The 2011 All Hands Reunion in Vallejo California

Once again another successful 658 Event. A big Valley Jo salute to Bill Linné and his planning committee: Chris Farver, Jim Huston, Bob Kentner, Thom Peschke & Chuck Sippel. They did an excellent job in planning, rendering and accomplishment.

July 1-4, 2011 brought us full circle in our reunion efforts. We gathered here that same weekend in 1999 to kick off all reunions to come. We got to see parts of our boat and this time we got to see the progress being made in preserving her for generations come.

Come walk with us as we look at registration, the Sonoma historical tour and wine tasting events, Marineworld, the banquet, the museum and the remembrance of our shipmates on eternal patrol.

Thanks to those that contributed photos of the events to be utilized here for all to see. A special thanks to the spouses, life partners and children that support us as we turn our attention to the past for that brief moment of time every 3 years.

Follow the links above as we revisit those 4 days in July. For those that could not make it know that we missed you and, as always, we plan to see you at the next one.

Fair winds and following seas.