fights with the blue crew at turn overs!!! Fred Borchert EM1(SS)

She was my first and best boat and tour of duty. Rick Bruce MT1(SS)

The proudest thing in my life was my time aboard the Vallejo. After 8 yrs (6 aboard Vallejo) I often wish I had had the foresight to stay for 20. I now work with the Marines at MCAS Beaufort as a Tech Rep. Edwin Attaway MT1(SS)

Great to finally see Fred Borchert on the crew comment list - some of my fondest memories are about sitting between Fred and Okie Rawson for hours on end. It was especially exciting during FSR and I must say that Fred handled the meanest clipboard in the West (ern Pacific that is). Fred do you remember that you P'd him off so bad that he pulled his beard out? (one hair at a time with a pair of neddle nosed plyers) LMAO Jim Huston ET1(SS)

It's been a few years since I've been to the site. It keeps getting better!!! Just wanted to update my info. Robert Muiter MM1(SS)

A great website....Lots of memories of a great bunch of guys....BZ to all responsible. wayne Weiveris ETC(SS)

Hey Jim Strohm, Bullit Bob's Last name is Guiser. I just e-mailed my info and look forward to hearing from you. Robert Guiser TM3(SS)

It's been a long time since serving on the Vallejo,and each and every time I run into someone that I don't know and find out they were on the Vallejo it's like a trip down memory lane. Thanks for the memories! Tom Peterson MSCM(SS)

I ended up serving 29 years in the Navy and my time aboard Vallejo and with you shipmates were the absolute best times in my Navy career. Vallejo was a special boat with a very special crew. I am so proud to have been a Plank Owner and to have assisted all you other wonderful guys as we brought her to life and she always took care of us. God Bless You All. Raymond D. Larson QM1(SS)

Retired today, 23 years and change. Vallejo was my first boat as a 17 yr old E2. Cranked for Cecil Weeks. Loved the boat did it twice. anyone who wants to say hey, Bill Jordan LCDR

Jim Carter & Rick Kazar. Charleston Reunion Picnic 2002

The Vallejo has a Grand-Daughter. Let me explain.. During the Vallejo's Las Vegas Reunion I reunited with "Tiny" Stull who I found out lives in Myrtle Beach, SC,a 7 hr drive away. Within a couple of months after that I visted him at his home and my oldest son and his youngest daughter met again after a lot of years apart and the rest is history as they say. They were married and our grand-daughter "Savanna" was born June 10, 2007. I wanted to share this with all the crew members. Not only was the Vallejo a very special part of my life it will be forever in our families as well. Randy "RED" Smith

Wow! This continues to be the BEST sub site ever! I'm glad to see so many folks I remember being added. Anybody around who remembers my Snoopy dog being dognapped to the torpedo room? The trim party we caused trying to rescue Snoopy was a headache for the planesmen! Ah! the adventures :) I finally found Woody (Doug Woodall), he's a pilot now. George Lawler, MM2 (SS), MDIV '66-'71

Stationed on the Jo from Jan 1988 through Apl 1990. Eric Earns E6

Just wondering where some of the folks from "M" Division are and what they are up to. Martin Gore MM1(SS)

I was on Vallejo from Dec 69 thru May 74 and left as an IC1 for the NESEP program from Charleston, SC. The Vallejo experience served me well in my 26 years in the Navy. I will never forget it! Warm Regards to All Former Shipmates. Michael Mohn ICC/LCDR (Ret)

Some of the best times of my life was hanging out with Tiny in the bars at Rota, Spain, and trying to crawl up that damn plank on the USS Orion at the end of the night. Jessie Taylor MSSN(SS)

I have many fond memories of this ship and working with Lt. Rick Dean and Lt. Tom Winnenburg. Will never forget buying the entire wardroom chicken wings from Hooters in Jax by borrowing the Captain's Goverment Vehicle! He was not a happy camper that night. My thanks to all who served aboard SSBN 658. John Herold LT

Some of my fondest memories are the times on the Vallejo and the people I went to sea with. Dave Kaufman where are you? Lyle Conklin EN2(SS)

I was the doctor on the blue crew in 67 and 68. Did two patrols out of guam . First patrol with Capt. Guthe. I was the one who had the ships photog take the "famous shark picture"-they used to let me dip the periscope to keep me entertained. Some of the men I remember were Jerry Oprisko, my great corpsman, John "Madman" Asher, Keith Young, Bill Antle and many others who made a great impression on me before I went to the seals and then became a real doctor in Miami. I'm always in the water even now. Ronald Samson LCDR

Some of the best years of my life were spent in Rota, with Tiny when the Valley-Jo was tied to the USS Orion. Jessie Taylor TMSN(SS)

Hello to all. Richard Cranley LT

Let's not forget the following MTs'-- Lloyd Allen, Dave Mogg, 'Bing' Crosby, Gino Cerullo, 'Fat' Albert Anderson, John Anderson, Thomas Voss. They were from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's. They were a great bunch and made the patrols fun. Frederick Whittaker MT2(SS)

Bet you never thought I'd make Senior Chief. ETNCS(SS) Bryan Smith

Mary and I attended the 2005 reunion in LasVegas. Had a great time socializing with fellow shipmate friends and their spouses and have since stayed connected to some. Thinking about attending the next one. Will stay tuned in. Will be happy to receive emails from any old shipmates to re-connect and hopefully stay connected looking forward to the 2008 reunion. Note my new yahoo email address. Take care! Mike FTB2(SS)Mike Steiner

The following is true to the best of my memory.  This story starts during a salvage inspection along side the sub tender in Guam.  Seams that the outboard diesel exhaust valve could not be shut with the topside wrench.  The decision was made to back off on the lock nut on the valve  stem.  It was believed that the stop block was jammed against the lock nut.  The cotter key was removed and the lock nut turned away from the stop block.  Shore enough that was the problem, the operator stem was turning and the valve closed.  Without the cotter key to hold stop nut, the stop nut rotated on the stem when the stop block contacted it.  With nothing to stop it the stop block rotated off of the valve stem.  We had passed the salvage inspection but the valve operator was no longer attached to the valve stem.  All that had to be done was to thread the stop block back onto the valve stem.  The work on the repair started at approximately 1030 that morning.  The diesel exhaust valve was located in a very small and cramped compartment under the topside deck.  It was located on top of the ballast tank where it met the pressure hull.  This formed a pocket that could not be drained so if you slipped you were over your ankles in oily water.  There was also a drain on the exhaust line in this pocket, that caused every thing to be coated with black oily soot. Besides as the day progressed it got very hot.  I had my best people working the repair.  That was MM1 (SS) Tim Schleiger, my leading first, and MM 2 (SS) Tony Dack. The repair attempts went on all day and I finally had to go to the Engineer to inform him that things were not looking too good and it was possible that we would not be getting underway for patrol in the morning.  I must say that this was the hardest thing that I had ever had to do in my entire life.  My voice was cracking and I thought that I was going to brake down.  The only thing that the Eng. had to say was “I have full faith in you chief and I know that you will insure the repair is competed in time”.  He also offered to get us help from the tender.  This I rejected knowing if I needed help from the tender I could get it faster than he could.  Feeling as bad as I passably could I returned to the engine room to find Tim and Tony waiting for me.  I was hopeful that every thing was back together, but  it was not.  Then Tim hits me with “Me and Tony want to go over and have a beer”.  I think I laughed and said that I had just come back from talking with the Engineer, to tell him “M” Div. might keep the boat from getting underway in the morning and no one was drinking beer until the diesel was back in running conduction.  He comes back with “Me and Tony have been working on this all day and we are tired and up tight and need to relax.  We need a beer in fact we need two beers”.  I ask him “how long it was going to take them to drink two beers each”.  He comes back with “Forty five minuets”. “Ok you two be back here in forty five minuets and not a minuet longer”.  No sooner had they left and the “M” Div Officer shows up in the engine room, and wants to know why there is no one working on the exhaust valve.  I tell him that “Tim and Tony are on the tender getting a tool that they need”.  I must say that was the longest forty five minuets that I ever spent.  Tim and Tony show up just on time and ten minuets later report “the valve is all back together”.  Then Tim comes up with the suggestion that the space between the inboard and outboard exhaust valve has to be hydroed because it is in a sub safe system.  I tell him that we did not work within the sub safe boundary, the operator being outside the sub safe boundary.  He insists that a hydro is needed. Knowing that if we started to perform a hydro immediately we would be still be trying to get the hydro to hold pressure after the time we were supposed to be underway.  That is when I inform him that I am the one with the collar devices and I am the one that makes the decisions, also he had made his wishes known in front of a witness, Tony, and I was not going to have a hydro performed.  The valve was going to be given an operational test when we dove the boat tomorrow.  I must say that until the boat dove and there was no leakage I was sweating blood.  As an after thought it is interesting to know that during the patrol I read a patrol report that mirrored exactly what had happened to us.  The only difference was that the other boat had the tender repair there operator and there valve leaked during the operational test.  I am also sure that on one took a beer brake.  Roger K. Shoemaker MMCM (SS) Ret., formally of the Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658, Jun 65 to Aug 70.

Updated my info. Like to say hey to everyone. I haven't been on here for awhile. Reading Joe Uzzel's post reminded me of a lot of names I haven't thought of in years. Funny as hell to read Red Smith and Tiny Stull's kids got married. Sorry to hear about Ted and Cecil passing away. Vallejo was a prime example of how great people can make a jacked-up situation tolerable. Definitely the best of the four boats I was on. Jake-torpedo Division Blue Crew 84-89. David Jacobs TMC/SS

Looking forward to the 2008 Reunion Paul Harmon MM1(SS)

Assigned to MGV Gold TAD while NR prototypes refueled. Was A Div officer from SEPT 75 - MAR 76 and made my one and only FBM patrol in my naval career.  Great wardroom and crew, with most appropriately named supply officer in the fleet (Tony PRESTO!!), who always "got it done." Have snaps of LCDR Coulter and LT Licata getting pie in the face - would be willing to scan and share. David Chatlos ENS


Just updating my address, and looking forward to the '08 Reunion!  I'm now stationed in Groton, so I should actually be able to make it this time.  Hope to see some of my old friends there!  LCDR Chris Bowen MT1(SS)

My first & best sub. Capt. Jack was the best C.O. I had in 22 years in sub service. Retired as MMCM(SS) in 1988. I'm currently an engineer at VA Medical Center in Minneapolis. Charles Gettler MM2/MM1

A great website, brought back many memories. As they say..."you always remember your first"! Richard  (Rick) Baldwin RM2(SS)

Sincere thanks to our shipmates that are coordinating the 2008 Reunion in Groton.  Looking forward to seeing everyone. Cully White RM2(SS/DV)

Thanx, to JC and all who make this site and our reunions possible. Wes Kouns MT2(SS)

I am looking forward to seeing you all again. Steve Stephen Manchur RMCS(SS)

Just checking in again to see who's been here, miss you guys. TM3(SS) John Rosenauer (rosie)

Reported aboard the Blue Crew in Jan 1972 and left for my first patrol 39 hours after marrying my wife, Naomi. Qualified in that first patrol because I did not want to go into the yards as an NQP. Naomi and I have always said Vallejo was the best boat we were ever assigned to. Richard  Crowley FTB2(SS)

It's been many years since I was on the M.G.V. (that ain't working; four section on the MGV). Hope all are well. Maybe next reunion. Wiley Bisonhead  James Fuller MM1(SS)

Think of all the petty things that got next to you, and all the things that we thought were so stupid we had to do. Every other thought was this is so BS. Now look back at our little corner of the world, one small dot in the sea and we helped to change world history. If we would have realized our importance at the time would our actions have been different? I think we would have done an even better job of doing the impossible. Things we do today may seem not to matter but tomorrow those things might have large returns. Don Stephens MM2(SS)

Doing well. Shipmates and associated friends feel free to contact me.  Mary and I plan to attend the 2008 Reunion at NL.  Michael Steiner FTB1(SS)

I do not regret the time I spent onboard the Boat. I have very fond memorys of that time in my life. Mike Michael Berg IC2(SS)

I was originally assigned to the blue crew in 1981. When the boat when in for overhaul in Charleston I was assigned to the gold crew upon completion. Tim Perry IC1(SS)

cool to see some of the names here eddie dive in any hot tubs lately. kurt massie ftg1(ss)

I'm proud to have served on The Vallejo.  It was my first boat.  I made four runs on it out of Holy Lock before transfering to Pearl and another boat.  I have some great memories of the men who served with me.  I'm also very happy to find out about this web site.  I just punched in USS Mariano G. Vallejo and here you are.  I'll visit more in the future.  I hope I can make the 2008 Reunion. David Mogg MT2(SS)

Please sign me up on the email distribution list for the reunion.  I live in CT and would love to attend. Thanks, Bob Robert Saunders MM2/SS

Currently retired RMCM/ETCM. kerry tilton RM2(SS)

Fresh out of C school and Vallejo is my first home.  STS 1 Wright was my first real Navy boss and two cruises later the powers that be ship me off to the USS Bergall out of Norfolk then a year later to the USS Jimmy K Polk.  Craddock and Wright are the only names I have seen so far that I remember.  Hope all you bubble heads are healthy and have the winds at your back. Brian Frick STS3(SS)

Served on the Valley-Jo Blue crew from '77-'80. Really looking forward to seeing some 'old' shipmates at the reunion in Rotten-Groton. Wes Kouns, Kenny Baker, Jimmy C... man, the list goes on. It's been a long time guys... let's kick some Gold crew butt!!! (just kiddin'). See ya'll next summer. Peace. Greg Fischer QM2/SS

Hello all, just dropping a note to let you all know that I really enjoyed the Las Vegas reunion, but unfortunetly I will not be able to make the Groton reunion. Since I have seen all of you last they have amputated both of my legs above the knee so it is really hard for me to get around. So please have an unforgettable reunion and get lots of pictures for the website. I am going to miss being there but dont be afraid to contact me. Good Luck to all and best wishes for the holidays and the future. MM1/SS "TINY" Stull

Hi everyone; Hoping I can talk my owner into the reunion next year. She made the 1999 & 2002 events, but is not yet committed to this one.  Hope I can make it. It'd be great to see everyone again. God Bless; Leon Leon Hansen MT1(SS)

Real Jam does not forget. Michael Pell EM1(SS)

I served as AWEPS under CO Arnie Johnson and Weps Charlie Weaver. We had a great Weapons Department and the whole Ship's Crew that I'd love to sail with again. I'll never forget NFT nights. Smooth Seas and Following Winds. LTJG Larry A. Sandberg,

Survived a trip to The Horse and Cow in San Francisco, in Jimmy Day's Chevy "Redfin," along with Billy Burrell and Herb Ingle. Dennis Fargo MM2(SS)(DV)

Vallejo Gold was the best crew  I ever served with. It had the best goat locker in the fleet. John Englehart QM1(SS)

Was Chief Engineer when Vallejo Crews went from Pearl to Charleston.  Dan Goldman CDR

I was a member of the A-gang on the Gold Crew.  Served under Tuffy Roberts.  Mike Pestorious was the CO, best CO I ever had.  Was a great ship. Working for Lockheed Martin now.  Robert Beck MM2(SS)

Looking forward to the Groton Reunion. Thomas Peschke MMCM(SS)

MGV - my first submarine.  I made 6 patrols from FEB '80 to DEC '82 plus I refueled her in overhaul in Charleston before moving on to shore duty in JUN '83. Served as C&RC, COMM, MPA, DCA, and Assistant Engineer. Lots of great memories with super folks.  Some of my best sea stories are from the 658.  Mike Pestorius, Pete Galbraith and George Lear were my COs.  Currently a Captain in the Reserves and will be retiring in July 2008 after 30 years.  I still stay in touch/run into old shipmates like Pestorius, Enright, & Goodlett.  Betsy and I are looking forward to the reunion in 2008 in CT.  We live in RI and I work for Raytheon. Mike Shinego ENS - LT

Still working for the Navy.  Best time I ever had was in command of the MGV GOLD.  I enjoy hearing from my shipmates.  AFter a bout with lymphoma (bone marrow cancer), doing well.   James Collins CAPT

Thiry years ... makes me scratch my head to remember names a faces. Maybe a reunion would be a good idea. Donald Denman ET1/SS

April 77' during "Mk 48 Torpedo Proficiency Firings" SUBGRU SIX sent message 291930Z APR 77 to SUBLANTn info SUBGRU SIX, SUBGRU TWO, COMSUBRON(s) SIXTEEN and EIGHTEEN that read in part, "Quick look analysis indicate eight hits out of eight weapons fired, including one TD (Tactical Development) shot.  Vallejo Blue performance superior to any SSBN observed by SUBGRU SIX TCT" As Blue Crew WEPS during that evolution, a copy of that message is among my most prised posessions. Weapons Department also had an NTPI administered by DoD that was debriefed as "closed report"- meaning zero deficiencies- The Navy Captain in charge of that inspection team had never issued a closed report before. Later, as a SUBLANT Weapons Weapons Officer, I observed many other weapons departments.  I can truly attest that Blue Weapons Department stood head and shoulders above any other. Willard McDougal LCDR

I am re-registering so that I can get the private address book. Looking forward to the 2008 reunion. Capt Collins I am glad to hear you are recovering from cancer.  I look forward to seeing you again. James Campbell TM1(SS)

My memory is not as sharp as it use to be, but I do remember serving with Paul Clay QM3 (SS), and Gary Tidwell QM2 (SS) for two or three patrols out of Rota, Spain.  After getting out the Navy, I worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico for six years as a tugboat Mate then I used my GI Bill and went to nursing school.  I've been practicing as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) for the past thirteen years.  I've been with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center for the past three years.

What memories!  Came on board in Newport News in '74 and went to the Gold crew at crew split.  Known as "EB" Ling, MM2 at the time. I served 4 years and 10 mos on the MGV and it was the best time of my 22 year career! So many memories come flooding back when I recognize old shipmates names in the comments.  Capt. Jim Collins ...probably the coolest CO I ever had, Mike "Big Red" Pestorious...still remember the time that Scotty Elhers "dry humped" Capt. Pestorious from behind thinking he was me! Louis Champeau, Mac McCrary, Tommy Langdon, and so many more names.  I'm still in Charleston.  Took up flying and now fly corporate jets and teach the Air Force wienies at the base on the side.  I would love to hear from my old friends.  David Ebeling MMCS(SS)/Ret

Keel Laying to  December 1969 Cell  920-374-0506 E Gerald (Jerry) Bruns FTB2(SS)

Most memorable events:
Being OOD and Anchoring in Bermuda harbor so everyone could get Gamma globulin shots and to medevac a sailor with hepatitis.  I think that was the only time we actually dropped anchor while I was on board.  This had pretty views, but no shore leave.
View of Bahamas through periscope during torpedo exercises... but again no shore leave.
Midshipman ops out of New London... didn't get on shore there either.
Several OT's... guess that was a good way to cut down on missile inventory before the Ohio class came out.
Navy day port call in Port Everglades, boy that British Destroyer had a nice bar in the wardroom!
Being OOD while getting dragged into drydock for refueling overhaul in Charleston.  Long slow day, got writers cramp signing tagouts, but at least it ended in shore leave.
Becoming acting navigator in drydock when some attack boat needed an emergency replacement... at least I knew exactly where I was all the time.
An earthquake while in drydock... what was that noise??  did the crane drop something on deck??
How often does Charleston have earthquakes??
Oh, and the scare when the dam on Lake Moultrie sprung a leak... How deep will the water be over the drydock??  Don't we have a few BIG holes in the hull?  And who has to navigate the crew barge out of the way??? David Robbins LT

Plank owner of Gold crew retired from General Motors in 2006 living in Memphis, Tn. Will be coordinating reunion photography at 2008 reunion looking for any volunteers to assist. William Gray FTCM (SS)

I'm looking forward to seeing all my shipmates at the next reunion. Stephen Manchur RMCS(SS)

Hope to see you at the reunion. Barry Hay STSC(SS)

While I was XO Gold from 75 to 77, I may have set a couple of records - The WETTEST XO (while being Humevac'd by some yo yo USAF helo pilot off Rota in '75), and LATEST XO for a patrol underway (Capt Collins had to put the BQR-7 OOC just to give me time to get back to Rota. Told me to stay with the tech rep who was bringing the part and I'd be ok!) Just a couple recollections of the many good times with great VALLEJO shipmates who made such vital contributions to their country's security.  Really WELL DONE guys!  CAPT William Coulter

If anyone recognizes my name, please WRITE! I would like to establish contact with my shipmates. I sailed under Commander England. Angel Suarez ET1(SS)

I know Tim would love to see all his shipmates as will I. I'm honored to do this in Tim's memory. Thanks for the invite.   Dodie Schleiger

Looking for "Harley" Lloyd Dietrich And Don Wentzel. Robert Withers MT2(SS)

Getting ready for retirement in a couple months and was looking for the Vallejo logo for my program. Seeing all the pics sure brought back memories. By far, the Vallejo was my best and most fun tour of duty in the past 20 years. God, I wish the old boats were still here! Patrick Ripley MT3(SS)

I need help from the Gold Crew members who sailed with me. There was an accident on the boat, myself and the chief corpsman were doing a inspection after field day. The ship rolled and the cover was off the meat slicer. I sliced open my left wrist. If anyone rembers this please email me, or call collect. 912/964/8073. Thanks Harry Hodges MS1(SS) Gold Crew

Great site!  Thanks for the effort. Todd Hitchins YN1(SS)

My memories of my life on the Vallejo are still important to me today as they were when I was aboard her back in 78-82.  I would love to see the guys of her crew and remember the fun we shared.  Send me an email  Hope to see and hear from any of you soon. Allan Carter IC2(SS)

Thank you so much.  The pictures brought back so many great memories.  I remember returning to college after the service and people asking me if I wanted to join a fraternity - my reply: no thanks I am aleady a member of the greatest of them all - The Steely Eyed Killers of the Deep. Larry Korak MM2(SS)

Hello,  Just checking in again after a few years.  I just completed my last sea tour as the Assistant Weapons Officer on the WVA Blue.  Had a great time and now have transferred to shore duty. SWFLANT.  If you are ever in town come by and say hello or give me an email.  Vallejo Forever.  LT Michael Welz, LDO, 6260.  P.S. Thanks Fred G. for keeping me on the right track as usual and keeping me in touch. Michael Welz LT/03E

I received the reunion info through snail mail and thought I gave my email address but must not have. thank you. bob g. Robert George MMFN

Haven't figured out why, but the memories of those I met and served with meant a good deal to me. IC3/SS Scott Mitchell

I was a plank owner. Leslie (Les) Wright EN 1(SS)

Vallejo was my first sub in 1977-1981 I qualified under Capt Pestorius. So many great memories. I was in the radio shack where Pete Haddad and Jeff Burk raised me from a mess crank to a RM2(SS) I believe I have some pictures I will send along. Any of the old crew that would like to contact me is welcome. I remember the shots we all got after Leon got sick and was take off the boat. I also remember swim call in Bermuda. I survived Kings Bay Georgia and the long dry dock in Charleston. I cherish those days even today. Thanks for the site and the memories George Dale RM2 (SS) Gold Crew

How many times do you see the numbers 658?  Ever look at your watch at 6:58?  Ever read John 6:58 in the Bible? It is amazing how common those numbers appear in every day life. But to us, they are a trigger to memories of our youth, something we are exceedingly proud of, but don?t talk about very often.   Though we came from all walks of life, a mixture of faiths and uncommon backgrounds, we were placed together aboard this boat, serving our country, sacrificing a portion of our youth and we became brothers.  I still have my quall card with the signatures of the men who were my mentors, sharing their knowledge, teaching me skills that I still rely on as part of my career.  We became friends, sharing our families, our histories and our dreams with each other. We went to sea together veering into harms way, trusting our lives to the skills of those we served with and they always returned us safely back home.  My dolphins are tarnished, but the memories I share with you are as bright as ever.  Bob McFarland MT-1(SS) Blue crew 1972-78

Fond memories of a great boat and great shipmates. Superb website.  Thanks   Craig Hanks ET2(SS)

Wonderful experience serving w/ a great crew and an outstanding skipper (James Collins). Bill Linn TM2(SS)

Looking for Scott Young (MM Nuc) and Benjamin H. Smith (QMC). Stephen Yachuw QMCS(SS)

Still working flangehead sstuff (Steam turbines and compressors)- only now for Siemens Corporation worldwide. Had wife changeout since last update. No longer with Barbara. Now married to Dee Ann (3 years). It is so very true. You can take men fro the boats - but not the boats from the men. I speak of my time on Vallejo often and with great pride. In all the years and an ocean of time since those youthful years, I have never worked with finer men.  Norman McCrary MM1(SS)

I had some tough times on the Valley Joe.  Some on the crew said I had a bad attitude and they would be correct. That has all changed now. The one man who tried to help me during that time died of Lung Cancer from smoking too young,Capt. Guthe. He was our skipper during new construction.  Yes, I am a plank owner.  There are a few people I could call "friend" on that ship and this is my effort to locate them.  After leaving the Vallejo I did an Instructor tour at Sub School in Connecticut and retired as a Senior Chief with 25 years.  I was diving Officer on my last ship the Stonewall Jackson. I was on that one for six years and it was my last ship. I will be coming to the reunion and my purpose will be to look for old friends.  I hope I will be successful. Merrill McClain MM1(SS)

Great crew - Still had a lot of plankowners on board when I got to this Great boat. Ricky, Jimmy, Bob, Wayne, miss you guys. Jim Collins the best C.O. Russell James (Russ) Rombokas STS2/(ss)

It's been a very long time, but I still think about the great MJ crew and many good memories --not the cruises.  I was too junior then to enjoy the adventure.  As a side bar, I have been searching for Steve Aumiller (CA?) since the mid-seventies, and appreciate any information that may lead me to his whereabouts.  Fair winds, Joe Robert Mitchell MM2(SS)

Just a brief update to express my appreciation on how good this site is being maintained and to let all my Plank-Owner Shipmates know how much I am looking forward to renewing our friendships.  Vallejo and her crew are special and will always be special.  See you all at the reunion in New London. Raymond Larson QM1(SS)

Served on Vallejo as A-Weps for 4 patrols; brought her back for the overhaul in 1972. John Jarrell LT

Have not been monitoring the site for awhile, but Jimmy sent me a reminder email about the reunion.  Kenny B...pick it up and git it on ya..and don't forget to wipe it off!!!  Have you even heard ANYTHING from Veedus Lareer Peak (I'm Peaking!!)?  I stay in contact with Bill Stark...he is a Captain now in the USNR but says he is retiring next year...I want him to stay in and make Admiral so Hilary can give him his flag...he would slit his wrist before that would happen!!!  I still own Bill in any and all sports.  Bill Sculley...are you still living in the Charlotte area??  Rob Thornton STS2(SS) Blue Crew '78-'81

Just found this page, it was so GREAT to see all my old friends. I made my first run with Vallejo Blue when Vallejo came around from Pearl. Six runs later I took Vallejo to Newport News ship yard and spent a year in Newport. HOPE TO SEE YA IN 2008--KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! ROBIN W GUNNING FN(SS) 658 Blue

I never knew about this site, until I read in All Hands about the reunion.  John vanKonynenburg ETCS(SS)

I was very luck, I was able to spend a day on board the boat before she went to the razor blade factory.  I think this is a fitting epitaph for the Valley-Joe: From obscurity to oblivion, she sails on in the hearts and minds of those who crewed her. T. Muckle, QM-2, SS/DV Thomas Muckle QM-2

I know I served on the ValleyJoe but cannot remember the years served, I have sinced been declared P&T by the VA. I have very severe memory loss. Would very much love to have the list of members who I have served with on board. Stephen Ditto RM1(SS)

Hello Gold crew. I was leading mess management specialist on the gold crew 1976-1979. I got my wrist cut on patrol 1979. If any member remembers this please contact me by phone 912-604-4487.  email Having problems with VA. Doc Franklin did not keep good notes. Thanks guys. Smooth sailing. Harry Hodges MS1(SS)E6

Greetings to all.  I served on the Vallejo from 1971 to 1973.  It wasn't the best of experiences for me, but I survived.  It ended with me getting involved with drugs.  I continued burying myself that way for about two years, and then my life was changed by the Lord Jesus Christ.  I now live near Gettysburg, PA.  I have photos from that era, and will submit them as soon as I can figure out how. If anyone wants to chat, you can contact me at: Rex Miller EM3(SS)

Don't have any comments, just lost my link to the crew list.  Thanks for keeping up the site.   Joseph Meier MM2

Guys I really need someones help! In 1979, while holding field day in the galley, I slipped and my left wrist went across the blade cutting it very deep.Our Doc did a lousy job with records says the VA. I have lost the use of the left hand but VA states ships records show no such accident. Please won't someone come forward and contact me ASAP by phone, 912-604-4487. E-mail me at Call collect just call please. Harry Hodges MS1(SS)

These are some sea tales and other random remembrances. (By Rex Miller)

1.  APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEIVING.  We were in AMR2 upper level working on some motors on the work bench when there was this loud bang, then a rushing sound, and then we started taking a wicked downward angle.  Everything on the work bench slid off.  One motor was lined up pretty well to continue downward through the hatch into the lower level where it banged around a bit.  What I thought had happened was that we had hit something, (the bang) was taking on water, (the rushing sound) and were heading to the briny deep.  What actually happened is that an air valve failed and blew the aft ballast tanks.  We were actually headed up.  I don't know if we broached the surface; someone else will have to tell that part of the tale.

2.  HIDDEN TREASURES.  During one field day (being really skinny) I had managed to snake through the tangle of pipes and had gotten way in behind one of the distiller units  where few have ever gone, I'm sure.  While I was back there I noticed this neat little depression in the backside of the unit.  So I took out a quarter and laid it in there to be a momento to whomsoever should manage to get back there again.  To whoever found it:  The interest comes to $23.42.

3.  IS IT HOT IN HERE OR IS IT JUST YOU?  During a drill we had people stationed on the sound powered phones throughout the sub.  I had to relieve the guy who was in the tunnel area, the area above the reactor compartment where it stays really hot.  The phones were fairly comfortable units with a soft cushion covered in a mesh of some sort.  That mesh had absorbed a great deal of the previous guys sweat.  So, it was gross beyond measure to put on these phones and have someone else's sweat running down my face.

4.  CLOSE QUARTERS, AND LACK OF SUNLIGHT.  Two things seemed to happen on the two patrols I took.  Everyone seemed to get a cold twice.  Once, when we left and were in close quarters with each other, and then, again when we got back because our resistance had dropped while on patrol.  The second thing was how the lack of sunlight had affected peoples appearance.  When we saw the other crew come back they looked so pale they were almost green.  I'm sure we did too.

5.  WATCH OVERBOARD.  Before I left for one cruise, I had purchased a nice watch.  It was self-winding, and had an alarm built in.  (in those days, that wasn't common)  I had it on one of those leather straps which were popular at the time, held in place with two snaps.  One day, returning to the sub from the tender, they had the end of the gangway blocked for some reason.  the gangway extended well onto the sub, so I thought I would just jump over the side of it on to the surface of the sub.  That part went well.  But one of the snaps caught on the piping on the rail and neatly popped my watch off the band.  It hit the deck and skidded off into the drink.

6.  TROUBLE IN "STORE".  During my first days on the sub I had mentioned that I needed to go to the ship's store on the tender.  Someone said there was one on the sub and told me where it was.  They also gave me a list of things they needed too, along with a large trash bag.  As I went forward to find it, they called ahead to tell them to expect me.  When I got there, those guys said they had moved it this cruise.  When I got to where they sent me, (being warned ahead) they sent me elsewhere.  This probably went on longer than I would care to remember.  I should have gotten their money up front. Rex Miller EM3(SS)

Does anyone have any more info about Paul Sutherland?  He is listed as having passed away but there are no details whatsoever.  If anyone knows where he was living, or anything else please post it here or send me an email at  Rex Miller EM3

For the past 18 years I have been working for Electric Boat at the Trident Sub base in Bangor, WA, however, I am currently at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) to supervise our logistical support for an SSGN extended refit. One of the major tasks of PSNS is cutting up old ships, or as they like to call it ? recycling, and submarines make up the bulk of the work. Right across from the building I am in is the Inactive Nuclear Ship Facility, and from the window by my desk, I can see about a dozen submarine hulls (mostly 688 Class with a few 637s thrown in). They are all nested together; most have the hull number spray painted on the sail. No shore power, just a few cables, probably for lighting and maybe a pump so that they don't sink before their date with the blow torch. Two of the dry docks here are of interest. In one, there are two submarines, well, one sub and part of another one. A couple of years ago, the USS San Francisco SSN 711 collided with an undersea mountain, killing one sailor and causing extensive damage to the bow section and forward ballast tanks. Instead of scrapping that boat, they decided to repair it using the bow section from the USS Honolulu SSN 718. Reason: 79 million to repair San Francisco vs. 170 million to refuel the Honolulu. So now they are in the same dry-dock. San Francisco has a new bow, but can't be undocked until they finish cutting up the Honolulu. All that is left is a section of the engine room. Most of the hull has been cut away exposing what is left of the propulsion plant. The turbines are gone and you can see down into the main condensers. Everyday there is a little bit less. The USS Honolulu is simply disappearing. By far, the most interesting sight is in another dry-dock. The USS Triton SSN 586 was the largest U.S. submarine ever built until the USS Ohio (Trident). It was also the first U.S. nuclear submarine to be decommissioned. It has been out of service since May 1969, and where it has been since then I don't know, but now it is in dry-dock at PSNS to be "recycled". A good part of the bow and stern have been removed and the ship has been cut in half to facilitate removal of the reactor compartment. There are large sections of hull plating removed exposing external frames and the pressure hull, and large access holes have been cut in the sides. To me, it looks too much like a large fish that has been washed up on a beach for a couple of days and has been subjected to the attentions of seagulls and crabs. This piece of history, the first ship to circumnavigate the globe submerged, is also disappearing. My head understands all of this. These relics of the Cold War are no longer needed and scrap metal is at an all time high. But it is sad to see these fighting ships, once the pride of the silent service, going off to such an inglorious end. Andy Prescott EMC(SS) Retired

Tuffy Roberts and med patrols....what a way to grow up. Best time of my life being on the MGV Blue from around 70-74 including the shipyard. Any one know the where abouts of Allen Lamby, Larry Guthrie, and Joe Mitchell?
Sail on, Steve Aumiller MM2/SS Blue MGV STEVE AUMILLER MM2/SS

I'm the reunion coordinator for Tcup. Looking for a cook-- Steve Thompson-- who transfered from us to you in late 68/early 69. He was one of the participants in your infamous Guam to Hawaii flight that nearly got us all banned from Anderson AFB. His best pal on 658 was a guy named Steve Sawyer. Thanks for your help. John Flynn

Please can anyone help me. I was involved in a shipboard accident on the Gold Crew slicing my left wrist on the meat slicer. Poor ship records along with our Doc. I have lost the use of my left hand Veterans Hospital needs records this happend on this Sub. Please email me at, call 912-604-4487. Any help will be appreciated. HarryHodges MS1(SS) Gold Crew

Re-registering due to phone number change and another copy of the address book. Looking forward to the reunion. Dan McGarry MM1 (SS)

I am the wife of CPO Hamblin. He is very ill and has been for seven years now. It seems that we are nearing the end of his journey. I have been trying to contact some of the men that served with him. The Navy was his life and the men he served with were his family.
Any calls or cantact from anyone who served with my husband would be welcome. He can no longer speak but enjoys hearing from people he served with. It means the world to him. Calls or e-mails would mean alot to him.
I am not very good with the computer and just found this site. I wish I had found it sooner.
Mary Hamblin wife to CPO Stephen B Hamblin Stephen Hamblin CPO

Would like to know more about the reunion? David Mogg MT1(SS)

I just wanted to thank you all, your wives, families and significant others who attended this year's Reunion and made it such a great success. Our next Reuion will be in 2011, and over the next few years there will be plenty of opportunity to help plan, sign up and participate in the process. Thanks again, and on behalf of this year's Reunion Committee, we wish you all calm seas and following winds. Jim Huston - 2011 Reunion Committee Chair Jim Huston ET1(SS)

I was very upset to see that Mark Gunderson had passed away. He was a shipmate of mine while I served on the Blue crew. Please forward obituary information to my e-mail if available. Thank You KENNETH COWART MM1/SS

My husband, Don Duvall, rode the 658 in the mid-80’s. He tries to keep up with goings on through your website and it has given us many evenings of enjoyment. His health is precarious but he keeps on truckin’ along. Don has written a novel entitled Empty Quiver! (pen name D.L. Hart). It is being published by Publish America and is available on their website at :

2008 Reunion was a grand success. I am currently working on the site to get pictures up for all to see. We collected more photos than any other event thus far. I have also been receiving scans of older boat pictures. So dig into those old shoe boxes and scan the pictures. Send them in for all your shipmates. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE REUNION COMMITTEE: CHRIS FARVER, ROGER SHOEMAKER, BILL GRAY, JIM HUSTON AND SKIP ATTAWAY. Fair winds and following seas......... webmaster JC

I have some pictures taken of the crew and boat. I will send them along when I get the chance. Larry Ellis TM2(SS)

Not sure any more which crew I was on. I was in RC div. ETCM Jim Davis was the LPO. Ernest Aubin ET2(SS)

The 2008 Reunion postings are complete. Lnks on the home page. Enjoy!! JC

Proudly served on Gold crew initially and then the combined crew during the shipyard period and the Blue Crew after the shipyard. The MGV was the best boat in the fleet! Donald Duvall MT1/SS

I am now retired from the Navy. Went on to be an Instructor at Damneck, then to the USS West Virginia and ended up at Kings Bay. There wasnt a better boat in the fleet now or then. Greenwood Thomas MT1(SS)

My father was HN Hibbs. He served proudly on the Vallejo for two years as a helmsan/planesman and corpsman striker under Captain England. He unfortunately passed away in 1998, but his pride has been carried on through me. I'm now entering my second year as Active Duty Navy, serving as a machinist mate aboard the USS Henry M. Jackson out of Bangor, Wa. I still have his name badge and belt buckle with the Vallejo insignia on it displayed along with his sea service medals, boomer pin and dolphins. I'm close enough to my own sub quals that I've already decided to send my fish home to be displayed alongside my father's. The thing that always made him proudest to serve aboard the Vallejo was that his great-uncle had been a member of the build team that assembled her in Mare's Head. He felt it was appropriate that he serve and carry on the family tradition as a proud member of 658Blue crew. Harold Hibbs HN/E2

I just wanted to pass the word, I received an email from Bruce Hamblin's wife. He passed away 19 Aug 08 after a long illness. Bruce was on the combined crew in the yards and then gold crew until 86 or 87. Bill Jordan

Retired as QMC SS/SW miss everything about he Sub community and the Navy Life in general. I was with a great group of men onboard. I was wondering if Jim Carter is still offerig Mid Shipmen suckers? Arnold Redmond QM2 /SS

Wow 20 years since sailing! Great to have spent some quality time with quality people! Mark Webel EM2(SS)

I came across this site while researching a lost WWII US submarine. Along with being stationed on the Vallejo for approximately eight years, I was also part of the decommissioning crew for the her.(Bremerton WA.)
The last view I had of her was walking away from her mooring in the dry dock with welders arc's coming through her hull. It's great to see photos of her again. Well done on the site! Retired David Howard RM2(SS)

I followed your ship in 1972 threw a close friend and got to work on it finally at Newport News VA at the shipyard as a welder. My friends name was Alan Lambie. Ended up being a Master Chef now retired in FL. I have worked aeny ships after that but I will always remeber the Vallejo SSBN658. I always wanted to serve on a sub like yours but got drafted and sent to VIETNAM. Good luck to all of you who have served. B.A. Marshall.

Shipmates Bob Mattson and Ray Larson

My husband Jimmy was on the Gold crew in mid 80's. My son, Justin and I were up unitl 2:00 am looking for familiar names. Jimmy died in a swimming/diving accident in Sept 1999. Justin was small, but he remembers Chief Baumgartner, Chavez, and Scantlin. We were wondering what happened to everyone? Mrs. Jimmy Hitt

Long time gone buy, Thanks for the site and the memories. James Middlebrooks YNSN(SS)

Arrived as an RM3(SU) departed as an RMC(SS) Select. 1st charge after arrival at SUBSCOL New London for Instructor training was "Transferring to avoid Initiation". Retired in 1999 as an ETCS(SS). Patrick Hancock RM1(SS)

My father David Tenholder served on this boat i now am in the navy and was wanting to see if i could get my dad reconnected to his old shipmates. Benjamin Tenholder MTSN

I sailed o T. A. Edison, SSBN610 with a Willard Ross,STSCS(SS)who I believe may have served on 658...Trying to locate him for upcoming re-union. If you have contact info on him, please advise me, & foreward my info to him.
PS...I really enjoyed your site...great bunch of entries. Bill Andrea USSVI ESD5 CDR William Andrea STS2(SS)

Was on board until the the very end. I would love to hook up with the rest of you guys. My wife just happened to find this page and told me about it. I have missed all the reunions so far, but would love info about future reunions. Joel Olive

It is something I was glad I did, but would not want to do again. Maybe because I am an old geezer now. James Powell MM3(SS)

On board 75 -78 with a great crew. I was on 6 submarines in my 26 years of Navy life and I remember more people form MGV than any boat. Made Chief (FTB) on board but transfered to Daniel Boone before putting on the hat. Stuck aroung the force long enough to make FTCM (SS) and COB on the Henry Clay.

Would like to hear from any shipmates. John Schreiber FTB1(SS)

Looking for member of commissioning crew or member of blue crew. Donald Stewart

I was not a crew member, but was a contractor with Sperry Systems Management (SSM) and lead engineer for the navigation compartment during refurbishment of this boat in 1973 at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. Francis Daugherty was my onsite SSM supervisor, and I remember that Terry P. and Lloyd Held were our shipyard liaisons with the Navy personnel. Craig Grimm, Contractor

My uncle, Clinton P. Derwingson [QM], was an original crew member. He died in 1990 and is buried at the national cemetery in San Francisco. He was my godfather and I looked up to him. His proudest achievment was serving aboard the Mariano G. Vallejo. If anyone knew him and could let me know about his time on the boat I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and God bless all who served under the seas to ensure America's security.

Some of the most memorable years of my life. I thought I registered here before, but must not have. Would love to go to the next reunion and see some old friends. John Ryan, Ronnie Butler, Red Smith, Tiny Stull, Danny Ogletree, Chris Branch, Jim Semker, Terry Powell, Fritz Bobzin, Kenny Fodrell, Brent Beltran... Just to name a few. I'll go through some old pictures and see what I have. RIP Teddy and Cecil. Anyone, feel free to contact me. Dennis Zeiber MM2(SS)

I Can't think of a better way to start a career than as a submarine Officer. I would like to hook up and catch up with shipmates. Richard Rosenkoetter LCDR

I was priviledged to have sailed with some of the finest sailors that ever boarded a ship. Some that come to mind are Raymond King, Jon Anderson, David Niemy, David Mogg, Lloy Allen, Jim O'Connell, B.C Avilla, Chuck Sipple, Frank Fagel, Fred Whittaker, John Badte, Steven Zack, John Serna, John Savitz, Tom Sommers, Ben Greenwood, George Ashmore, Tom Paul, Dan Nolan, and the rest of the Blue crew 1969-1972. Tom Voss MT1(SS)

Thanks for running a great web site. I only sailed one patrol on the Valley-Jo in 1981, but its one of the most memorable periods of my life. Thanks for keeping me current! David Weiser QMSA/SU

I want to thank everyone for the great reunion. It was great to see you all, and I am looking forward to the next one already. JR Tackett Gold Crew A Div 1971-1975


I reported to the Vallejo (Blue Crew) during off-crew as a Ensign in March, 1981. LT Larry Camille (later the Operations Officer on the USS Bonefish (last diesel boat in the fleet) was the Weapons Officer and LTJG Norman Michellini was the AWEPS. There was a LT Bill _? was also AWEPS and he looked just like "Opie" on the Andy Griffith show. The NEW Commanding Officer was Commander George "The Bear" Lear from the Fresno, California area had relieved Commander Don Lahata. Commander England relieved Command Lear. I sailed on the GREEN Crew prior to the Overhaul in Charleston and sailed on the BLUE Crew following the overhaul. After the overhaul I recall LT Joe Peterson (Gold Crew) who later became Captain Joe Peterson and LT (LDO) Thomas Gordon YingLing, the DASO Weapons Officer. I met a number of Fine notables who ARE TRULY OUTSTANDING MEN: MSC Cecil Weeks, MM1 Teddy Gardner, MMCM Brooks, RM1 Daughtery, the RMC whose names now escapes me but, served with Teddy as a Seaman Vallejo Plank owner, and ETCS Bartlett. I appreciate this website. Keep up the Good work. Thanks, Harold Kennell LT

Retired 1983 TMCS(SS) USS William H. Bates (SSN680) Lawrence Sullivan TM1(SS

I served on the SSBN 658 many moons ago, and just discovered this web site. It sure brings back memories of my younger years! I put in my six years in the Navy, then 24 more in the Army, retiring as an engineer colonel in 2000. Go figure. Honestly the Navy was better duty than the dark side provided, but all service is good and I'm proud of every day.As a side note, the Engineer Officer during my era, LCDR Don Olsen, made VADM, and I ran into him in the Pentagon at lunch one day. It's sure a small world. Best of luck to all crew! Joe Robert (Joe) Mitchell MM2(SS)

2 deterrence patrols Ronald Alexander EM-2(SS)

I had no idea you guys had kept up this way! Ronald Butler

I served as the medical officer for 4 patrols. Not many Dr's (if any) did 4 patrols. Does anyone know? I also Qualified as officer of the deck and stood many watches as OD. Did many other Dr's do that? My Captain wanted to get me gold dolphins but they wouldn't do it. Would love to go to Mare Island, but I can't walk and am on chemotherapy. Try and do stuff like this before you get cancer. It may sneak up on you. Roddie Reed LT

The first boat is always the worst at the time, but becomes the best over time. Brent Loiselle ET2(SS)

hood, wigfall, wampler, renolds, slo, rush, mcnooner, all the other cooks, hello Jeffery Barber ms3/ E-4

I have a lot of great memories, especially the knuckleheads in Missile Division. Nice to simply see the names and comments of so many that are forever in my memories. Gary Lowery MT1(SS) 1976-1979 Gary Lowery MT1(SS)

Great site. Joseph Peterson Ltjg

Served on board when James E. Collins was commanding. Leo Robinson TMSN/SS

This is a fine looking web site. Every time I've dropped in it was better. Computer inaccessibility meant that was infrequently, but now I hope to get in here more often.Maybe re-live (or try to live down) some sea stories from Dunoon. Like barhog adventures or eating late night goatburgers on Ardanadam Pier while waiting for the launch. Anthony Linkowski FTB2(SS)

Damn, has it been 10 years since the Vallejo reunion?? Just dredged up tons of great memories, and came across a piece of the hull while unpacking after moving to Yaki-vegas, Washington. Kinda like California but the booze is cheaper. If Chris Farver would have been this productive while on the boat, he would have been CNO. Saw Brian Helgeson a few months ago in his home turf, Centralia Washington. Looking forward to the next reunion!! Get a haircut Kouns, for chrissakes!! Anyone heard from or seen Tom Yingling? If anyone wants to go skiing in the winter or climb Mt. Rainier in the summer, hit me up. Jim Mitchell 79 -84 Blue Jim Mitchell FTB1(SS)

I was on the gold crew when we sailed from Hawaii to Charleston and also made a stop at the Annapolis, before going to Holy Loch. "Doc" Al Kerns Albert Kerns LCDR (MC) USNR

Hi Shipmates! Walter Schaub MM2(SS)

All good things must come to an end. I retire from the US Army Reserves on 19 September 2009 as CH(LTC). George Rogers Sr. EM1(SS)

I am the Co-Founder of the Mare Island Historic Park along with my Wife, Dolores. I was able to save the Sail, Anchor Chain, and the contents of the USS VALLEJO Control Room in 1996. THe Control Room components are now located in the Mare Island Museum at 8th and Railroad Ave. in Building 46. This building was opened in 1855, originally as a Blacksmith Shop.
The Control Room display is undergoing improvement at this time by former M.Is. machinists. Mare Is. Historic Park Foundation. Kenneth Zadwick

I joined the Vallejo Blue in Off-crew, Feb, 1981 as the 2nd AWEPS joining LT(JG) Norman Michelini. Capt. G.B. (Great Bear) Lear was C.O. MM1 (SS)Teddy Gardner and MMCM (SS) Brooks were onboard. I went through the Charleston Shipyard overhaul and had a blast taking her apart and puttin her back together. Harold Kennell LT

Wonderful work on the website!! Randall Avers LT

Was on the web looking for a picture of VALLEJO for my retirement cake and found this wonderful site. Fantastic memories brought back to life thanks to my old shipmate Mike McCord! Boy, do I remember bidding with Doc Franklin to get the pie to smack LCDR Fitzpatrick during halfway night on my second patrol. I also remember the cherry and getting smacked right back. A few years later, CAPT Fitzpatrick pinned my SWO pin on me when he was CO, USS EMORY S. LAND (AS-39). Sincerely, Joe Castell (former 658 Gold YN)

Just checking to see if I recognize any new names. I sailed on her from 80-83 under CDR Lachata as CO and CDR Riffer XO. A flood of memories hit me at one time as I read through the comments again. Cecil 'I can't afford to feed ya' Weeks (rest in peace my friend), John 'slick' Ryan, Rod Lassiter, Gary Gistinger, Ronnie Butler, Brent Beltran, Stan Harp, Steve Cisco, Brett Calloway, Dennis Zeiber, AC Foust, I know y'all are out there, and to everyone else, I can see your faces I just can't remember everyone's name (sorry), thank you for the memories, Jimmy I appreciate all your hard work here.. RM2(SS) Kenny Foddrill

David Young got out of the Navy after one tour, then attended Michigan State University. He got B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Computational Mathematics, then got a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Dr. Young now works at a supercomputer center in Huntsville Alabama. David Young MM1(SS)

Actually I was on SSBN598 Blue crew, and Im hoping to find a fellow friend, and shipmate.He was on the Gold crew (1971-1972-----)His name is Dan Logan from Oregon. Thanks for any help Doc Holliday.

It would be nice to speak toor see some shipmates. Bret Callaway TM2(SS)

I came on board in 1978 during Blue crew R&R, did one patrol, torpedo test off Cocoa Beach, reaquirement of sound signatures, ORSE board, real long poker games and the 1978 missle launch (I heard 3 of the 4 made it). Soon befriended by Mike 'Woody' Hodges, Billy Thighpen & Mike Little. Later by MMC David Crandell and Chief Ervin Keiser (had an used Ford interceptor model). Reported with MMC Kees (Keys?) - had two different colored eyes, Alan Lustgarten EM3, some ETCS (Nickerson?) that replace Crandell as the most Senior Enlisted Nuc, ET3 Rick who was married to a latino wife and could speak spanish and others. Seemed like it was the last patrol for Mr Warren Green, COB Foster and CO Hassler (said the MGV was a Rolls Royce), the new CO flew back to stateside with the crew after the patrol. I was a MM2 Nuc welder along with Lew Smith. I remember the sonar/radioman confined to Roto, served on the Cn of Pi.. when we went stateside, I heard he got into some trouble with the Guardia Civil the previous patrol. During this patrol some striker got drunk and did the Captains Mast, The ELTs like Cruikshank and Tim? Thompson (he told me all the time that his wife was seeing someone, later I think it came to light and it was a crewmember) - sad. Cruikshank wrestling a large trash bag of dripped/leaked radio water from the sampling valves. Billy Thigpen had to take over the lead MM position because the more senior MM couldn't handle the guys. I remember Doc Holcomb HM2 and who was that a-gang chief that was the longest serving veteran of the MGV, started when he was a striker and never transferred off (McKillip). Mike Wiersma always taking photos (he gave me two of the MGV in the floating drydock on keelblocks) and using that baby powder all over. Norm Hall's tragedy with his ex wife's boyfriend and Norm stepping up to take care of his children. Ralph Turner EM2, Steve Banister as BERT especially when EMC Kees did the break in line for 2nd helpings while others stood waiting for their first serving. The famous EFNOB!
passed around and lost, only to be found by the GOLD crew during a field day. I remember the MM2 Mike Wilson? qualified as EWS and getting out, married to the radioman's sister and expecting their first baby. Bill Schlink, his old car and his ferret, Smitty always busting Tom Sugars (once, when taking a shower and letting the water run, Smitty yanked the door open and I think he was going to chastise me for using the water until he saw it was a fellow MM). I remember driving the jeep in ROTO and accidently giving a ride to another EM2 to the phone center and getting a dressing down because no jeeps, no poopie suits should be anywhere by the Roto PX. In fact, it seemed like I got my chops busted a lot by COB Foster for shirt tail, snatching a poopie suit and once, the tanks were blown while I was on the john because the rover didn't check the stall and gave the all clear to blow. He didn't admit it so the ensuing mess was deemed my fault. Foster got replaced by the yeoman chief and he took the office of COB to a totally different level. After the patrol, back stateside, I overslept my duty day to fix the coffee for the office and EO Jim Henry dressed me down. I don't know what it was but there was a lot of complaining, unhappiness. So much that Woody Hodges got out, myself and two others subsequently got out which later, I regretted. I did enjoy the time in the Navy and wish I was as strong witness as Tom Sugar was. With a sense of duty, I now work for less money at VA hospital as a Nurse ministering to our sick military team members. David Cox MM2 (nuc)

I honestly don't remember if I was Gold or Blue Crew. Gold just sounds right. I am soooo debriefed. Robert Steffen MM1 SS

I looked through the photo album and recognized several crew members on the Blue crew, must have been cruize after I got off ship. I transfered off in Feb or Mar 1977. Discharged 1 April 1977. Robert Steffen MM1 SS

Thank you! I finally figured out I was on the Blue crew..... I think? Oh well. Haven't thought about it at all for years. Was looking up something on my mapping program in Scotland and remembered Holyloch and clicks led to clicks and here I am. Some where I have one photo of a very young me, swiggin' down a beer on the sand in Rota, Spain. If I come across it again, I'll send it your way. I'm currently a long-haul truck driver. Have been since discharged in April '77. Put all that nuclear training to use. Ha! Thanks for maintaining the site. Robert Steffen MM1 SS

I wish I had checked out this web page sooner. What a great trip back memory lane. Neil Cunningham FTB2(SS)

Served as Communicator on Gold then shipyard tgen Blue crew. Mike McLochlin LCDR

Served on the Blue crew and the overhaul crew at Charleston Naval Shipyard as the Leading PN. ORVILLE RICHARD PNCM(SS)

Ted Gardner was my LPO, AC Foust, Chris Branch, Joe Tessenair, Randall Smith, Chief Sadler, Bull Nuke MMCM Brooks
Thanks, Joe. Joseph Gumienny MM3(SS)

First boomer. Great crew. Had some of my best times in the Navy. Bruce Snyder MM2(SS)

A shame to see the sail in such bad shape. I sure slapped a lot of paint on her. Lol. Anyone that lives in the area, I hope you will give her a fresh paint job. She was an grand ole girl! Joe Pierce... 2 over easy my friend. James Peay E-4

Very proud of the service that USS M.G. Vallejo SSBN 658 provided to the United States during a dangerous period in our history. The history of this service, of the service provided by the "41 for Freedom", and by the service presently being performed by tireless crews of today's SSBN and SSGN crews must be preserved, and done so publicly. I like the idea of funding (at least partially) with brick sales, and want to do whatever is necessary to help make that happen. Jim, thanks ever so much for your dedication to the preservation of our history and of our memories; we are all in your debt.
Best to all who served. Craig Hanks ETN2(SS) {Gold} 26 December 2009


Plank Owner Leslie Wright EN-1(SS)

Looking for Tom Branch, Torpedoman, 73-76 time zone. Richard Waite MT1(SS)

To Bob Steffen, you were definitely on the Blue Crew as we sailed together 74-77. I was an ELT and you were LELT during my time on board. As I recall you always said you wanted to drive truck. Good to see a note from an old shipmate. Paul W Smith MM2(SS)

The picture of the sail is very sad, like a tomb stone. How many Battle E's did she and her crew get over the years? Now this is about all that is left... Daniel MaGill EM2(SS)

Really enjoyed reading the comments and the stories posted during the past year. It was great to be a part of the Groton Reunion in 2008 as well. Still a Methodist Minister. If you are on facebook, just enter my name Emile Tosso, and my page should pop up. Yeah I look older - but much wiser now. Look forward to hearing from you and reading your stories on this weblog. Grace and peace. Fair winds and following seas. Rev. Emile Tosso Emile Tosso LT

Love telling my children of the Vallejo , they both wanted to serve in the Navy but both are hearing impaired so they were declined . Both are doing fine and are tremendous Div1 college athletes Gary Boatman IC3(SS)

Came to the 658 from SSN 653. Started on Gold Crew. Combined crews and went through overhaul as Blue. Added the first Star in Oct. 84. Post overhaul stayed with Blue crew. Upon Completion of crew re-certification and qualifications, I Transfered to SSN 686. William Bell MMCM (SS)

Just got done taking a tour of the USS San Juan, SSN-751 with my son, David Jr (Andy), EM2, soon to be SS. With any luck, I'll be back in New London in April to pin my original dolphins on my son. What an honor. David Ballot EM1(SS)

Served as DCA on Vallejo as a Lt. Retired in 1992 as Captain, USN. Served on Sandlance, Vallejo, Simon Lake,Bancroft, Rivers and commanded USS Ray - and various staffs. Final tour was as CO SUBTRAFAC, Charleston. How many of my old A gangers are signed on????? Stephen Johnson LT

Really enjoyed my time on the VALLEJO. John Rosenow LCDR(ret)

Anything on the west coast is fine with me for the next reunion venue. Ronald Nowak MT2(SS)

In retrospect it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be. Paul Flemming STS3(SS)

I didn't serve on the Vallejo, but my father, who was in the Air Force stationed at Travis AFB, was part of the Air Force contingent that performed the flyover for the launching ceremony. Since my father's squadron was in the ceremony, our family attended as guests. Do you have "honorary shipment" slots available?
Marlon Medina

I served with great honor and devotion while assigned to the Gold Crew. I will never forget the men i served with. God Bless them all for their great service to our country!!! Pedro Andreu MT3(SS)

Guam is good. William Cepeda LT

Greatest crew I served with. No comparison to any other boat I was on. John Englehart QM2(SS)

Served on the Blue crew and the overhaul crew at Charleston Naval Shipyard 79 - 83 Joseph Graham EM1(SS)

Wasn't on the Vallejo long (2 years) but I consider it one of the best things I done.
Lyle D. Conklin EN2(SS)

Just revisited for the first time in much too long. Bravo Zulu Jim Carter!! Everything is in outstanding condition. The Memorial page is exceptional! It was good to see comments from some early seventies shipmates. When I tried to look-up emails, I found my access was expired. So here I am re-registering. Looking forward to helping with the 2011 reunion in Vallejo (all of fifteen minutes from where I live). Everybody PLEASE vote in November! We took an oath and served to protect the country from ALL enemy's, foreign and DOMESTIC. We are being destroyed from within! Bill Linne 1969-1975 (Retired RMCM(SS) in 1989)

658 was the best boat I served on. I was proud to be on the commissioning crew. Jerry Clutter RM1(SS

Talk to Ballvalve! Harry Gibson RM1(SS)

I'll see you at the 2011 reunion. John Fox MM1 (SS)

Not sure if it was blue or gold, but I think that the XO's name was Hurt and the leading sonar PO was, I believe, Roberts. Sorry about my memory going south with everything else. Have a good one. Adam (Dutch) Dijkman STSC (SS)

I have some old 35mm slides from a couple of patrols in 76 and 77 that I scanned and can send to someone if there is interest. Bill Roderick LT

I'm looking for the "GOLD" plank owners & I'm interested in the 2011 reunion. George Viszmeg MM2(SS)

Every couple of months I have a recurrent submarine dream. I am supposed to get out of Navy, but have to make one more patrol. Seems the more time passes the more you remember the good and forget the bad. The poem "The Cylinder" hit home with me. I actually remember reading it while on board. There were some great people serving on board during my time. MMCM Brooks, Capt. George Lear, XO Joe Enright. I just read where MM1 Gardner passed away some years ago. He was A-Div LPO when I was DCA. I currently work as a Family Physician in Aiken, SC. Would never be where I am today if it were not for the Navy. Dale Gordineer LT

I got out of the Navy in May 1975 after 4 years in the Navy. While aboard Vallejo, I worked for a YNC(SS) James V. Stinchcomb, Jr. (as well as the XO, LCDR Arland Kuester). I am now in the Billiards business in Charleston, SC, and a few weeks ago, a nephew of Chief Stinchcomb's came into my store. When he made a charge with his credit card and I recognized the name Stinchcomb, I asked if his father was on submarines. He stated that it was his father's brother, and that he had died a few years ago. I do not recall the cause of death, but it was some type of illness. I believe that he was still living in the Charleston area at the time of his death. Our conversation was in May 2010. Dennis Rash PN2 (SS)

I now work in Operator Training, with Progress-Energy, at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant, in Southport, NC. I was part of E-Div with JJ Fortier, Dave Ferricks, Dave Zoebel, Jim Noftsger, Pat Smidabush, Mike Pell, Richard Olson, Dave Dickey, Gene Obie, Max Megeral, Gus Gossell, and many others. Do you remember Stumpy in M-Div. Paul cripe was first Engineer, then Dave Miller. Lt. Slack, Koskie, Cassella, Fink were some of the officers during that time. ROs were Mark Ives, Bill Roberson, Tony Gick, Hanks, and Gary. Also, Fitzpatrick, Coulter, Collins as XOs and Captains. David Gainvors EM1(SS)

Former EM2 onboard Vallejo Blue. Now CO of USS OAK HILL (LSD 51) in Little Creek, VA. (June 2010) Dave Bauer CDR

In reference to (A-Ganger) Jimmy Crowe on the Memorial wall: About a dozen of the 658 crew were at the enlisted club in Rota Spain, enjoying a few brews during a crew swap. The place was very busy because there were several skimmers in port also. Jimmy Crowe was getting "Pappy Parker" and himself a beer from the bar. While returning to the table with the brews he passed one of the skimmer tables and a big Marine stood up in Jimmy's way and demanded one of the beers (to safely pass). Jim wasn't a very big guy, but as we listened , Jimmy looked the Marine in the eyes and said, "you may be able to whip my ass, but you can't whip me and my 12 friends over there..." As our table stood up, the Marine sat back down. Jimmy loved A-Gang, Country music and the Navy. We had a carrousel cassette player in the back wall of the crew's mess that Jimmy was always filling with country music. I remember Jimmy and Pappy Parker singing along with a tape by Charlie Pride "The Green Green Grass of Home " during the talent show on halfway night... (It's one of the pictures posted on the photo gallery pages.) That was over 30 years ago, and Jimmy still brings a smile to my face when I hear that song... MT1(SS) Bob McFarland (blue crew 1978)

I am having trouble with the VA about a back injury that took place onboard I believe in 1976. When the meat rack in the alley way over the freezer broke free and hit me in the lower back. The VA says no entry in med record. So I am trying to find names of those who where there and hopefully get a statement from them to help me with my claim and maybe get a copy of the ships log entry showing the incident. Plus find the corpsman and get a statement from him. Ronald Chapin CSSA/MSCS(SS)

68-71 Blue crew sailed with a great crew. I was the IC forward the night we almost lost the boat due to flooding in the Missle Compartment. Does anyone remember the deep fat fryer fire? Jack Robeda IC2(SS)

I have fond memories of the boat, some of the best times of my life were aboard the Valleyjo, and Cmdr. Collins was the best Sub Captain in the Navy. Jessie Taylor MSSN

Hey, I have registered my father, Roy Carter. He passed away April 2009. I'm sorry my family has not submitted something sooner. I know how much he remembered some of you and cherished his time with you. I am his eldest daughter, age 48 and my name is Merritt. You can reach me at 951-249-1846...Thanks! Roy Carter

Hello to all my shipmates that put the mighty Vallejo to sea during my tenure ... 1984-1989. I had a great time serving with you. Rodney Scantlin FTB1(SS)

My first boat and by far the best. Just got back from Iraq and waiting until they commission the Vallejo again so I can go back to sea! Richard Panico ET2(SS)

Served in NAVET div with Old Man Barlett ( he did not like me a bit!) Bulldog Thompson, Lane Pipkin and Max (Dandy) Benson. Just got back from Iraq (active U.S. Army) and have to stay in shape so I can pick a rack when they commission the new Vally Joe! Rick Panico ET(2SS)

My Dad is/ was Jimmy D. Hitt. My name is William Justin Levi Hitt, and I am currently in Iraq serving the United States Army. I just wanted to drop a line and say that my mother, brother and I really appreciate you putting Dad's name up on the site. He was proud to serve, and always told me of the brothers he had lost contact with from his Navy days. Please get my email out to his shipmates, so that I can rekindle that brotherhood for him. My email Thank you again, PFC William J. Hitt 112th Sig Bn

You may remember me as "Hippo." I served on the Vallejo (Gold Crew) from 71-75, under Capt Schneider and then Capt. Collins. Some of you may remember me as the guy that drove the bus in Newport News when we were there for overhaul. I learned perserverance while on the Vallejo. I remember when I was on the planes, we lost all hydraulics and were going down. Lumpy was in the galley screaming that we were all going to die! I wish I could remember the machinist's name--that went through hot hydraulic oil and reached for a valve and gave us back vital hydraulics and saved the crew. Dominguez Hipolito E3

Served on the blue crew,'77-'80, with the greatest crew on the greatest boat ever to dive into the deep. I was a quartermaster with Gary Tidwell, Paul the Perv, Tim Redmond, Mark Jensen, Chief Gino Sharp and Hazard to name a few. Thank you all for the fond memories and stories I still tell today. Jimmy I still have an old poloroid of us standing topside watch. I also have one of a bunch of us topside the day I got sent to SEPS. I drove someones car (Brett Callaway?) from Kings Bay to Charleston that morning and the owner and buddies had made a last call at the local watering holes in it before heading out on sea trials. I remember it was covered in vomit inside and out!! What a miserable trip back to Charleston that was. Hell, the paint came off of it when I washed it back in C-town.
Mr. Tosso, now a man of the cloth...?? Well, I guess we all were affected in some way. Just kiddin' Tosso you were an outstanding officer. (Okay, now I'm REALLY kiddin')
I remember so many of you all and won't drag into all the stories here and now. I hope to share them with you next year at the reunion. However, I would like to give a shout out to some old friends and shipmates that have never been far from mind: Kenny Baker, Bill Schlink, Tidwell, JC, Tom Anderson, Ken Knoblett, Lt. Randy Avers, COB Foster, COB Reed, Cam Degg, Todd Hutchins, Preston and Danny Dodd(cooks), Chief Pete (RIP), all my fellow quartermasters, Graham Forsythe and his old roomie Rick, Wes Kouns and to so many others whose faces float through my mind but whose names my old memory cannot recall at this moment. You know who you are anyway.
If anyone would like to drop me a line sometime please do so to: It would be great to hear from you! Until then, be well my brothers. Peace. Greg Fischer QM2/SS 658Blue GREG FISCHER QM2/SS

I just found the site thanks to the Linked In Navy Nucs group. Bruce Guilbeault MM1(SS)

Vallejo is a big part of my professional career. I qualified on her and later she served in my Squadron in Kings Bay from 87 to 89. I look forward to the reunion!
All the best, Al Konetzni VADM

I sailed for 6 patrols got my dolphins, learned from Old Man Parker, Danny Laporte, and Paul Clay. Had a lot of fun during casino night, remember watching the old 8mm movies and firing the missile and torpedo's, Great times lots of fun enjoyed every minute of serving with all of you. Timothy Pasek QMSN(SS)

Past crew member, Coy Studer (ET1/SS (Nuke)), requesting permission to come aboard. The highest BZ to JC for this incredible web site (aren't acronyms fun?). I don't know how much time I've spent enjoying the entries, photos, and videos and reliving the past. WOW, WHAT A RUSH! It is certainly addictive. I can't believe it's been over 20 years since I've left the Valley Jo (the only sub I knew). I served on the blue crew under the commands of Capst. Lear, England, and White, from January 85 until August 90. I salute each of you. Although I only served, as a nub, under Capt. Lear for less than a month, it was easy to sense the respect and admiration the crew had for him. I am definitely proud to have served under Capt. England. You were a Captain elite and an inspiration to us all. It was an honor defending our Great Nation under your command. To share a most embarrassing mental meltdown moment: after being qualified Reactor Operator, we had an RC Div meeting in the crews lounge. Capt. England decided to participate that day and asked me when we switched from the IR to the PR during start-up. I drew a total blank. The Captain could have asked me my name at that moment, and I wouldn't have been able to answer. Yes, I had a brain fart in front of our illustrious leader. The Captain was disappointed and I surely apologize for this. My Chief certainly ripped me a new one after that. Since then, no matter how hard I've tried, I still can't get that number out of my head. I'll never state it, though (classified information, you understand that, and more importantly, in case it's incorrect). I actually re-up'd to remain a part of that awesome command. A number of the crew felt that Capt. White did himself a disservice, during the change of command, when he announced that although we had a great command, he saw room for improvements. Whether or not true, OUCH! Regardless, thank you sir, for keeping the MGV afloat and for bringing her and her crew home safely after each of your patrols. There are far too many names to recall, so let's share some sea (& land) stories instead (no way near chronologically correct). I too cranked under Cecil Weeks (may he rest in peace) and MS Ryan when I first got onboard. I can't recall if they were the ones who served up the blue food on one patrol. I remember the S.O.S. sandwich and green beans all blue! It tasted great, but was psychologically disturbing. Remember the reel-to-reel movies we used to watch in the crew's mess? How about surf-n-turf night and pizza night? Does anyone remember the hot dog eating contest with XO Cavey? If you were there, I bet you remember now. I was also Laundry Queen onboard for a part of one patrol. I remember the inattentive sailors who wore what they had just produced, and then some, at the crappers, because they flushed too quickly without watching out for the bubbles. Luckily, I wasn't one of them, although the first time I used a toilet with an automatic flusher, it frightened the rest of it out of me. MMCM Bubba Brooks, I believe you had more time at sea than my age at the time I was onboard. I was honored once with one of your stogies. I smoked that thing down til it burned my fingers. Became green immediately afterwards. And NO, watching bilge water slosh about is not the best cure. BTW, I'm keeping the quarter. MM Robbins, you were one cool dude. MM Chapman, music enthusiast extraordinaire, thanks for helping me put together my ultimate album list, still have it. EM Uzzel, awesome entries. Thanks for sparking some of my memories. EM Kirby, please stay away from sharp objects. ET McBrayer, you were a great mentor. Does anyone remember who was taped up on one patrol and left in the XO's stateroom? I recall they looked like an oversized green larva, only not as agile. As it turned out, the XO was more of an exterminator than an entomologist. What about the great times we had camping out on one of the islands and fishing at Lake Moultrie with ET Larue and the gang? I would always bring along my boom box, plenty of batteries, and lots of brew. (Hey, the thought at that time was if you can't catch a fish, why not catch a beer buzz.) On one of my earlier watches, I decided to clean the grime out of the cups at the aft coffee station (I guess I was still a crank at heart). For all new military personnel reading this, repeat after me: NEVER EVER wash out another persons‚ coffee cup NEVER EVER! What I thought was grime turned out to be flavor enhancements (days‚ worth of it). I never took such a tongue lashing from so many people for what I originally thought was a good deed. Never deprive someone from a good cup of sludge. Did anyone ever figure out how to stay dry during the flood trainer? I am no longer allowed to bring a bandit kit to the shower. Who could forget the other RC Div'ers: ETC Adkins, ET Fletch Fletcher (a.k.a., the walking encyclopedia), ET Great White Fuller (ah, the stories), good ole boys ET Stacy, ET Harre, ET Schnabel, ET Hill, ET Hammerhead Latour, and ET Menges. They were a great group of guys. For those involved, I believe we were the first to perform an at sea rod detector replacement. A number of us were also involved in the scram breaker lubrication project. Remember those annoying APDs? Fletch and I became best friends/brothers. He named his son after me to which I'm indescribably proud. If Coy Fletcher ever reads this, I want you to know that your dad is one of the greatest people I've ever known. After I left the service, I met and married my wonderful wife, Sunny. Fletch was my best man at the wedding. Sunny‚ and I are still going strong (albeit much more slowly) after more than 14 years together. I think most of us would have paid for sleep when we were on the boat. Did anyone else ever sleep on the diamond deck? It didn't do much for the complexion. While we were still in the service, Fletch and I ordered a pizza one night. Lo and Behold, COB Hickenbottom delivered it (he was retired from the service at the time). Although we couldn't waste too much of his time (he did have pizzas to deliver), he let us know he was enjoying retirement and was only delivering pizzas to make some extra cash to support his fishing hobby. Needless to say, I think we tipped him more than the cost of the pizza that night. He was a great COB. Enjoyed chess matches with Shakey. Does anyone remember the Divisional song competitions we held onboard - who could come up with the most songs meeting certain criteria? If I recall correctly, the A-gangers were the ones to beat. Moose, you had one spectacular magazine collection, you literary connoisseur. EM McClurg (The Rock Star), MM Johnson, and I would have a blast in maneuvering when we were on the same shift. Remember the songs we created? How about the calendars we would keep to count down the days when we would go ashore. Remember the antics with the clipboards, or the EABs? How about the 2500th FBM Patrol? I still have the booklet and some of the collectibles from that patrol. Becoming a Shellback‚ was an exhilarating experience. Although now I'm not allowed to carry eggs and I have a tendency to duck when anybody orders a salad. Remember the Wog Stance‚ prior to the ceremony? I was the RO on watch when we all stripped down to our skivvies to show off our Wog‚ logos. The EOOW wanted to join the stance, but had to improvise with a couple of strategically placed Kimwipes (I'll leave it at that). The Captain immediately crushed our crusade when he came aft. It wasn't like we weren't wearing our dosimeters. It appears I'm in one of the swim call photos. That was a great day. No land as far as the naked eye could see. The cooks grilled hamburgers topside and we had ourselves a picnic. Was anyone successful at swimming under the boat? I never came close. Remember the rum we were allowed to bring back from Barbados? At the time, you couldn't purchase it in the states. Now you can. I had a great time playing futbol (a.k.a., soccer) against the Moroccans during our stop at Africa. Our makeshift team was easily defeated. Heard our basketball team was victorious. How about all the friends‚ we made bartering at the shops. A group of us were invited to stay for tea afterwards. We had a great time learning toasts in their language and teaching toasts in ours. How about dancing at the discotheque later that evening? It was like stepping back into the 70s. Then there was the volleyball match against the British on Andros Island in the Bahamas. EM Franklin and I shut the island down that night, drinking the ever addictive rum punch. There was only one room on the island for the enlisted men. I think I caught about 15 minutes of sleep in the back corner of the closet (the only remaining piece of real estate in the room) before they woke us up to take us back to the boat. I thought I was going to continue my zzz‚s onboard. Wrong I was! I was told to shower, eat, and relieve the watch (no ifs, ands, or buts). Luckily I had a Throttleman hold one eye open for me and an EO hold the other one open during my watch that night. Remember how difficult it was to run on the treadmill while out at sea when the sub listed or changed depth? Then there were those ruthless MTs who would de-energize the treadmill from the ML electrical panel just to see if you were quick enough to stop yourself from running face first into the lockers. EM Foster, you were an inspiration for all us runners. Remember all the 5Ks? Earning my dolphins was another proud moment onboard. Never tell someone that they aren't qualified to tack on your dolphins. You could be wrong. Turns out, the individual was previously qualified on another boat OUCH! RC Div'ers awarded me with solid back dolphins having Patrol 54 etched on the back. I can't recall who was onboard then, but thank you again for this wonderful gift. How about all those racquetball matches? I could never beat XO Cavey at racquetball. That hulk would stand in the middle of the court and block most of it. I would often bean him in the back with the ball. He never flinched! He just stood there waiting for the ball, probably wondering why it was taking so long to get to the wall. There was this older guy at the AFB racquetball courts who once asked me if I wanted to play against him. This guy looked like he couldn't sweat another drop. I thought to myself, I'm going to give this guy a cardiac. Well, after he punished me all over the court, he looked a bit refreshed and I was the one seeking 9-1-1 assistance. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the Engineering Log Book or the pitcher (the one with all our names etched on it)? These would be great artifacts for the museum (if not already there). When I got onboard the boat, someone told me to make sure I befriend the Corpsmen, Cooks, and Yeomen (since they handled your health, food, and paychecks). I say, befriend everyone on the boat since you don't know if they are going to become (actual or honorary) Corpsmen, Cooks, or Yeomen. Besides, it's difficult to hide on the boat from those you don't befriend.When I left the boat, I was the second salty dog onboard. There was only one other still there who had more time onboard. That was Moose. Why, Moose? Why did you always have to pick that one rack during patrol? You would sleep with your bare arse hanging halfway out in the middle of the aisle. This was an unacceptable obstacle for those of us trying to leave the berthing area. In hindsight (no pun intended), thank you for sleeping while facing into your rack. I'd hate to think of the alternative. And EM Bauer, it was great seeing you at OSU on your way to becoming an officer. Prior to this visit, you phoned, asked me if I was the one who served on the MGV in the late 80s, then hung-up on me when I acknowledged that I was. If I recall correctly, you did this a couple of times in succession before finally letting me know who you were. FYI, I now have caller ID and voice mail. In all sincerity, congratulations on your military career. After each patrol, upon arriving ashore, remember how odd the fresh air smelled, how natural sunlight reflecting off the concrete pier singed the eyes, or how alcohol was more potent? Remember having to get used to distance and speed, and how we would get a pick-up game of baseball going to test our visual senses? I remember being looked at oddly for remarking how great a new song was only to find out it had been on the air for a couple of months. I certainly enjoyed the Deactivation Ceremony in Charleston. I had the great privilege of talking with Capt. England and with bumping into Moose again. It was also rather exhilarating meeting with a few of the original plank owners and learning about their earlier years on the boat. I certainly hope I can find the time to attend one of the reunion ceremonies. If I'm ever lucky enough to reach senility, there must be someone out there kind enough to read me this entry in hopes that it will bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. Partially salted sand crab, Coy Studer, remaining ashore. Coy Studer ET1(SS)

Plank owner with Capt Nunnley. Continued in Reserves after leaving active duty in 1969. Achieved rank of O-6 and was part of several Pentagon units. Most of civilian career was at US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Richard Wessman O-6

Retired from Naval Ordnance Test Unit (NOTU) In 2008 (ETC(SS)). Samuel (Frank) Miller ET3(SS)

2/4/2011. HIP!!! I've been trying to find you. I am on facebook, or you can email me at Rex Miller EM3(SS)

As I look back on my days on the "Vally-Ho", what I remember is a lot of work, a lot of funny smells, some people I really enjoyed, some people I really hated, great food, and the best place a young man could start a career. I went on to retire out of the reserves -- and never really appreciated Submariners until I got into the reserves and went to work with air dales, skimmers, chair force, Marines, Army -- general flobs. OK -- in all seriousness they are all great people and fellow warriors -- but just are not the same breed as us bubbleheads. I teach high school electronics, tool use, and pre-engineering now -- and Vallejo still serves me -- in the form of sea stories and experiences that I can relate to the kids projects. As I said -- it was a great place to start and I regret nothing. Richard Rosenkoetter LCDR

Thanks to my fellow bubble head brother for reminding me of a past of pride. Merrick Watchorn YN3(SS)

Reported to Mare Island in 1965, was on first cruise in 1967. Ronald Landingam STS2(SS)

I was a plank owner with the Blue Crew. I was one of the first people on board and rode the Vallejo through the first patrol and was then transferred to Great Lakes as an instructor at ET-A School Richard Belschner ET1(SS)

It's been a while since I checked in. I'm looking forward to this year's reunion in Vallejo. Absolutely the best crew and boat ever to sail the seas. Except for maybe a few torpedomen who kept dognapping my Snoopy! Is anyone in contact with DT Woodall? George Lawler MM2(SS)

Had RC Div. a good group of men. Made interfleet transfer and one Atlantic patrol, made warrant officer and transferred to USS L. Y. Spear AS-36. Good goat locker! Also liked playing basketball in HI. during off crew with CO Arne Johnson, a true gentleman. PS-It was only off crew and patrol I ever made. Neil Wollam ETCS(SS)

I have read the comments and I looked for former mates on the Blue crew. I found only one, Paul Clay, I remember several shipmates, Paul Clay, Danny Leporte, Chief Sharp, Old Man Parker, Rufus our forward IC guy, Rick Day, a wonderful Sonarmen, How about LTCDR Davies? Those are the guys I remember, and Jim Carter who served with me on the seamen gang. We painted the boat with that 2 part polyurathene or rubber paint and made rubber balls with the left-overs as we went down into the super structure to stow gear. I remember half-way nights and cooking in the galley with MS1 Roberts and MS3 John Sanchez. I think he would listen to a lot of Al Jereau music. But I was just a kid out of high school. I did 6 patrols on the MGV and then I left and went to the USS Nicholson DD 982 where I served until Mar 1980 but it was on the MG Vallejo 658 Blue Crew that I went from a boy to a man. The best time I ever had was serving on that boat. I will never forget qualifying and getting my dolphins! and writing songs with Doc Holcomb about all our adventures: watching movies, making bread, making lasagna, spaghetti, making peach cobbler, learning all the systems,on-loading supplies, torpedo's everything. I will never forget. Thanks to all my shipmates who helped to mold my life and character as a person and a man. I am now the pastor of the Church of Christ and have been since 1984. If anyone would like to contact me my e-mail is Timothy Pasek QMSN(SS)

Reported on board as EN2SS 3 Jan 1966 and departed as EN1SS on 3 Jan 1969. Made the three longest initial sea trials, subsquently completed three deterent patrols. Had the unique experience of 5 New Years Eves and Days in three years. Additionally, served with some of the greatest SS sailors you could ever hope to meet during my 23 years of service. Deryl Dack ENCM(SS)

In retrospect, the best submarine, with the best people, I ever served with. Mark Harrison MM1(SS)

I reported to the Vallejo pre-commissioning unit at Mare Is. in December of 1965 and I am a Plank Owner. I was the last Gold crew Plank owner in the wardroom to be transfered. I participated in the shakedown cruise and four patrols out of Guam. Initially I was the Communicator, Sonar officer and Asst. Navigator. The rest of my time on board was in several of the Engineering Divisions. Captain Nunneley was our CO. William Hahn LTJG - LT

I'm a plank owner (gold), MM2 (ss). I made one patrol before I went to the Snook in San Diego. I made a 9&1/2 mo's westpack, and am a VietNam vet. Then went on the Lincoln in Mare Island for refit. Not many of you may know that I was born in Hungary. I left after the fall of our revolution, when we tried to throw out the Soviet occupation troops. We fled to Austria, then to Ohio, to my uncles. After high school I joined the Navy. I retired as a senior chief, then worked as a GS 11 in the transition program. After that I decided to move back home to Hungary.
After the end of the cold war, Europe has changed. Compare a pre "90s map with one of today. I want you all to know that we did make a difference, and to thank you for your service.
George Viszmeg

Was on board for both launching and commissioning. I am a plank owner. Went from there to Lewis and Clark and then Instructor duty, and retired 8/16/1976, after 23 1/2 years. Henry Hayes ICC(SS)

Relieved Roger Shoemaker as MLPO David Crandall MMC(SS)

The Vallejo was my first boat fresh out of Sub-school. I remember many waking hours studying and qualifying on the boat and as they say the first boat, you get qualified on, you never forget. This is definitely true as to this day I can still remember the layout, where each department is located the sights and sounds as well as the smell. Richard Bright SK/SR (SS)

Looking for "Doc" English? Me and Hibbs were his strikers (baby doc's). Robert Walters SN/SS

Great crew and great times… Ret 2003 Mike Daloia RMCS(SS)

Great ship, great crew - I wish all of you fair winds. James Kaucher LT

Reported onboard in June 1965 as QM2(SS) Promoted to QM1(SS) November 65. Assigned to Blue Crew. Was present for Launch and Commissioning. Sea Trials and Shakedown. Three Deterent Patrols. Went on to Recruiting Duty, and follow on service on USS ASPRO SSN648 and USS ETHAN ALLEN SSBN608(B), Submarine Base Bangor, WA. NAVFAC ADAK, Alaska, USS DETROIT AOE4, NUWES Keyport, WA. USS MARS AFS1. QMCS(SS), CWO4, Lieutenant. Retired FEB 1990 Raymond Larson QM1(SS)

Command history:
Vallejo Blue
Dan Webster conversion to MTS 2
Arleigh Burke
IWO Jima
Oak Hill (Command tour)
Now working at NAVSEA on the LCS program. David Bauer EM1(SS)

I was leading sea man for a while helped Hasse as ship photographer, made 6 patrols. MIGUEL VILLALOBOS QM3

I retired From the Navy from the Vallejo. Rodney Carpenter ETC(SS)

Hi guys its been years hope to hear from any of the gang I served with Richard Parker MM2/SS

My brother and I sailed together aboard the Vallejo for 3 patrols out of Guam. I came aboard as a second class sonar man (STG2) and qualified in submarines on my second patrol. In 1970 I was transferred to DSRV-2 still being constructed in Sunnyvale Calif., and later stationed aboard the USS Dolphin AGSS 555 home ported in San Diego. My brother still lives in Honolulu and was a second class torpedo man aboard the Vallejo. I'm now 66 years old and getting ready to retire. Richard McCarthy ST1 (SSDV)

I've been looking around for the first patrolers and see that some are gone/ I do not see the names of John Hammond, Phil Stevens, or my memory is shot. I do hope everyone is doing well. Mike Villalobos QM3(SS)

I don't facebook or tweet (can't find a hammer small enough to hit them little keys but what else would you expect from an A-ganger?!). I do read my e-mail daily as long as my wife supervises my computer use (percussive maintenance/calibration does work when properly performed! and has an undeserved bad reputation). Hope everyone is well/ to ya'll later, maybe alot later as I don't know how long it is going to take me to figure out how to send this frickin thing. Onward thru the fog! James Webb MM1(SS)

"I knew a good bunch of guys back then. Looking for Billy Thigpen or Graham Forsythe and Tim Thompson? Just found the website by accident.
hope some of those folks are still alive??" Woody Hodges MM2(SS)

Hey guys, you never thought you'd hear from Swanee again, but I made it to old age. And I hope the years have been kind to you. And I hope I'll be there at the next reunion. Patrick Swantek FN(SS)

It has been awhile since I have been on this page. I am sorry I was unable to go to any of the reunions. I am best known for making belt buckles for both the crew and the Officers. It was a great time working will all of the Blue crew at that time. If it were my choice back then I would have stayed on thru the yards when the Boat came back from Holy Loch. But the wife at the time said, it was time to leave the service. I still miss the days and nights standing watch in the control room. The worst times were cleaning the Fan room....... Tom Bright IC2(SS)

Closing in on a 30 year career in the military. I have great memories of the boat. I was fortunate to have the best examples of leadership that have served me well in the AF, Capt England and ETCS Bartlett. ET2(SS), Lt Col Doug Gracey, USAF.

I only made three patrols on the Vallejo, but had a great time serving with the blue crew. Joe Mitchell MM2(SS)

Just updating info: Retired from Procter & Gamble as the global Technology Associate Director for power, control and information system in 2007 after 35 years. Doing startup company: AMP Electric Vehicles/Workhorse Trucks since 2008 as the Director of Engineering. Hope Vallejo has another reunion soon before we get to old navigate. Donald Wires MT1(SS)

AHOY shipmates!!! I don't know if you remember me -- but I certainly remember you -- I hope and pray life is treating you and your families well. Served 1990-1993 with the GOLD crew. The "finest ship in the galaxy" still sails in my memories and the opportunities she afforded me still serve me well. Yeah -- I will find myself "spun up at 3600 rpms" - running sweat pumps in "2 fast/2 fast" - and doing "emergency deeps", but I really don't get stressed out or worry about to much. Did not realize the quality of the people I served with until I started working outside of active duty. Also trying to figure out how my uniforms have shrunk so much over the past 21 years!!! With the 2014 reunion coming to Branson -- I will try to make it as it looks like the others have been fun. Looking forward to the day that I can get a picture with my sons by/on the 658 sail. Rick Rosenkoetter, LCDR USN (RET)

I have not been able to attend past reunions but look forward to seeing all who served on the Vallejo. Paul Harmon MM1(SS)

One away and its miller time. The good old days. The leopard never lost its spots . Goby Bruce Huntley MS3(SS)

Some of my fondest memories of my time in the Navy were of time spent with crew members from the M.G. Vallejo. I believe one of the persons who had the greatest influence in my life was Capt. James Collins. He was calm in the moments of madness, direct and positive in his commands, impeccably honest, friendly and encouraging and he treated everyone the same, regardless of rank. In all my jobs, clubs and life relationships I have tried to emulate his example. Sometimes successfully and sometimes not but I tried. I can honestly say I have never met a group of finer individuals then the ones I served with aboard the M.G. Vallejo, SSBN 658 Paul A Harmon MM1(SS)

Served as a Missle Tech while onboard. David Dereschuk Q3(SS)

Assigned to the 658 before, during and after the conversion from Polaris to Poseidon. Mike Spinner ETN2(SS)

"Hello to All, I was on the boat Gold Crew from Apr 77 to Oct 80. Made Chief in 78 along with a few others. Retired RMCM(SS) in 1990." Pete Haddad RMC(SS)

"Years on the boat. Long time ago, I'm looking for Commander England he gave me my fish and was from Idaho as well. The best man I ever worked for. MMCM Booth was COB, he went to group 6 as command master chief would love to talk to him to. Thank you so much, And God Bless. MM1(SS) Monty J. Albert"

New construction until May 1968. Used this to show e-mail change. Retired 1983 as STSCS (SS)

Hi Jim, Haven't heard from anyone in few years and thought I better update my info. I just visited the website, see that your planning for Charleston in June, thinking I'd like to come... Thanks, Ed Lapp IC2(SS)

My late husband, CPO Wayne Skinner served aboard the Vallejo. I would like to keep up with some of the crew members and families as well as to learn of upcoming events. Thank you. Terry Ann Skinner

I reported to Vallejo in June 74 to take over the food service operation as the leading chief while the boat was still in the Naval Shipyard in Charleston going thru a ship overhaul. I must say it was a very busy time however, we all prevailed. The time I was on Vallejo was special, I made many friends and experienced a lot of memorable adventures while onboard.The crew had to be the best one that I ever served on, I left the Vallejo in Feb79 and my next command was FMWTC as an instructor, while there I made Master Chief and got into the Command Master Chief program. I retired from the US Naval Air Station, Key West, FL in April 1991 as their Command Master Chief with 30 years of Naval Service. Thomas peterson CSC(SS)

Retired MSG Louisiana National Guard. Richard Keith Ruff RM2(SS)


Has anyone found my silver moulder boots? James D McCallum MM1(SS)

Chief Of The Boat under CO Don England. Louis Boothe MMCM(SS)

Charelston Navy Base Football Champs 1970-1971 QBs LES & CARL. Ron Ericson IC3(SS)

Years have passed but memories of the Vallejo stay with us. Ray Parks CWO4(SS)

Gold Crew Plankowner, Engineering Gang (Nuc) John Bobish MM1(SS)

Good boat. Didn't have enough time left to iron on e-7, (picked it up later in the reserves) so detailer moved me from 624 (blue) to 658 (gold) to do a back to back. Not too bad - boat was in the yard at the time and we did a mini patrol afterwards of about 30 days. Was senior to the leading first in M div, so did not have it too bad - except for lack of sleep. A lot of hard work needed to be done to get the boat out of dock. Qualified EWS in record time to get the other two off of port and starboard. A busy refit period. I remember both the CO and XO were PhD's. Can't remember the M div chief or leading first names - was only on board about 80 days. Still, this was my 3rd boat and it got me back safe. Presently living in North Carolina Steve White, 1978 Gold,, MM1(SS)

Was the crew fill engineer (blue) after the Charleston SC overhaul. George Lear was CO, Joe Enright was XO. Don England relieved George as CO after the shipyard. Randy Slack was my counterpart on the gold crew. David Rifkin LCDR

Was the Weapons Officer with the finest weapons personnel in the business. Great Guns!!! Hope to see you all at the 2015 Reunion. Thomas Yingling LT

A lot of crew and memories. John Mullins ICC(SS)

WIthout a doubt, this was a pivotal point in my life to serve aboard this fine boat with some of the greatest people one could ever meet! Nothing but great memories come to mind when I think of the Valley Joe! Larry Gibson SKC(SS)

My first research attempt. I did a couple of patrols in the Pacific and remainder in the Atlantic ocean. I am not sure which crew I was on, but my crew did not go to the Panama Canal, when she was assigned a new home port. I am interested in the roster and any reunions. Thank you, Ray S Hart SKN2(SS)

Plankowner. John Bobish MM1(SS)

I was Chief Of The Watch when James Crowe was asked to go in the sanitary tank to clear a valve which was a joke--we all had a great laugh--he was such a fun guy--at half way night show he & I performed by me playing guitar & James singing a Hank Williams song who was his favorite singer--we won first prize $100.00--I have a picture of us performing that night. Donald I. Cady TMC(SS)

One blue crew patrol in 1982...Strategic Deterrent Patrol and MIDI-OPS off Groton...Mess crank specialist! David Weiser QMSN(SU)

Can't believe I found this site! Charles Mack Viers FN/SN - HM1(SCW)(FMF)(SS)

Best Captain (Jim Collins)., terrific crew, formative years of my life. Never too far from my memory. Martin W. Douglas MM1(SS)

I was on before yard overhaul, thru the yard time and then seatrials and two more patrols. Roger Norton QM1(SS)

"I am the wife of crew member FTCM Wayne I. Skinner. I would like to be able to contact some of the crew members he knew and be able to know when reunions are being held. Looking for photographs while on board and other memories. Master Chief passed away December 6, 2013 and I am trying to gather things for me and our children. Thank you. "

Served with Commander Collins as our Captain. He was a great commanding officer. Still remember very vividly getting my Dolphins "tagged" on Christmas Day 1974 while we were 750 feet depth in the Med! I served with a fantastic crew during this time. My youngest son (23) is serving in the Navy now on the Guided Missile Cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG) 58. Wayne Fountain YN3(SS)

Was a Original Crew Plank owner before the crews split. Raymond Larson QM1(SS)

Served with the Gold crew on the MGV 1976-1980. I was out in Oklahoma City, OK in 2014 on business so I took a "little" detour and drove out to Beaver, OK and visited a few hours with fellow A-Ganger Al Tillery. It was good to see a fellow shipmate after all these years. By the way, I have now been a registered nurse for 24 years and I'm still going to school!! I am scheduled to graduate with my Master's degree in the Family Nurse Practitioner program in August 2016. Robert Vail MM1(SS)

Plank owner. I was the third person to report aboard. James Licklider TMC(SS)

I came TAD from the SSBN 640 and was on your Patrol 61 (1 JAN 1988) I was shadowing an Auxillaryman Forward on Watch when the Deck Plate in the Torpedo room came unlatched and Spit My Head Open, blood everywhere, got stitches too, my head hurt for days. Anyone know the Torpedoman and Corpman from that patrol 61 ? PLEASE HAVE THEM CONTACT ME, ITS RATHER URGENT James Czbas MM3(SS)

Ken Gray LCPO, Tom Huffcut ML1. Tad rathbun MM1(SS)

I would like to connect with past shipmates to see how they are doing. Derek Johnson E4

Been a long time.....lots of catching up to do. Larry Matlock STSCS(SS)

My first submarine duty assignment. My brother-in-law was onboard for awhile too, TM1 Hugh "Andy" Andrews. I think he made CPO there. Greg Gimbolo RM3(SS)

"First and still the best boat I served on. I'd do it again today! " Richard Aldret STSCS(SS)

Wayne Skinner can lick my balls. Mark Seery STS3(SS)

Thank you once again Jim for keeping all our information current! Bob O'Connell RM2(SS)

I did six patrols on the Franklinn (640) blue crew then transferred to the 658 to stay in Hawaii. Made three patrols on the 658 gold crew, including the port transfer from Guam to Holy Loch. Sorry, I lost all my pictures in a basement flood years ago. Howey Neill MM1(SS)

Weapons Officer Thomas Yingling LT(SS)

Just updating my info. Ed Bayard ETN3(SS)

Great to hear and share all these wonderful memories. Robert Pelsang II ET1(SS)

I was on Vallejo 74-77 Loved my time on Vallejo. Miss it. Paul Herbert MM3(SS)

Many thanks and heart full gratitude to the PCU crew for your super support in our tradegy...! Ted Crossland CPU/Blue

I have never made it to s reunion but hope to make the next one. Paul Harmon MM1(SS)

Only made one patrol on MGV prior to being discharged in 8/1969. Good crew!! Brian Gripentrog RM2(SS)

Don't know if you guys are still out there but I had to have one of the best crews there ever was. Though I have paid a price for my service I miss the guys who had my back and I theirs. I miss the ol' 5 mo café. I miss the ships rag and the old log books back in the engine room. There were a lot of great deep thoughts and advice in those old logs. I loved to read them. I miss duc tape and loc-wire Christmas trees on long patrols away from home. And I miss booby-trapped ERLL. Sometimes I still feel like I'm out there on patrol somewhere and will never come home. Fair Winds and Following Seas! Shipmates. Drop me a line sometime especially if you have any old patrol pictures or copy's of any of that stuff. I had somethings that were stolen and now that part of me is lost except for old sailor memories and dreams on fitful nights. Bill Darkhorse Shelton MM2(SS)

I remember the C-4 backfit and hitting that deer as we were going up river...people still don't believe me when I tell that story. Mark Richardson STS3(SS)

Good to be back in touch with some of the crew mates that sailed the deep on the MGV....... Jim Withers CS2(SS)

2nd of 5 submarines served on great time with some great men. Timothy Ridgell MMCS(SS)

Cmdr. J. E. Collins was Captain of the Gold Crew. I was onboard during the Poseidon missile conversion, shakedown, and firing one missile off Cape Canaveral. Made 2 patrols in the Med and earned and "pinned" with my dolphins 12/25/74. Cmdr. Collins was the best skipper in the sub fleet. In the Fall of "74 we performed a T.S. mission and were awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation for successful completion. Wayne Fountain YN3(SS)

To quote from one of the StarTrek movies: "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times". I still think often of the Old Girl and my shipmates. Looking back across my life, my service aboard Vallejo was among the best of times. Over a 26 year career as a field engineer for Siemens Corporation overhauling and installing turbo-machinery worldwide, I never had the honor of working with finer men. Norman McCrary MM1(SS)

9 Patrols Gerald Brooks FTB2(SS)

A-Ganger. My 2nd boat. She was already in the yards in Charleston, when I got orders. Great bunch. Timothy Ridgell MMCS(SS)

Just signed up with the MGV Webpage a few months back and have thoroughly enjoyed the site. Have even made contact with some of my 'ole Cronies. Jim Withers CS2(SS)

Looking for torpedomen Adam Zigler and Lieutenant Pall Stansfield thank you everybody and God bless. Bruce Huntley MS3(SS)

Think I have submitted before but don't have link to crew address book. Michael Teague CDR(SS)

Looking for torpedomen Adam Zigler and Lieutenant Pall Stansfield thank you everybody and God bless. Bruce Huntley MS3(SS)

Ralph is my Dad, he passed away in 2013 and I am interested in connecting to people who knew/served with him! (Posted by Daughter of Ralph Carr, Eternal Patrol)

Alive and well at 63 yr.s young wishing all a healthy and happy life w/ Our Lord & Savior. Camie Degg FTB1(SS)

Last Boat served on. When/where is the next reunion? John Page ET1(SS)

Just looking to see who's still out there. Wonder if "Stumper" Orr is still walking free. Anyone else remember the time we hit the deer going up stream in prep for the C-4 backfit? Mark Richardson STS2(SS)

CDR pestorious ,MSC/SS Navy. Joseph Pearce MSC(SS)

Looking for shipmates 1974-1976. Gabriel Foy FTB3(SS)

"I believe the dates were somewhere between 1968 and 1971. I highly respect my time served on the Valley Joe. I was young unmarried and not the smartest person. I remember one time in the chow line when the person up in front of me said: ""Steak on Lobsters Again!"". Ha Ha we did eat very good. Good times. Jim Powell MM3(SS)

Good years on that Beautiful Boat. Bummer she was scrapped. Jose Lugo FTB2(SS)

Served with Jimmy Carter, first Capt Lachata, Ted Garter? Joe Teseniar MM3(SS)

Looking for Axum Ziegler . port Coll Bermuda need date of E B. Bruce Hunley MS3(SS)

I had the distinct privilege of commanding the ship through her first TRE and then shepherding her through overhaul, refueling, weapon system conversion, and recertification back to full operational status. I served with an absolutely stellar group of men! George Lear CAPT

We made the transit from Pearl Harbor to Charleston via the Panama Canal in 1970. Doc Al Kerns LCDR

Hope to have reunion soon, getting older. Donald Wires MT1(SS)

"Glad to hear some some good news about our Sail. Hope to hear more news about it and the museum." MMCM(SS) Jim Moore

Nickname Wep-R-Dog Harold Wunder CDR

"I was pretty sure I have done this already but lost the logon link. Thanks " Gary Hunter ET2(SS)

"21 May 1982 -18 Oct !982 I was on the Gold Crew 18 Oct.1982 - 18 March 1985 Served on the Combined Crew for last patrol prior to Overhaul and throughout all crew re-certifications. Transferred before Post -overhaul patrol. I loved serving aboard Vallejo but it was time to go back to the Attack Boats and do my COB tour. (SSN 686)" William Bell MMCS(SS)

"Always great hearing from some of my ‘ole shipmates. Thanks for keeping all going so well on the communications end Jim. And as always, serving on MGV was one of the highlights of my life! Blue 1967 - 1970" James Withers CS2(SS)

I didn't belong on subs, never qualified, but I remember my time aboard with pride. Mark O'Connell FTB3

My service on the Vallejo was some of the best formative time in my life. My shipmates were the best of the best, and the fellowship of being a part of a bigger mission was formative for my life. Looking back on history, and realizing what an important task that we had in being a small part of what allowed our world to maintain peace, in a very stressful era. Thanks to all of my shipmates, and those who continued that task through the many patrols until Vallejo's retirement. Gerald Spires STS2(SS)

Hi All! Richard Sperry MM1(SS)

RC Div. 9 patrols andrefueling overhaul. Jay Carlberg ETC(SS)

I was an A-ganger working for Tuffy Roberts. Rober Beck MM2(SS)

I was the second ANAV, we had a great transit, with a wonderful time in Vallejo Ca., I retired in March 95, and remember the boat and crew as the best! Michael Sordelet QMC(SS)

So many shipmates, and so many years since last patrol. So sad to see shipmates die when i knew them they were so young. Carlos Mendes ETC(SS)

"Should have done this long ago wondering who is still left TMCM "Lucky" Logan? FTC May? And many more that old age won't let me remember. Rot Pierce STS1(SS)

Fond memories of my time spent onboard her. The best crewmates a bubblehead could have. James Morris MTC(SS)

Proud to have served and being able toTo say I am a member of the group known as United States submariner’s. God bless the USA James Kurtz MM1(SS)

Looking forward to Oct. 2019 Danny Watts FTB1(SS/SW)

At the end of a tour at Site One (Nuclear Repair Coordinator & Nuclear Planner) the detailer said he had, "3 options for my third boat ... the 658, the 658, or the 658, They were short handed electricians, the ELCPO sat 3 section EO (with 2 bad knees, usually covered with ice packs), and I stood 3 section TH, my first underway watchstation on that boat. I had to qualify all my MO watchstations on my off watch time, despite being the MLPO. I qualified AEA just so I could get out of the box. Grady Smith MM1(SS/SW)

Plank Owner. Made 1 patrol then Ships Sup on Proteus in Guam for 2 years. Retired E9 in 1972. Billy Williams FTCS(SS)

Served as division officer for E-div, A-div, and Radio. Dean Hickman LT

Engineer. Mark Jenkins LCDR

Join Vallejo in Charleston made four runs out of Holy Loch. My first boat. Still in contact with some of my shipmates. David Mogg MT1(SS)

Joined the 658 blue crew in Dec. '64 and transferred off in '69 James Moore MMCM(SS)

Finest boat in the fleet. Michael Zimmerman TM2(SS)

Commissioning crew of the USS VALLEJO, (I will always remember) Richard Kennelley STSCS(SS)

Geat boat and good crew. Timothy Ridgell MM1(SS)

Request permission to come aboard. Patrick Dwyer MS2(SS)

I’m heading to the reunion...all the way from the backwoods of Maine. Gerald Brooks FTB2(SS)

Looking for a lot of my old shipmates. Kenneth Adkins ETCM(SS)

Capt Collins Crew. Charles Williamson RM2(SS)

Best sub in the Navy. Best crew in the Navy. William Anderson ETN2(SS)

STSSN when I reported onboard, STS2 when I left. I reported during the shipyards in NewPort News, then went to the Blue Crew. Tim Esch STS2(SS)

Loved everyday served. Gerald Weckhorst STS3(SS)

Submariners go Deeper & Stay Longer!!! John Butler MT2(SS)

I just discovered the website and found a few I remember in the photo albums. Robert Gammage FTB2(SS)

I saw Bobby Cottrell, Tim Hodskins, and Troy Lowery all made appearances in the past Also Mike Hassell dropped in once or twice - lost a lot of hours of rack time running D&D for him and a bunch of others! Was one of the last personnel to leave the GRU6 building in '94 and it was sad indeed to see all those empty off-crew offices that had been humming with activity just two years before. Don't miss Charleston so much, but i do miss the boats now and again! Nathan VanDuser YN2(SS)

Came aboard during overhaul at Newport News and grew up under the guidance of the best bunch of brothers and uncles a guy could dream of. Thanks for the memories, lessons and skills that formed the boy into a well rounded man. My ragged old Qual Card hangs on the hallway wall with other important pictures that define who I am... Husband, Dad and Bubblehead... Robert McFarland MT1(SS)

Great TAD tour. John Petrichkco SKC(SS)

Super boat great crews. James Licklider TMC(SS)

Appreciate those who created this site for the boat. Arthur Bennett LT(SS)

TAD from SSBN 630 for Christmas Patrol Dec '85 - Mar 86 James Bettison MT2(SS)

PRAISE GOD for ALL EACH PERSON WHO has Sailed on the Vallejo and THANK GOD for keeping EACH deployment a SAFE return HOME! Harold Kennell LT(SS)

Did 3 patrols on the boat including the 2500th nuclear deterrent patrol with the blue crew under commander England between 86-88. Can't say I recognized it at the time but I can say now what a great boat and crew it was to serve with. I noticed a comment above regarding what a great CO commander England was. Couldn't agree more and he is often an example I refer to when talking great leadership. Best of luck to all - John April MM1(SS)

Reported onboard (Gold crew) December 7, 1979 What a journey, loved my Shipmates, smell of the sea, and midrats. Jeff "Doc" White HMC(SS)

Hello shipmates! Andre Robinson FTB2(SS)

Best Command and Crew I ever served on and with. Raymond Larson QM1(SS)

SM Division member & Deck LPO William "Billy" Bobb MT1(SS)

great ship great captains and outstanding crews hated to leave served on both crews and loved it. Gary Sherrill IC2(SS)

Plank Owner. Richard Belschner ET1(SS)

Member NAVETS, LCDR Robert Hawthorne was my first NavIgator. CDR Collins was my first CO. Kit Covington ET1(SS)

Joined the boat in Rota. Left the boat in refit in Kings Bay after tearing my knee up in the RC. Wilfred Manuel ET2(SS)

Commissioning crew Dick Belschner  ET1(SS)

Ran with some Vallejo guys. Would like to get in touch.  John Flynn STS3(SS) USS Tecumseh SSBN 628 Blue

Retired as a CDR from the Navy Reserve 01 October 1997, the day before which was the date of my last haircut. Joseph Ruckman LTjg 

Great boat. Enjoyed my time onboard. Gary Hunter ET1(SS)

  Any pictures of me? Greg Mullowney SN

New Construction and Plank owner USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN-658(Blue) and past Supply Officer United States Corp of Cadets, USMA Jack Sumner MT1(SS)/CW4(US Army, Ret)

Looking back, the happiest and most satisfying time of my life. Never worked with finer men after leaving Vallejo and The Navy. Norman McCrary MM1(SS)

Was my last duty station, and it was the best. Jim E Brooks MMCM(SS)

I made two patrols as a rider on the Vallejo, but I still consider it my real first boat since it is where I was sub qualified. Wayne Cockrell LTJG

1st of 5 boats in my 25 year career. Many of the best days of my life were spent with this crew on this boat. Valley Jo is permanently etched into my soul. Phil Petty STS2(SS)

Awesome boat and awesome crew to for initial quals. Johnny Odom EM1(SS)

Thank you for welcoming me aboard! Heath Otterstrom RM2(SS)

First and foremost, a huge thank you to the admins (Jim Carter) for keeping the good old girl's story alive and current!! Great to see all the responses on the crew "comments and stories" page since my original post back in 1998. Needless to say there were a lot to get caught up on as I stayed up past 0300 to the chagrin of my wife reading all the tall tales of yester years; it was interesting to see where life has taken us. Very sad to see some are no longer with us, but they are still remembered. The Vallejo was my qual boat and I vowed I would be out after my NUC contract was fulfilled, never did I imagine staying in the military for 34 years on active duty. Retired in 2019, but the memories made on the 658 are as vivid as they were back years ago; well maybe there is some dust on a few of them. So many shipmates have become forever brothers and it has been nice to see/catch up with them on the 658 Facebook page. Here's a shout out to all of you guys, I would name you all but that would be a long list. Needless to say these were the men who shaped my early years, enlisted and officers, and those kicks in the arse along the way were very much appreciated. Looking forward to future reunions now that I am not occupied with upcoming deployments or other military obligations. Gold Crew, RC Div, 88-93, James "Jim" Wilson ET1(SS) (LTC ret)

Living in Atlanta - I hear a reunion is coming to Kingsbay -- I can't wait, very sad I missed CA. Daniel MaGill EM2(SS)

Great sight! Walter G Been Jr MMCS(SS)

A lot of my old shipmates are gone including Capt. Guth. I mustanged and resigned as a Lt. in the USNR in 1974. I really miss those days on the 658. Tom Klousal STS2(SS)

Deck Div.,Yards in Charleston, SC, Sea Trials, patrol then off to NAV-ET school. Michael Shank SN(SS)

Brother duty with nuke ET Larry Callaway. Edward Callawy E4

Proud to have served. Joel Olive FTG3(SS)

Great Team! Bruce Velletri IC2(SS)

Ahoy Shipmates! What's the holdup on the 1st reel? Dennis M. Rash PN2(SS)

COB 1984-1986 Allen Katen MMCM(SS)

Glenn Norton deceased. Gerald McDonald FTCM(SS)

Patrols were the best. Remember Fat Al Anderson? Frederick Whittaker MT2(SS)

New construction and five war patrols MT1/SS Phillip Mellegard TM2(SS)

My name is Elaina Rutherford. My brother Russell Craig Southerland was on the USS MG Vallejo in the mid to late eighties. I would love to hear from anyone who might have known him.

Looking forward to another great reunion like the one in Vallejo, CA George Lear CAPT

Best of four boats sailed on. Thomas Olin FTB2(SS)

I was the COB on the Gold crew. Larry White MMCM(SS)

COB Louis Gordon Boothe MMCM(SS)

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