Patches & Memorabilia

The patches and what nots posted here are from those old ditty bags hanging in the closet or those dust covered boxes in the garage. Send us your patches, emblems and other Valley Joe knick knacks for all to see. Send them e-mail if you can, if not I can scan them and get them back to you. Contact me for my shipping address at

Three Generations for Peace patch, issued in 1980

Official commissioning envelope postmarked commissioning day.

Official launching envelope signed by Blue Crew CO D.B. Guthe

The sail on the barge in Bremerton in route to Vallejo.

One of the first Polaris patches.

A ship's X-mas card. Not sure of the date.

I think we all remember the Zippo lighters.

Inscription on plank owners model

The marker for Pier 2 in Rota, Spain.

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