Greetings Shipmates

As you may know, your 2023 Reunion Committee has been busy pre-planning the event that will take place in Kings Bay, Georgia (KBay) from November 2nd to 5th in 2023.

Those dates are firm, regardless of what else may be happening in KBay at that time. (It is possible that a Subvets of WWII celebration (by USSVI) may happen concurrently.

If it does, we will participate in as many of their events as fits our schedule.)

A registration web site has been established, but as we do not yet have any prices nailed down, the site is active for DONATIONS only.

If you can contribute a few bucks to help get us going it will be greatly appreciated. The site for donations can be reached by clicking here.

I will send future emails as details are known, but for long-range planning the dates are now established.


Information will be posted here, on our Facebook group and/or sent via email.

Make sure your contact information is current.

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