Sonoma Historical and Wine Country Tour

All the smiling wine tasters of Bus 1 ready for the trip.

The gang gathers outside the Sonoma Barracks for coffee and doughnuts and a little insight to the days events.

This guy is the tour guide in the Sebastiani Winery. Notice the wood carving in the barrell behind him.

One of the Sebastiani ancestors passed the time carving long ago.

Unable to create a face for his figures in the carvings, he used his own as a model.

Hundreds of different carvings that have the same remarkable resemblance.

Mike Fallat, self portrait. This guy put me at ease from the first time I met him and his lovely wife. They have planned reunions in the past and their kind words of encouragement really do mean a lot to me.

Here I am presenting General Vallejo with a reunion cap and making him an honorary crew member. Someone in the crowd told him to get qualified.

Lunch is served in the General's terrace garden.

The General's birthday cake.



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