A street performer. Some of us mistook this guy for a nuke.

John Page and myself get in on the act. We didn't get any tips.

The first thing most of us did after arriving at the wharf was head straight to a submarine. The USS Pampanito SS383 is moored there. It was really a site to see all those blue caps rushing the ticket booth. Someone asked the young fellow inside how much for the entire group, about 75 of us. He was quite flustered and blurted out "Sixty Dollars". Wallets were flying. Everyone started chipping in a couple of bucks until we got the 60. With the price of admission around $5 a head we saved quite a bit of money. I wonder if that kid still has a job?

Stephanie & Tom Pescke, my daughter Alicia, Jack Wilmeth, Cully White and Dick Pasnak.

Bill Gray, Cully White, and Greg Mongeau.

They gave us these hand held devices that give you an audio tour of the ship. They had a guide below decks that just sat and didn't even try to answer questions. Vallejo Plankowner Bill Gray stepped in and made this tour very worthwhile and informative. Bill had sailed this class and his knowledge of the boat was very impressive. The tour guide mumbled to me that Bill must be after his job. I told him not to complain because we had enough of us to go into port and starboard duty and take that baby to sea.

Down the hatch. The smile on Dale Niswender's face is because that familiar smell was omniously present at this point.

Milt Rorie getting requalified.



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