USS Mariano G. Vallejo

SSBN 658

Graphics Archive

The past 10 years have seen many graphics donated by shipmates. Our web site has displayed around 300 of these graphics. The additional graphics, some 1300 plus, have sat around on diskettes and hard drives collecting digital dust. I have uploaded them to our site for all to see. The links below will open new pages to each set of graphics. The page will be a thumbnail view of all the graphics in the set. Clicking any thumbnail will open a slideshow window. You can scan each graphic one at a time or click UP to return to the thumbnails. Each thumbnail page contains over 100 graphics so it may take a bit of time to load over dial up. Enjoy!!

A series of slideshows made from Powerpoint Presentations submitted by Mike McCord, Gold Crew

Patrol 28

Patrol 30

Patrol 32

Patrol 34 Part 1

Patrol 34 Part 2

Patrol 36

Patrol 38 Part 1

Patrol 38 Part 2

Trident Conversion

A collection from shipmate Chris Dawe

The Chris Dawe 658 Collection

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