More Patches & Memorabilia

Once again more donated images from the guys. The patches and what nots posted here are from those old ditty bags hanging in the closet or those dust covered boxes in the garage. Send us your patches, emblems and other Valley Joe nick knacks for all to see.

Mail Memorabilia To:
Jim CarterC/O SSBN 658 Reunion
PO Box 60596
Reno, NV 89506
I mail them back the same day I get them.

The helm panel. The time on the clock is 6:58 Zulu.

COB Johnnie Foster's personal business card.

A patch honoring the 658 for completing the
2500th successful deterrent patrol and a Squadron 16 patch.

The  'Valley Joe' off the coast at Ft. Moultrie.

A re-enlistment photo signed by CAPT Lachata.

Commissioning Program Book.

Decommissioning Program book.

Official invitations to the launching and commissioning of the 658.

The "Welcome Aboard" book.

Launching Program book.

Torpedo/Fire Control patch from the 70's.

An original 658 envelope.


Keel laying ceremony book.


The cake celebrating the 100th dive of the 658.


The famous "Shark in the Periscope" photo.


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