SSBN 658 2005 Reunion Las Vegas Nevada

Arrival and Registration Day June 14

For me registration day is a special treat. It is an opportunity to meet everyone, share some stories and laughs. Jim Vennard and Rick Kazar helped get everyone registered. We should all salute these two for taking their time to spend an entire day getting everyone ready for the reunion.

Below are photos of the registration area. Clicking on the first thumbnail will open the larger picture in a new window. The slide show format will be easy to navigate. Click Up on the slideshow window to return to the main thumbnail pages.

Sea Buddies!!
Sitting down for chow.
vallejo 05 015
Buddies reunited, Jake Rife, Bill Griffin, Rick Alkire and Steve Manchur
vallejo 05 014
Looks like sea stories are going on
vallejo 05 012
Charlie Knapp and his wife enjoy the fun.
vallejo 05 011
Mike and Terry Fallatt
vallejo 05 010
Bill Griffin
vallejo 05 009
Sea stories fore and aft
vallejo 05 008
Chris Farver chats it up with John Crosby and Mike Steiner
vallejo 05 007
Jake Rife enjoys a laugh
vallejo 05 006
The gang really had a good time
vallejo 05 005
Bill Gray
vallejo 05 004
Clayton Hill
vallejo 05 003
vallejo 05 002
The wives let the boys play
vallejo 05 001
Mike Steiner and John Baadte
Meeting friends at the registration area
Registration area
Jim Vennard at registration
Bill Hoffman, Jim Carter, Rick Kazar and Jim Vennard
Bill Hoffman, Ben Greenwood and Dick Waite
just telling sea stories
Dick Waite and Oscar Collazo
Bill Bixby

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